Social Media Guidelines


  • Social media application for posting videos and photos
  • Experience abroad can be documented using the Instagram Story feature and made to live permanently using the Highlights feature.
  • Intuitive tools can be used to make and edit video clips together
  • Instagram Stories and Reels are the best ways to document your experiences.
  • A collaboration with York International can also be made.
  • You would document your journey on your own public profile (if your profile is public) and you would tag @yorkuintlstdnts or @yorkugoglobal so that it can be reposted.
  • You can “takeover” the York International accounts and document on behalf of them
  • Can be used with just a mobile phone
  • Tell us your story:



  • If you would like to be interviewed and document your experience through an audio or video platform contact (insert email here) Boarding Pass, York International’s very own podcast.
  • You can either participate during your experience or after you have completed it.
  • Can be performed virtually or in person.
  • You will need a mobile phone or laptop and a microphone and earphones/headphones.
  • Contact (insert email) for more details