Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries

There are scholarships and bursaries available to international students who are currently enrolled at York University. You are encouraged to review the available funding for international students and apply for all that you qualify for. In order to be considered for many of York’s scholarships, bursaries and on-campus employment programs, you must electronically submit a Student Financial Profile (SFP).

Undergraduate International Student Funding

STUDENT FINANCIAL PROFILE (SFP) The Student Financial Profile is a multipurpose online application form that is used to apply for many of York’s scholarships and awards. You should complete the SFP at the start of each academic session (once for fall/winter and once for summer) to be considered for a variety of programs. Your will be asked to log in with your Passport York account to complete and submit your Student Financial Profile.
Awards and Bursaries available to International Undergraduate Students at York include:
  • Entrance Scholarships
  • York University Continuing Student Scholarship
  • International Undergraduate Student Bursary
  • Financial supports and resources for international students
Visit Student Financial Services for more information on any of the awards above and other financial resources for international students.

International Undergraduate Student Emergency Bursary

The International Student Emergency Bursary is available for international students who are experiencing unexpected or emergency financial need due to unforeseen circumstances.

Note: The bursary is not sufficient to cover tuition fee payments.

To Apply: Submit the International Student Emergency Bursary Application Form to York International prior to the deadline.

Note: All information provided in connection with this application is subject to verification by the University. Any funds received will be applied to your student account at York University. Students will be notified of the decision by email after their application has been reviewed by York International.