Faculty-led Study Abroad

Why Faculty-led Study Abroad

  • York University's Faculty-led study abroad programs offer an exciting opportunity to discover the world as your classroom.
  • Immerse yourself in a new culture, country, and language while earning credits.
  • Experience smaller class sizes, typically 10 to 25 students, led by experienced York professors.
  • Enjoy comprehensive support, including pre-departure training, accommodations, and mandatory study and cultural field trips.
  • Safety is a priority, with funding support available once safety abroad procedures are completed.
  • Expand your world view and appreciate diversity through enriching experiences and different perspectives.
  • Develop future-ready skills like adaptability, intercultural communication, and teamwork.
  • Make lifelong friends and build a valuable global network.
  • Don't miss this transformative journey with York University's Faculty-led study abroad programs!



Please contact yuabroad@yorku.ca if you have any questions, and continue to check back to see our other courses offered.

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