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2020-2021 GNL Project Team

Dominique Scheffel-Dunand

Academic Lead, Globally Networked Learning Project/Lead, Bilingual Open Educational Resources/former Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, Glendon

For questions about the GNL Project, GNL course/curriculum design and Open Education Resources, contact

Helen Balderama

Associate Director, International Partnerships and Program, York International

For questions about GNL Partnerships and Programs, contact

Marierose Talla

Global Learning Coordinator, York International

For questions about GNL at York events, partnerships, and communications, contact

Lisa Endersby

Educational Developer, Teaching Commons, York University (Keele Campus), Canada.

For questions about GNL course/curriculum design, contact

Vinitha Gengatharan

York International Executive Director

Special thanks to our 2015-2018 Project Team

Wenona Giles
Project Director

Laura Waddell
Research Assistant

Nausheen Quayyum 
Research Assistant

Liam Bekirsky
Research Assistant

Agnes Lemesre-Valy
Experiential Education Coordinator

Many thanks to Robin Roth (GNL Project Coordinator, 2013-2015) and Rachel Muehrer,
both primary authors of the GNL website (2010-2015) and to website designer Jack Jamieson.