Outgoing Global Internships

Our Global Internships provide York undergraduate and graduate students a funded opportunity to intern in another country, or at an international host within Canada, for 3 months during the summer, starting in May.

Internship placements are arranged at a wide variety of government and non-government organizations, both in Canada and abroad. They offer students a range of experiences from field internships to research and/or administrative placements. Most of these placements are open to students from specific disciplines; some are focused by academic subject area.

Quick Facts:

  • Not for academic credit. (Except for GL/ILST 4300 6.00, SB/IBUS 4100 3.00
  • and SB/IMBA 5300 9.00)
  • 3 month placements between May and August.
  • The language required is English, unless otherwise stated.
  • Global Internships are only offered with our designated partner organisations.



  • Senior full-time undergraduate and first-year graduate students registered in a degree program at the University
  • Students with a minimum cumulative GPA of 6.0 (B)
  • Students must be returning to York University for at least one semester after their internship i.e. students who are graduating in the summer will only be eligible if they are returning to York for at least one semester in the fall.
  • In addition to the general criteria, specific eligibility requirements, including language proficiency, are outlined for each position.
  • The following will also be considered additional assets: academic and professional fit, prior volunteer or professional experience, proven ability to adapt to new environments, capacity to communicate effectively across cultures, willingness to take initiative, ability to work in a team, engagement in community and an interest in developing global awareness.

Find a Program

Know Your Deadlines

Global Learning Deadlines

  • OCTOBER to DECEMBER - Attend an information session
  • DECEMBER to FEBRUARY - Apply on the York International portal by the deadline
  • FEBRUARY to MARCH - Get selected
  • APRIL - Attend a mandatory pre-departure session
  • SPRING - Get your pre-departure documents in order
  • MAY to JUNE - Take off

Speak to a Global Learning Coordinator



Apply for Global Internship

  • Attend an information session
  • Apply on the York International portal by the deadline
  • Application Documents:
    • Application Form
    • Resume (two pages max)
    • Letter of Intent (one page max)
    • Academic Letter of Reference
    • Video (one min max)


Letter of Intent

This one page letter of intent is your opportunity to say what cannot be said in your resume. The letter should be composed as a professional communication and not a creative writing exercise. This letter, along with your resume and video may be shared with the host organization. The letter of intent could include:

  • How the internship fits into your future career plans
  • What qualifies you to fill the internship position
  • What interests you in the host organization and country
  • What skills and strengths you have specific to the host organization and country
  • Your talents, past international and life experiences
  • You can submit one letter to address all positions you are applying to or one letter for each position.



The video should be 1 minute max. You should address the following points in the video:

  • Introduce yourself
  • If the position you are applying for requires proficiency in another language, speak a few sentences in that language.


Please Note:

  • Be professional.
  • Treat the video as a preliminary interview.
  • Review the video before submitting to make sure that you can be seen and heard clearly.
  • If you speak other languages that may be applicable to positions that you have not applied to but may be interested in, include a couple of sentences in those languages as well.


Letters of Reference

Your academic reference must be from a professor or teaching assistant at York University (or another post-secondary institution)  who can speak thoughtfully about you and your skills and performance. In selecting your referee, approach individuals who will be in a position to comment on your academic abilities, the fit of the internship to your academic goals as well as your ability to adapt to the work/country environment.

You should work with your referee to tell them about the internship you are applying to, why you feel you would be a good candidate, how the internship contributes to your overall goals. Writing a reference letter can be time-consuming and onerous for some people. Do your best to facilitate the process in a polite, cooperative and considerate fashion.

The letters should each be a maximum of one page in length and should at minimum include the following:

  • Applicant’s name
  • Program you are applying for (can also include the internship positions being applied for)
  • Your relationship to the referee

The letter should be emailed by the referee to yiintern@yorku.ca

Get Nominated by York International

  • Participate mandatory in pre-departure orientation program.
  • Make appropriate immigration and travel arrangements, including obtaining required travel documents, immunisations and health certificates.
  • Arrange accommodation. Participating organisations may be able to assist with information, but housing will be the responsibility of the student.
  • Purchase medical insurance from guard.me® for the period of the internship as part of the travel risk management program of York International, and provide proof to York International before departure.


Click here for Outgoing Global Exchange Funding opportunities

Students who are selected to participate in our Global Internships automatically receive the York International Internship Award which is meant to assist in offsetting expenses incurred while pursuing the Global Internship. Each position comes with an award of $3000 which is offered in three monthly installments. The first installment is disbursed after completion of the mandatory internship orientation.

All positions are unpaid.

Safety Abroad

Click here for Safety Abroad at York U.

Safety Abroad supports all York community members in managing risks associated with international travel and provides emergency support when needed. Please contact safetyabroad@yorku.ca for any further assistance. 



Workplace Expectations

  • Handle finances responsibly.
  • Demonstrate initiative and enthusiasm for the organisation and the program.
  • Complete work required by the host organisation as per position description.
  • Maintain professional attitude and respect traditions and customs of host country and organisation.
  • Maintain good public relations, both internal and external, for the university and the host organisation.
  • Notify York International representative and the host organisation of any changes in contact information during internship.
  • Keep York International representative and host organisation informed of all travel arrangements.
  • Contact York International representative if problems arise with internship.
  • Complete mid-point evaluation and submit to York International.

Stay Engaged

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  • Participate in debriefing at end of internship.
  • Complete a final evaluation and a final reflection report in an agreed upon format.
  • Assist in promoting the York International Global Internships to fellow students.


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