Outgoing Academic Exchange



Undergraduate and graduate students who 

  • Have a minimum B- cumulative average (5.5 GPA);
    • Some institutions will require a higher GPA
  • Have have completed at least one academic year (or 18 course credits) of study at York;
  • Are enrolled as a full-time student
  • Be in good standing with York University
  • Have not already reached the transfer credit limit (60 credits) for your academic program at York University.
  • Please note: Graduate programs are limited to specific partner institutions and academic units at York University.
  • Glendon and Osgoode students may apply for their department-facilitated e changes and/or a York International Exchange:
    • Glendon International Exchange
    • Osgoode International Exchange

Please note:

  • If you are planning to take required or elective courses abroad where the language of instruction is NOT English, you will need to be proficient in the host language and will provide proof of language ability.
  • You must enroll in a minimum of 9 credits per semester at York for your time abroad. Students often are required to take a full load of courses at the host institution.
  • It is recommended that you go on exchange during your third year of study to ensure that you have the prerequisites required to pursue studies at the host institute. Those in their final year have less flexibility in course selection and may have difficulties finding courses abroad, or in having transcripts return in time for spring convocation (June)
  • Winter term abroad is often called “Spring” at the host institution and may be scheduled very differently than York (ex: April – July).
  • Students registered with Student Accessibility Services are encouraged to apply for an exchange.
  • Schulich Students must speak with their home faculty about exchange options

Selection is based on:

  • Academic Performance (i.e. GPA)
  • Personal Adaptability
  • Suitability of the host institution’s program for degree requirements
  • Participation in university and community life.

Find a Program

Know Your Deadlines

Global Learning Deadlines

For Fall Semester Exchange, Winter Semester Exchange, and Full Academic Year Exchange (Fall and Winter) 

  • SEPTEMBER to NOVEMBER - Attend information session, meet with an academic advisor in your department
  • FEBRUARY/MARCH - Receive offer from York International
  • FEBRUARY to JUNE - York International nominates you to the host institution; apply to the host institution; meet with UPD/UPA/Chair of your department(s) to sign Course Assessment Form
  • APRIL - Attend a mandatory pre-departure session
  • JUNE / JULY - ensure travel documents are in order; submit Course Assessment Form; enroll in INEX course for 9, 12, or 15 credits for Fall term
  • AUGUST - Depart for host institution

2nd Deadline for Winter Semester Exchange Only 

  • MARCH/APRIL - Attend an information session and meet with an academic advisor in your department
  • MAY - Apply here [NEED LINK]
  • JUNE/JULY - Receive offer from York International
  • SEPTEMBER to NOVEMBER - York International nominates you to the host institution
  • NOVEMBER - Attend a mandatory pre-departure session for Winter departure; meet with the UPD/UPA/Chair of your department(s) to review course equivalencies and obtain authorization on the Course Assessment Form
  • DECEMBER - Ensure your travel documents are in order; enroll in INEX course for 9, 12, or 15 credits for Winter term)
  • JANUARY to MARCH - Depart for host institution

Speak to a Global Learning Coordinator



Apply for Academic Exchange

An exchange program allows you to spend one or two academic semesters abroad. Pay York tuition but take your courses abroad at one of our many partner universities! Go for one semester or the full academic year. Receive credit toward your degree and learn in your field from a different perspective!

  • Attend an Exchange Information Session: register for a session through the Events Calendar.
  • Explore our partners: we have 300+ partnerships in 60+ countries! Find a program that works for you and your goals.
  • Check your eligibility: Consult with a Global Learning Coordinator if you have questions. 
  • Start working on your application: Access the application form and required documents through our portal Outgoing Exchange Application Link. Set up your Exchange Application account, then you can review the application, enter information, save information entered and return as many times as necessary.
  • Meet with an academic advisor in your department: discuss the feasibility of an exchange, restrictions, and determine what degree requirements are outstanding using the Departmental Approval Form from the application portal as a guide and obtaining a signature from the advisor that they reviewed your options.
  • Submit your application: Application items to be included:
    • Personal details
    • Choice of 3 host institutions and the subjects they plan to study
    • Draft Budget (or check box that students have reviewed cost of living abroad and their finances)
    • Resume (two pages max)
    • Letter of Intent (one page - like a Cover Letter that describes why you wish to go on an academic exchange and why you would be a good candidate)
    • Academic Letter of Reference (from a TA or professor for any course taken at York)
    • Departmental Approval Form
    • Language Assessment Form (only needed if taking required/elective courses or advanced language classes in the target language abroad) 

Get Nominated by York International

Once you have submitted your application, York International will review it. You will be notified if they have been selected for an Exchange by York International in February/March. If selected, you will be sent via our portal an offer for one of your choices or an alternative location/host depending on demand for your consideration.

Credit Transfer

It is your department that determines which courses abroad are equivalent to those at York. Note that credit systems differ around the world. Please complete the process through the Course Assessment Form, obtaining the required signatures: Course Assessment Form. Attend a credit transfer bootcamp session to learn more by registering on our Events Calendar. Adding video here I believe.

Apply To Partner

Once you have accepted the offer, York International will nominate you to the host institution according to the institution’s deadlines and procedures. The host institution will then contact you directly inviting you to apply to them as an exchange student from York. Note that it is the host institution that gives final approval.

Enroll in York International Exchange Course (INEX)

You do not pay tuition to the host institution. You must enroll in a minimum of 9 York credits per semester. You will enroll in an INEX 9, 12, or 15 credits at York: Note that students are often required to take a full load of courses at the host institution.

Housing and Immigration

The host institution will guide you on their housing options, pricing, and deadlines, and will provide the acceptance letter required for visas and study permits. It is your responsibility to contact the appropriate consulate or embassy to ensure that you have the proper documents and apply in time prior to your departure.

Pre-Departure Sessions

You will participate in mandatory pre-departure modules/sessions that will include travel risk management, credit transfer, and intercultural preparedness.


Safety Abroad

Click here for more information on Safety Abroad

Safety Abroad supports all York community members in managing risks associated with international travel and provides emergency support when needed. Please contact safetyabroad@yorku.ca for any further assistance. 



While Abroad

  • Stay Connected with the Global Learning Team – we are here to support you!
  • Keep in Contact with the International Office at the Host
  • Reach out to your department at York if there are any changes to your courses
  • Reflect on your learning

Stay Engaged

Stay engaged with us! Make sure to tag us on Instagram @yorkugoglobal so we can share your posts and live vicariously through your academic adventure!

Check out some guidelines on social media while you are abroad

If you would like to be interviewed for our new podcast, Boarding Pass, send us a direct message on Instagram.

Transcript and Re-Entry

Click here for helpful tips to know before returning to York U

  • Re-entry workshops (link to Returning to YorkU)
  • York International will receive the transcript from the host institution
  • York International will send the transcript and your Course Assessment Form to the Registrar’s Office on your behalf.
  • The Registrar’s Office updates your academic record with credits obtained abroad (these appear as Pass / Fail on the York transcript)
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the host institution provides you with a copy of your transcript from their institution. Graduate and professional schools often require all transcripts of courses taken.