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Photo Credit: York International

Take off with York International. Broaden your horizons. Experience new cultures. Become a global citizen.

Photo Credit: Ghazal

Ghazal: "At first I was really nervous...but I realized just how adaptable I was. Once you put yourself out there and test yourself, that's when you realize just what you are capable of."

Photo Credit: Sayjon and Alamgir

Sayjon and Alamgir: "Being a global citizen is being able to relate to different cultures. You're able to take away key values and messages and whatever the norms are in different cultures and internalize that."

Photo Credit: Larissa

Larissa: "I came back with a totally different perspective that actually boosted my academic standing when I came back."

Photo Credit: Peter

Peter: "I was amazed at how many there were and also how many countries there were" on offer. "A few directly related for my field - which is political science - such as working with NGOs, embassies, think tanks..."

Photo Credit: Kezia Pelly

Student Blogs and Photos

Photo Credit: Marie Gomez

Narratives of Costa Rica by Marie Gomez