Global Learning Deadlines


There are a variety of deadlines throughout the academic year for global learning programs. Deadlines depend on the type of program you are interested in. Be sure make note of the dates below, so you can submit your application on time.

Program Deadline Timing Abroad
PH Freiburg (Education students only November 1, 2022 Summer 2023
Killam Exchange to the US December 15, 2022 Fall 2023 and/or Winter 2024
Las Nubes Reading Week Course December 22, 2022 February 18-26, 2023
York Faculty-led Summer Programs (S1) January 10, 2023 Summer 2023
Academic Exchange January 23, 2023 Fall 2023 and/or Winter 2024
York Faculty-led Summer Programs (S2) March 3, 2023 Summer 2023
Las Nubes Summer Abroad March 20, 2023 Summer 2023
Global Internships January 23, 2023 Summer 2023*
Partner Universities Summer Programs March 1st, 2023** Summer 2023
Academic Exchange June 1st, 2023 *Deadline Extended!* Winter 2024 only - limited destinations

*some global internships may be available throughout the academic year. Connect with to learn more.

**students must also complete the LOP application for credit transfer by March 15th.