International Visiting Research Trainee

1. Who is an International Visiting Research Trainee (IVRT)

International Visiting Research Trainees (IVRTs) are:

  • Registered full-time students in a degree program at an institution outside of Canada.
  • Visiting York for a limited time period, usually between one and twelve months.
  • Spend this period of time performing research under the supervision of a York University faculty member for the purpose of fulfilling degree requirements in their home institution.
  • Not registered or registering in courses or enrolled in a program for credit at York University nor pursuing a joint or dual degree in which one of the partners is York University.

If you do not fall into the International Visiting Research Trainee (IVRT) category, please click here to see which other visitor category you may fall into.


  1. If you are being invited by a faculty member from the York University Glendon campus, please kindly click here and follow the application process for visiting scholar at Glendon.
  2. If you are applying for scholarship in the Global Affairs Canada (GAC) Scholarship program, please contact: Beth Alaksa, Coordinator of International Mobility Programs, York International at 416-736-2100 ext. 77623 or email:

2. What Should I do as an International Visiting Research Trainee (IVRT) at York University?

There are three major steps to follow if you meet the criteria listed above and are interested in becoming an IVRT at York:

  • IVRT Application at York International
    1.  Contact a Faculty member who is willing to host and supervise you during your visit as an IVRT to initiate an invitation;
    2. Obtain a signed invitation letter from the inviting Faculty member (as per template);
    3. Submit a completed IVRT application to York International via email to A complete IVRT application includes:

Tips to avoid delay:

  1. Documents issued from home institution in other language should be translated in English.
  2. Ensure that the IVRT application and invitation letter is complete with all required signatures.
  3. IVRT application can’t be finalized until you obtain a valid work permit issued by Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). You should start the preparation of the IVRT and work permit application at least 3 - 4 months prior to your visit at York University.
Work Permit

Before applying for work permit, please ensure that you are performing tasks as per Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada’s definition of work. If your visit at York involves tasks that fit in the definitely of work, you need to obtain a Work Permit from the Canadian immigration authority.

Please proceed to the following steps for work permit application. Please note that some of the steps are required to be completed by your inviting faculty member who is considered as the Employer:

  1. You will receive a notification email from York International confirming receipt of your IVRT application;
  2. Inviting faculty member contacts the Carol Tang from York International at for information of Employer Portal access;
  3. Inviting faculty member completes and submits the Offer of Employment and pays the CAD$230 Compliance Fee via the Citizenship and Immigration Canada Employer Portal;
  4. Inviting faculty member provides you with the Employment ID number issued by IRCC;
  5. You, the IVRT, proceed with Work Permit Application at your local Canadian visa office/embassy with all the required documents including your invitation letter, the Employment ID etc. Please find more information about work permit application here.
  6. Once your application is approved, you will receive the Work Permit upon your entry to Canada at the border.


  1. IVRTs arriving in Canada without valid immigration documentation may NOT be allowed to enter the country. Please ensure that you comply with the work permit requirement set out by IRCC.
  2. Submitting a work permit application does not guarantee issuance of a work permit. The Canadian visa office/embassy/high commission overseas is the only authority that makes decision on the application.
Upon Arrival in Canada

You, the IVRT, should:

  • Receive notification from York International with a York ID within 2-4 weeks;
  • Visit York International within one week after receiving your York ID to set up health insurance (UHIP) and to pay fees listed on the IVRT application.
Type of Fee Amount
Administrative fee $300 per application (one-time payment)

Supplementary fees*

(cannot be pro-rated)

$253.84 per term; payable for each term during which the IVRT is visiting

University Health

Insurance Plan (UHIP)*

$51 per month single coverage.

* Subject to change