Y.I. Student Staff

International Student Engagement

Raiza Chaudary

Job Title: Student Coordinator, Orientation Lead
Program of Study: Biology and Psychology
Language: English
Year: 3

Hey all! I am a third-year Biology and Psychology double major student at York. I am a part of the YI International Student staff team. I really like hiking and practicing and teaching yoga. I am also fond of traveling and exploring new places and getting to know different cultures. Along with the YI team I hope to facilitate and support international student transition to university. Want to get involved on campus or have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact us:)


Roshali Seneviratne

Job Title: Student Coordinator, International Student Engagement
Program of Study: Kinesiology and Health Science
Language: English, Sinhala

Hi Everyone! I am a Kinesiology and Health Science student at York University. Some of my hobbies include creating new recipes, reading, and watching K-Dramas. I love being a part of York International because it gives me the opportunity to connect with people from many cultural backgrounds. Also, as a former international student myself, I am delighted to give back to the international student community. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions regarding university life and getting involved. You can also say hello to me on YI Instagram Live sessions.


Global Peer Program

Tram Nguyen

Job Title: Student Lead - Global Peer Program
Program of Study: Commerce
Languages: English, Vietnamese
Year: 3

Hi! I'm Tram, born and raised in Vietnam, and now Toronto is home. I have a positive mindset and always search for the silver lining. This is my 2nd year with York International and I am very happy to continue my journey with such an amazing team. My focus is to support new students with their transition to York and to Canada. So if you ever feel lost or confused, I am here to help! I'm so excited to see how things will change this year and can't wait to connect with you all!


Sheel Achnani

Job Title: Student Coordinator with GPP
Program of Study: Cinema and Media Arts
Languages: English, Hindi, Gujarati, Sindhi, Urdu and Punjabi
Year: 4

Sheel Achnani (she/her) is an international student from India, currently in her fourth year at York University pursuing Cinema and Media Arts. Anything and everything about movies and dance excites her. She is an avid reader and got her little library at her home. She is currently working with York International as a Student Co-ordinator with the GPP team. You can often find her on campus doing volunteer work. Sheel loves meeting new people and making wonderful memories at York University.


Virtual Community Engagement

Misbah Parkar

Job Title: Student Coordinator, Virtual Community Engagement
Program of Study: Biomedical Science and Psychology
Languages: English, Hindi/Urdu, Konkani
Year: 3

Hi! My name is Misbah, and my cheeks do not lie! I am a foodie, and I enjoy trying new cuisines. I am an international student raised in Oman, but I was born in Mumbai, and now Toronto is home ❤ Am I multicultural yet? I am very excited to be a part of the York International team, and I hope to learn more from everyone. If you ever feel like talking to someone, I am your person!