Summer Schools at YorkU Partners


Please note that there may be new or changing travel guidance that may affect programs and access to travel abroad. To view the latest information from York University about international travel guidelines for students, please visit:  


Students who are interested in applying for a summer school must complete the following:

A few quick notes:

  • Tuition Fees are paid generally directly to the Host University (not payable to York University).
  • Courses range from 2-6 weeks in duration.
  • All students registered and selected to go on Summer Abroad programs are eligible for York International Mobility Award (YIMA). Visit the YIMA page.
  • All students must adhere to the mandatory safety abroad regulations in place by York International which include: attending a pre-departure session, providing proof of travel/health insurance, and completing our travel registry.
  • Attend an information session to learn more
  • Please contact if you have any questions or concerns.

Deadline: March 1,st 2022

2022 Summer Programs at YorkU Partners

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The Association of Commonwealth Universities

ACU Summer School: Explores themes related to sports and regeneration (July 21 - August 8, 2022). ​Join ACU summer school in Leeds, UK  for an exciting week of lectures and case studies exploring themes relating to sports and regeneration. Hosted by ACU member Leeds Trinity University, UK, ACU Summer School 2022 is a small and friendly event which is capped at 40 participants.

Students can expect:

  • Skills development
  • Social events
  • Engaging and challenging group project work
  • Sports sessions
  • Networking opportunities
  • Intercultural sessions

You’ll also be able to enjoy field trips in the Leeds area and a final day excursion to the historic city of York.


Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the summer school at Aoyama Gakuin University in Japan has been adjusted.

Aoyama Gakuin University has established a new program called AGU Japanese Culture Box, which can be engaged online. AGU Japanese Culture Box is a video resource that enables users to view content for a variety of topics, ranging from Japanese main culture to Japanese subculture, free of charge, with the aim of attracting interest in Japan and Japanese culture.

Students can learn at their own pace, regardless of time or place. Interaction is possible with the instructors through questions and impressions of the videos.

Note: this program is not for academic credit.

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

GEM Trailblazer Summer Programme

Date: varies between June and July, 2022

Delivery: In-person

The future is hot in Asia! Spend a summer in Singapore, the perfect 'soft landing' in the heart of the fast developing Asia-Pacific region and a springboard to explore the many cultures and languages in neighbouring countries surrounding around Singapore!

NTU's unique summer programme will bring you an unforgettable summer education. Choose from 5 different tracks and experience a unique summer unlike any other! Courses take place between June and July and students can choose a two, four, or six-week program. Subject areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Language and Cultural Studies
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Creative Design and Media
  • Success in the Globalised Marketplace
  • New Technologies, New World

Singapore Management University, Singapore

SMU Global Summer Programme 2022

Date: June 27th to July 22rd, 2022

Delivery: In-person

The Asian insights that your students will gain in the Global Summer Programme will give them a head start in their future careers, wherever they will be working at in our increasingly globalized world.

Students will be able to choose courses from the clusters below. Only one course can be selected from each cluster, with a maximum of 2 courses

Cluster 1:

  • Asia Pacific Business
  • Capital Markets in China
  • Managing Customer Relations with Analytics: Asian Insights
  • Screening Asia: History, Society and Politics in Film

Cluster 2:

  • Contemporary Asia: Power, Diversity & Change
  • Economic Globalisation and Asia
  • Global Mega Trends: Opportunities and Challenges in Asia
  • Innovations for Asia’s Smart Cities

Fudan University, China

Fudan International Summer School (FISS)

Date: July 4 to July 29, 2022

Delivery: Hybrid; In-person and online

Fudan International Summer Session (FISS) will provide a 4-week course study to students from all over the world. The program is now recruiting students from both China and abroad. Students will have the opportunity to get to know China and become part of the Fudan community. Fudan University's degree students will also participate in the program. This program will help you achieve multicultural understanding, establish a global vision, and get connected with peers from all over the world.

*According to the current global and local Covid-19 situation as well as the epidemic prevention and control measures of Shanghai and Fudan University, 14 courses will be taught face to face while others remain online. Please note that the program office will re-evaluate the situation right before the program starts (the end of March) to make sure, that face-to-face teaching is feasible. If the pandemic continues to circulate, all offline courses will be converted to online live via Zoom.

