Mental Health Awareness Campaign

York International introduces to you #YI Feel: The International Student Mental Health Awareness Campaign.

This campaign, through its various components such as video, online blogs and visuals and a photo series aims to initiate a dialogue about Mental Health among International Students at York University. It is giving students a space to tell their stories, bring to the front what mental health entails for them, while also understanding the cultural differences and therefore the needs of International Students when it comes to their Mental Health and illness.

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On one hand, we hope that this dialogue that has been initiated by York International and the members of the Global Community allows students to engage in conversation with the larger York community regarding mental health, and encourages mental health service providers to create a system that can truly meet the needs of international students.

On the other hand, we aim to engage and involve international students from various cultures to de-stigmatize mental health and well-being and provide progressive spaces that nurture and help students grow.

Ultimately, this campaign is just one step towards our attempt to ensure that everyone who faces mental health challenges asks for support and gets access to it. YI believes that this is a great opportunity to bring student voices to the forefront and establish a well-rounded mental health system.
By using videos, blogs and visuals as tools for education and awareness and as spaces for conversation, and utilizing the constructive role York University plays, we aim to promote well-being every day. As international students, join us, participate and help make this happen.

What words cannot say: An Art Exhibition

What words cannot say gives space to everyone to express their experiences, thoughts and feelings about mental health and well-being, through any form of art.

The exhibition occurred on March 29th and a photo album filled with pictures of the installation pieces is available for viewing here.

Want to get involved?

A huge component of the #YI Feel Campaign is the student run blog and visuals section, and the video about the experiences that International Students have with Mental Health. We encourage all of you to join us by contributing in any form that you can, to make this initiative successful.

If you would like to join the conversation and share your experiences and views on Mental Health feel free to get in touch with us via Facebook or email.

If you would like to be part of the video and share your story, please click the link provided to register.


#YIFeel Student Blogposts

Students share their personal journey through writing short story reflections or blogposts.”

#YIFeel Student Stories

Students share their poems and creative writing about their own mental health experiences.

#YIFeel article in Excalibur

“As an international student, this campaign gave me a better and fuller perspective of mental health and its importance.”