Global Opportunities - Faculty & Staff

Global Affairs Canada

Global Affairs Canada supports students and researchers in Latin American, the Caribbean and Southeast Asia annually to study, research and conduct professional development activities in Canada. There are five (5) scholarships which are open for undergraduate and graduate students, university staff and faculty members.

Academics Without Borders

Academics Without Borders’ mission is to help people in the developing world realize their dreams through higher education because education is the key to a flourishing society. Academics Without Borders’ projects are involved in the full range of university activities from expanding and improving existing institutions and programs to helping create new ones.

Academics Without Borders - New Volunteer Opportunities in Media & Communications

Academics Without Borders/Universitaires sans frontières (AWB) is a Canadian nonprofit organization. Its mission is to help developing countries improve their universities so that they can train their own experts and conduct research to assist in their countries’ development.
AWB’s projects are involved in the full range of university activities from expanding and improving existing institutions and programs to helping create new ones. AWB fulfills its mission by sending volunteers on projects that originate in and are owned by developing world institutions. AWB volunteers are reimbursed for their expenses but are not paid a salary.

The Association of Commonwealth Universities

The Association of Commonwealth Universities is an international organisation dedicated to building a better world through higher education.

International collaboration is central to this ambition: by bringing universities together from around the world – and crucially the people who study and work within them – the ACU helps to advance knowledge, promote understanding, broaden minds, and improve lives. The ACU champions higher education as a cornerstone of stronger societies, supporting its members, partners, and stakeholders as they adapt to a changing world.

ACU Fellowships

The fellowships, which are open to academic and professional staff at ACU member universities, are diverse both in subject and location. As well as enabling collaborative research projects and partnership-building, they also provide opportunities to observe and exchange new techniques and practices. Subjects range from forestry and food technology to accountancy and IT, as well as opportunities in broader areas.

Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute

The Institute has a unique mandate as it operates broadly speaking in two major directions; firstly, as a financial support system for academic and research programmes in terms of different fellowships by both the governments. Faculty and Student Mobility programme funded by Government of India is a new addition to this list. Secondly, as a bi-national network of leading academic institutions, as knowledge partners in generating linkages and collaborations that transcend the traditional system of cooperation.

International Visiting Research Trainee

International Visiting Research Trainees (IVRTs) are:

1. Registered full-time students in a degree program at an institution outside of Canada.

2. Visiting York for a limited time period, usually between one and twelve months.

3.Spend this period of time performing research under the guidance of a York University hosting Faculty member.

4. Not registered or registering in courses or enrolled in a program for credit at York University nor pursuing a joint or dual degree in which one of the partners is York University.