Effective Intercultural Communication (EIC)

What is it? 

Effective Intercultural Communication (EIC) is needed more than ever in diverse and networked environments of the 21st century. As the nature of collaborations, work and workspaces change, effective intercultural communication will become even more essential in creating inclusive environments and in enhancing cross-cultural understanding between peoples of different backgrounds and cultures.

The EIC module is:

  • An opportunity to develop their intercultural competencies and skills
  • Can address immediate need to continue intercultural and global engagement (during pandemic).  
  • A long-term inclusive option for York students who do not partake in global physical mobility programmes for various reasons.   


The EIC module was developed to provide students an introduction to building intercultural competencies. It aims to:

  • Increase awareness of how cultural influences can affect intercultural interactions
  • Actively reflect on and regulate their responses and be mindful of their communication style in the face of feeling stressed or challenged
  • Foster and increase their appreciation and curiosity about cultural diversity


  1. Develop new skills: students will be able to develop new intercultural and global citizenship skills. 
  2. Co-curricular certificate: the completion of this course will be listed in their transcripts as a co-curricular course. 


The EIC is divided into six modules:

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Getting Started (Definitions and introductory material)   Foundation (Focus on culture and communication, and communication styles) Challenges in Intercultural Communication (Focus on power and privilege)
Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
Uncomfortable Truths and Uncertainty in Intercultural Communication Strategies for Intercultural Development (Focus on Emotional Intelligence) Going Forward (Reflection of Learning)

More information

For more information on how to participate in this Module, please email Mario Guerrero (eic@yorku.ca).