Where do calls for more sustainability and inclusivity and an increase of student and scholar mobility in higher education meet?
In conversations and in literature, buzz-phrases such as ‘responsible”, ‘ethical’, ‘sustainable’, and ‘inclusive’ internationalization at the university/college level exist, but how do these words translate into the global, national and institutional mobility programs and fit into a culture of collaboration and exchange?

Co-organized by York International and the UNESCO Chair in Reorienting Education Towards Sustainability in cooperation with strategic partners International Association of Universities (IAU), Canadian Commission for UNESCO (CCU) and Okayama University (Japan), the Conference will bring together students, scholars, international mobility professionals and practitioners, policymakers, sustainability experts and other stakeholders to discuss the evolving status of international mobility in higher education in Canada and globally, critically reflect on where we are now, and to collectively build a future vision of international mobility that is inclusive, innovative and responsive to the global sustainability challenges of our times.