Students can choose from 26 courses in the following subject areas:.

  • History and Culture
  • Society and Politics
  • Business and Economy
  • Science and Technology
  • Law

Yonsei University, South Korea

Yonsei International Summer School


  • 4-week courses: June 28 - July 21, 2022
  • 6-week courses: June 28 - August 4, 2022

Delivery: In-person

The Yonsei International Summer School (YISS) opened its doors in 1985 and since then, YISS has become an integral part of campus life based on a unique blend of Korean and global cultures. YISS continues to grow and evolve, accommodating the needs of a rapidly changing student body and meeting the challenges of a fast-paced global society. This summer, we invite you to experience the legendary "Yonsei Spirit" and to join us for an unforgettable summer in the heart of Seoul. You will make life-long friends, build new networks, expand and deepen your academic and cultural horizons, and experience life in one of Asia's coolest, yet largely undiscovered metropolises of 10 million.

Students can choose courses from the following subject areas:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Korean Studies
  • Business & Economics
  • Social Sciences
  • Korean Language
  • East Asian Studies
  • Science and Technology

Keio University, Japan

Keio Summer Program welcomes students from around the world to its quarter-long, online Summer Program for academic and cultural learning opportunities. This program offers opportunities to take Keio‘s credit-bearing courses during its second academic quarter and is suitable for undergraduate students

Dates: May 30 - July 29, 2022 (tentative)

Delivery: Online

Students can choose courses from the following subject areas:

  • Business and Economy
  • Culture & Cross-Cultural Understanding
  • Language & Literature
  • Arts
  • Law
  • Politics, Diplomacy & International Exchange
  • Religion & Thought
  • Japanese Language

National University of Singapore, Singapore

FASSTRACK Asia: The Summer School 2022

Dates: between June and July, 2022 (details here)

Delivery: Hybrid and online

  • Hybrid delivery will include classes on NUS campus for weeks 1-3 and fully online delivery for week 4

FASStrack Asia: The Summer School is an exciting, full-scale summer school featuring an intensive four -week summer programme in a hybrid delivery model for 2022. Open to NUS students and university undergraduates across the globe, FASStrack Asia promises a rewarding online experience, aimed at providing students with a taste of Asia’s diverse cultures while driving current interest in the region.

Students can choose courses from the following subject areas:

  • Economics
  • History
  • Sociology
  • Geography
  • Communications and New Media

Chinese University of Hong Kong, China

CUHK: International Summer School 2022

Dates: details coming in February 2022

Delivery: Online expected

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China

HKUST International Summer Exchange Program 2022

Dates: June 20 - August 13, 2022

Delivery: In-person

The HKUST International Summer Exchange Program (ISP) welcomes students from our partner institutions to study at HKUST in the summer on tuition-waived, exchange student basis. The program aims to create a rewarding exchange experience for students from around the world. It comprises high-quality courses taught by regular HKUST instructors and opportunities to participate in local excursions that enable students to gain insight into the region.

Students can choose course from the following subject areas:

  • Science
  • Business and Management
  • Engineering
  • Humanities and Social Science
  • Interdisciplinary studies

Waseda University, Japan

Waseda Summer Session 2022

Dates: June 17 - July 15, 2022

Delivery: In-person

Waseda Summer Session 2022 Japan Studies - Founded in 1882 at the heart of Tokyo, WASEDA University is recognized as one of the most international universities in Japan. From 2014, Waseda started a four-week summer session at the undergraduate level and welcomed highly motivated international students from 83 universities in 22 different countries and regions around the world in 2019.

Students can choose courses from the following subject areas:

  • Business
  • Culture
  • Economics
  • History
  • Literature and Art
  • Politics
  • Anthro/Sociology
  • Japanese Language 

Hanyang International Summer School, South Korea

Hanyang International Summer School (HISS)

Dates: June 27 - July 22, 2022

Delivery: In-person

HISS is one of Korea’s leading summer programs. Every year, around 2000 students spend 4 weeks at one of Korea’s leading private universities. HISS offers world-class education combined with a variety of unique cultural experiences. Every year HISS is thrilled to host students and faculty from around the world, and this year we are looking forward to meeting you.

Students can choose a maximum of three courses from a variety of subject areas. For a full list of course offerings, please visit the HISS website.


