About York International

York International advances York’s internationalization by offering quality services and programs for international students, creating global learning opportunities (student exchanges, summer courses, internships, placements and research opportunities) for degree seeking students and facilitating global partnerships for York. York International contributes to enhancing the academic and research experience of students and faculty, supporting student success and enhancing York’s global engagement.

York International provides  York University's community of nearly 6,000 international students (academic years: 2015-16, 2014-15, 2013-14) services and programs designed to ease their transition to life in Canada and at York, to help them succeed academically, and prepare for graduation and beyond. York International provides assistance with employment and immigration matters related to international status. Additionally, York International offers programs to connect international with domestic students through their Peer Program.

York International also provides many opportunities for domestic and international students to enhance their global knowledge and skills both at home and abroad during their program of study. Students can study on exchange at more than 250 universities across the globe, participate in a global internship, summer abroad course, practicum placement, or fieldwork opportunity. A Letter of Recognition of International Experience is provided to document students’ achievements abroad.

Team York International

Vinitha Gengatharan
Executive Director
x 22566

International Student and Scholar Services

Woo Kim
Associate Director, International Student and Scholar Services
x 70650
Immigration Specialist  
Christine Omuodo
International Student Program Facilitator
x 70651
Kelly Chen
International Student Program Assistant
 x 77329
SumanpreetYI Sumanpreet Kaur
UHIP Administrator
x 20040

International Partnerships and Programs

Helen Balderama
Associate Director, International Partnerships and Programs
x 70326
Beth Alaksa
Coordinator, International Mobility Programs
x 77623
Glenda Lowndes
Global Learning Assistant, Exchanges and Visiting Students
x 20060
Michelle Le
Global Learning Assistant, Exchanges and Visiting Students
x 77326
Natasha Pursun
International Internships Assistant
x 40506
Hani El Masry
International Project Coordinator
x 20518
Database Officer

Finance and Administration

Sharon Sammy
Administrative Secretary
x 44093
Lynn McNeil-Smith
Administrative Assistant
x 20045
Yvonne Chiu
Student Support Assistant
x 55177