EU Study Tour and Internship Program - 2019


York University is a member of the Network for European Studies. The network organizes the European Study Tour and Internship (EUSTIP).

The European Study Tour and Internship 2019 is run through the University of Victoria and is open to all eligible York University students.

The EU Study Tour takes place annually in May, and over the course of three weeks students will visit Brussels, Luxembourg, Strasbourg and Frankfurt, key sites of European Union institutions and civil society organizations. Students will engage with representatives of the EU’s administrative and political leadership, such as the European Commission, Parliament, Court of Justice, and Central Bank, along with other European organizations such as NATO, the European Court of Human Rights, and the Canadian Mission to the EU. The Tour is not simply an accredited course, it is a full immersion into European history, culture, and political formation, a program for self-directed and independent study.

In addition to the Tour, a number of qualified participants are offered internship opportunities with EU institutions and other organizations following completion of the Tour. The 2019 internships are two months in duration, and are completed by the end of August, at the latest.

More information can be found in the links below.

EU Study Tour

May 12 to June 1 2019

York University is a member of the Network for European Studies. Please click on the tab corresponding to your level of study (graduate/ undergraduate). Undergraduate students will be able to transfer the course credits back to York on a Letter of Permission.

Internship  June 1 to July 31 2019
Please note that there is a separate application and a refundable fee if you are interested in the internship. Please refer to the EU study tour website for more information.



The cost of the Tour is $3450. This fee includes accommodations, internal travel within the EU and occasional meals. However, it does not include the cost of airfare to and from Europe, or most meals. There is an additional $600 fee for the internship placement.



York International has available funding for students who will be returning to York in September: $400 for the Tour plus an additional $600 for those completing the internship.

Please apply for YIMA funding directly through York International. Contact if you have any questions.

Please note that in order to be eligible for the internship, you must take part in the study tour. In other words, you can do the participate in the study tour without applying for an internship; but you are unfortunately unable to do the internship on its own.