University of Leeds, UK

Leeds International Summer School (LISS)

Dates: Students can choose from a two or four-week options

  • Two weeks option:
    • July 2 - July 16, 2022
    • July 17 - July 30, 2022
  • Four week option:
    • July 2 - July 30, 2022

Delivery: In-person

Study at the University of Leeds, one of the world’s top 100 universities, and immerse yourself in the vibrant city of Leeds. Join the two or four-week LISS programme. Earn credit and choose courses from a wide range of subject areas including Arts and Humanities, Business, Engineering and Science, Political and Social Sciences.

INSA Lyon, France

INSA Short Programs

Dates: Student can choose from two programs

    • May 18 - June 15, 2022
    • 27 June - 15 July, 2022

Delivery: In-person

INNOV@INSA (12 ECTS) - Students can choose between track 1 or 2, but track 3 is compulsory. Track 1 courses are focused on "Connected Devices and Smart Devices"; Track 2 courses are focused on "Management and Innovation in Europe"; Track 3 courses include French Language, Cross-Cultural Communication, Industry and Society. For more detail visit their website

ENERG'INSA (4ECTS) - Students can choose from courses with a focus on the introduction to energy transition or renewable production, as well as French language and cross-cultural communication. For more details visit their website.

Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich, Germany

Details for Summer 2022 coming soon!

Vienna University of Business and Economics, Austria

The International Summer University WU is provided by a team of experienced WU and international lecturers who offer a large variety of business-related courses in English. These courses do not aim to provide basic knowledge, but to deepen the students’ understanding of business topics. Engaging teaching methods are used in all courses and are complemented by interesting company visits. Open to graduate and undergraduate students.


  • July Session: July 11 - 29, 2022
  • August Session: August 1 - August 19, 2022

Delivery: In-person

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

UCPH International Summer Programme 2020

University of Copenhagen offers more than 40 international summer courses in 2020. There are courses at both bachelor and master level and they are all open for domestic and international students.

Dates: Courses take place in July and August.

Delivery: In-person

Please note that the dates provided on the list of courses are only for the on-campus part of the course. Some courses might start earlier i.e. with mandatory participation in preliminary e-learning modules as prerequisite for the on-campus part of the course. Student can choose courses from the following subject areas:

  • Health Medical Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Law
  • Science
  • Social Sciences
  • Theology

More information can be found by visiting the home pages of the individual courses

Aarhus University, Denmark

Widely cited as one of the world’s most liveable places, Aarhus has all the advantages and resources of a big city while keeping to a manageable size. The AU Summer University allows both graduate and undergraduate students to choose courses from the following subject areas:

  • Culture and Media
  • Humanities
  • Natural Science
  • Social Science
  • Technical Science
  • Health & Medicine
  • Economics & Finance
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Computer Science
  • Law

Dates: Students can choose from two options:

  • 4 July - 22 July, 2022
  • 25 July - 12 August, 2022

Delivery: In-person

Oldenburg University, Germany

Oldenburg University is offering a beginner’s level intensive German language course during the summer. The four weeks of instruction (100 hours) cover the standard use of spoken and written German and focus on central issues of German society today.

Program Dates: July to August. 2022

More details coming soon!

Maynooth University, Ireland

The best of both worlds, Maynooth combines an academic heritage dating back to 1795 with an innovative and modern campus. Maynooth, Ireland's newest university, is ranked by The Times Higher Education as within the top 50 under 50 universities worldwide. Today, Maynooth University has more than 12,000 students from over 90 countries. This summer Maynooth University welcomes you to share in our history, heritage, and future!

Dates: 1 July - 29 July, 2022

Delivery: In-person

Maynooth University offers widest selection of course options for a short-term summer program in Ireland. With 17 different classes from a wide variety of discipline, York University students from all backgrounds and courses are invited to attend. For more information, visit their website.

Scholarships: Available for York University participants. Click the link above for more details

See the MUISS Brochure 2022 for more details.

National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland

Each year National University of Ireland Galway welcomes over 300 hundred summer school students with an interest in Irish Studies, Education in Ireland, Irish Language, Ecology, Business and International Management, English Language, Play Therapy, Ecology, Archaeology and Geology. The Summer School courses on offer will bring you a rich and diverse perspective of the subject area, and are taught by expert lecturers and educational professionals who have a vast range of knowledge of their subject matter.


  • Irish Studies: 21 June - 20 July, 2022
  • Business and International Management: 21 June - 20 July, 2022
  • Ecology: 20 June - 3 July or 4 July to 17 July, 2022

Delivery: In-Person

For more information on the program, please visit their website.

Radboud University, Netherlands

Radboud Summer School offers over 30 online courses this summer, in various fields of expertise: check out our course overview. Our academic courses will inspire your students and researchers, enable them to explore new scientific areas, develop their skills and expand their international network, all from the comfort of their own home. All of our intensive online courses are taught in English by renowned academics from Radboud University.

Application Deadline (July Courses): May 1st, 2021

Application Deadline (August Courses): June, 1st 2021

We believe that our summer courses will complement your university’s curriculum perfectly. Since York University is one of our valued partner universities, we offer your students a 15% discount on their course fee.

Radboud Summer School is organized by Radboud University, one of the leading academic centers of excellence in the Netherlands. Over 850 participants from 75 countries joined our last edition and 95% of our participants would recommend their course to others.

More information
Courses 2021
How to apply

For more information contact:

Utrecht University, Netherlands

Broaden your horizon with a summer course in an inspiring international environment. The Utrecht Summer School offers a broad selection of over 200 summer courses in various disciplines. The Summer School is a cooperation of the Utrecht UniversityHU University of Applied Sciences and HKU University of the Arts. These institutions of higher education offer high-quality, fully accredited summer courses in English on bachelor, master, PhD and Post-Academic levels.

For more information on courses, accommodations and the application process, check out their website.

Program dates: Please refer to each course description, the dates range from early April to late August 2020.

Fees: The fees vary depending on the course. They range from €250 to €3,985. Please consult the course list for more details.

Application: The registration deadline varies from course to course. Deadlines are mentioned on each course page. If you apply after the given deadline and application is still open, you will be put on a waiting list. If you want to be sure, please contact the contact person of the course. The e-mail address and or phone number of the contact person of a course can be found on each course page under "more information".

Accommodation: The Utrecht Summer School offers housing for its students. If you make use of this offer you will be housed in one of the student residences or in some cases in hotels. The student residences are located throughout the city.

University of Oslo, Norway

The International Summer School is an academic centre for learning in an international context, and a forum for fostering intercultural understanding. It aims at developing and conveying knowledge and at promoting understanding between people from different cultures. You can choose from a wide range of Bachelor’s courses, focusing on Norwegian language and various aspects of Norwegian culture and society, as well as a number of Master’s courses dealing with topics of broad international interest. The courses adopt a comparative perspective, where the Norwegian case may serve as a basis for discussion. Courses are based on active student participation, and many of them include field visits.

Students can apply for up to two Bachelor's courses or one Master's course. Click here for the course list.

Program Dates: June 20 - July 31st 2020

Application Deadlines: 

  • Scholarship applicants: 1 February 2020
  • Self-financed applicants:1 March 2020

Program Fee (on-campus housing included): NOK 26 500/USD 3,270

For more information, please visit their website.

University of Glasgow, Scotland

The International Summer School is an excellent introduction for your students to study at an international university and is an opportunity for them to stay at one of the oldest universities in the English-speaking world. Over the summer we offer a varied and flexible choice of credit and non-credit bearing courses ranging from one to eight weeks.

Courses include:

  • Exploring Scotland
  • English Language and Linguistics
  • Literature and Creative Writing
  • Theology
  • Physics
  • Life Sciences

Please visit the individual course page for more information on available courses.

Program dates and costs will vary depending on course, please visit the International Summer School page for more information.


Contact the International Summer School Team at or check out their website.

Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain

UAB Barcelona Summer School

The best way to enjoy the experience of an international, green and dynamic campus while having the opportunity to discover Barcelona. Our Summer School offers subjects worth transferable ECTS from all fields in two 3-weeks periods from late June to early August. Most of the courses are taught in English, with an option to learn and improve your Spanish as a Foreign Language.

FIRST PERIOD: 22 June to 10 July 2020. Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Fee: € 840 Course Fee (6 ECTS)

SECOND PERIOD: 13 to 31 July 2020. Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Fee: € 840 Course Fee (6 ECTS)

Non UAB students who enroll before the 15th of April will receive a 10% discount over the official price.

If you have any queries about enrolment, please write to 

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid , Spain

Summer School of Economics and Business 

The SSEB is a Summer Term, offering four high-quality courses, taught in English, in an intensive 4-week format (one or two courses to be chosen from the following, 6 or 12 ECTS credits, advanced Bachelor or Master level):

  • Environmental Economics and Policy Analysis
  • International Finance
  • Global Marketing
  • Doing Business in Spain

The SSEB brings together students from all over the world in a truly international environment. The academic excellence of our summer term is complimented by social and cultural events, as well as field trips, which are not offered during the regular Fall and Spring semesters.

Program dates: June 29 - July 24 2020
Early Bird Application deadline: Febuary 28, 2020
Regular application deadline is May 31, 2019.

Fees (not including accommodations):

  1 Course - 6 ECTS 2 Courses - 12 ECTS
Early Bird Fees: € 974.25 € 1,499.25
After Early Bird Deadline € 1,136.63 € 1,749.13

Further detailed information about the program can be found here.

Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Spain

The Universidad Pontificia Comillas, founded in 1890, is one of Spain's most prestigious private Jesuit universities. Located in the centre of Madrid, the University offers easy access to shops, museums and parks.

There are over 10.000 students enrolled in the University's degree programs throughout the year.

  1. Spanish Language and Culture Course
    During the summer, in conjunction with the Institute of Modern Languages, "Comillas International" organizes Spanish Language and Culture modules for foreign university students.The course dates  for this summer are the following:
    From May 18 to June 20, 2020
    Application Deadline: Before April 3, 2020
  2. Specialized Summer Courses in Madrid
    Comillas Pontifical University offers Specialized International Courses in the areas of Business Administration and Management, Law, Human and Social Sciences and International Relations.The courses have a duration of 90 hours: 80 class hours + 10 hours of technical and cultural visits and are taught in Spanish. Students who are not native Spanish-speakers should certify that they have an intermediate level of Spanish. The theoretical classes are complemented by technical visits to companies, public and private institutions and entities, and with cultural visits to the Prado Museum and the "Madrid de los Austrias y de los Borbones".  The application deadline is April 14, 2020.
    The courses will be offered in two terms (time periods).
    Time Period 1: May 25 - June 19, 2020

Time Period 2: June 29 - July 24, 2020

Program Costs: The price of the courses (without accommodation) is 1.440 euros including, classes, a student card, access to all of the University's services, cultural visits to the Prado Museum and the "Madrid de los Austrias y de los Borbones", technical visits to companies, public and private institutions and entities, a diploma, and your transcript with final grades. For more information on accommodation, please check the universities international summer program page


Umeå University, Sweden

Live and study at the Scientific Research Centre in the wild Arctic Mountains

The Department of Ecology and Environmental Science at Umea University in Sweden offers unbelievable opportunities to live, study and work in the Arctic Circle. The Climate Impacts Research Centre (CIRC) provides a scientific platform for excellent research, teaching and public outreach in Abisko, serving a key role in Umeå University researchers’ and students’ activities in the Arctic.

You have the opportunity get involved with this exciting Arctic research, as CIRC offers a variety of timely and exciting studentships and internships based at the Research Station, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. You can study at in the Arctic for your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis work.

The department offers a 15-credit course in Alpine Ecology Bachelor.

Starts: 8 June 2020

Ends: 30 August 2020

Study Location: Abisko

Language: English

For more information on the application process and any further questions you may have, please contact the course coordinator, Keith Larson at

University of Geneva, Switzerland

The University of Geneva summer courses were founded in 1891  and have since been famous for teaching high quality courses. In addition, eminent professors have been invited to teach their courses. Charles Bally, for instance, came to teach stylistics at the  beginning of the twentieth century.

Summer French Courses

Our courses have always included workshops and cultural activities to introduce students to local history and experience. Pronunciation classes are also an important part of the programme. This combination of work and play has been the key to our success as, in one century, we have gone from ninety-eight to over one thousand students. Classes are open to students of all levels: beginner (A0), A1-A2-B1-B2-C1.

Program Dates 

  • Session 1: June 22 - July 10, 2020
  • Session 2: July 13-31, 2020
  • Session 3: August 3 -21, 2020

Program Fees:

  • 1 Session + Accommodations: CHF 1,700
  • 2 Sessions + Accommodations: CHF 3,200
  • 3 Sessions + Accommodations: CHF 4,800
  • Course CPU: CHF 3,350

Registration is now open, to apply, click here.

For more information, visit the website or email

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Middle East

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School (RIS) at Hebrew University offers a wide array of short-term courses and programs throughout the year. You can choose courses from our July or August sessions, as well as elect to take language courses or participate in archaeological field schools. With decades of experience hosting enthusiastic learners from around the world, RIS can help you make the most of your short time in Israel and dive into your area of study in a whole new way.

Summer study abroad courses are designed for undergraduate and graduate students. These courses go beyond the classroom. You’ll join students from more than 90 countries around the world and enjoy a summer schedule packed with enriching seminars, fun activities, and local trips designed to help you explore Israel’s geographic and cultural landscape.

We have two summer sessions to suit your needs: a four-week July session and a two-week August session. If you want to get the most of your summer, you can combine courses from both sessions. You might also want to check out our language programs offered in June. All summer courses at HebrewU’s RIS are accredited and taught in English. Students should check the links below for full course listing

Our Summer 2022 features courses taught in the following subject areas:

Tel Aviv University, Israel

Join us in Tel Aviv for the summer of your life! Learn about hot topics in Israel today – Cyber Security, Entrepreneurship, Middle East and Conflict Studies, Jewish Peoplehood and more - from TAU’s world-renowned faculty. Perfect your Hebrew, Arabic, or Yiddish. Explore the country alongside our enthusiastic Student Life Team on our academic programs.

Summer Programs: 

  • Summer in the Start-Up Nation: Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Business (July 11 - August 11, 2022)
    This summer program will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to maximize your entrepreneurial and business potential. With TAU ranked 8th among the world’s top 10 schools for producing successful, VC-backed company founders, there really couldn’t be a better place to experience the exciting and inspirational entrepreneurial spirit that has laid the foundations for the success of the Startup Nation.
  • Cyber Security – Choose from two courses:
    • Basic Technologies of Cyber Systems (June 22 - July 14, 2022)
      This course is intended for students from non-technological fields who are interested in various components of the world of Cyber. 
    • The Israeli Cyber Security Strategy (June 22 - July 14, 2022)
      This advanced advanced course that focuses on cyber from an Israeli security point of view.
  • Smart Cities (July 11 - August 11, 2022)
    Our Smart Cities program is one for those of you looking to discover smart solutions to city design and urban-tech utilization. This program will help you explore the issues that face cities around the world, mainly due to an unprecedented growth of population and urbanization over the last few decades. With the 2020 pandemic also impacting, you’ll learn why the smartification of cities has fast become an urgent and essential issue.

    Summer Research Program in the Sciences (June 22 - August 11, 2022)

    Our Summer Research program is for those of you looking for a unique experience as part of a world-renowned research group at TAU. With its 400 labs and 125 research institutes, TAU is the ideal environment for taking onboard a different research culture and helping you pinpoint your future research track. You’ll become a fully-fledged member of the research team during this unique 8-week program, and gain incredible insights into how scientific teams operate. Your summer of discovery will culminate with a Final Symposium, in which you’ll get to present your own findings to the rest of the group, in addition to the relevant science faculty members.

Summer Language Programs:

  • Hebrew (Choose from two summer sessions: i) July 11 - August 4; ii) August 3 - September 2, 2022) - The Hebrew language courses provide students with the essential introduction to Israel and one of the main languages spoken in the country, while using geography, environment, history and culture events to learn.
  • Yiddish (June 29 - July 30, 2022) - The Yiddish language program is for those of you looking to research and uncover the secrets behind this ancient Jewish language
  • Arabic (July 11 - August 11, 2022)
    Arabic is the fifth most-spoken language in the world with over 250 million native speakers, 1.7 million living in Israel alone (about 20% of the total population). Arabic is spoken by Israeli Muslim, Christians, and Druze, as well as by Jews who migrated from Arab countries. This beginner program will stimulate your language appetite, and take you on a culture-packed journey. With excursions to Arab-Israeli villages, this course offers the fundamentals of Modern Standard Arabic, where you can practice your newly-acquired skills daily.

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