Arriving in Toronto and York University

Working in Canada as an International Student

A) Pre-Arrival

C) Arriving At York

Below is a list of helpful services for you when you arrive at York!
  • International student welcome booths will be located at key locations around campus to assist new international students in navigating the large campus as well as learn about the various resources offered by York International. Booths will be located at Vari Hall, Student Centre, Complex I, Complex II, Pond Residence and Glendon. More details coming soon.
  • Residence/Housing Office contacts (Keele & Glendon)
  • For more information visit the Red Zone

B) At The Airport

When you arrive in Canada at Toronto Pearson International Airport, you will present yourself to a Canadian immigration officer. Before you do, make sure you have the following documents ready:
  • Letter of Introduction from the Canadian Consulate or High Commission: This is the letter you receive from the visa office if you applied, and have been approved, for a study permit. It is sometimes called the letter of introduction or introductory letter. Officially, it is called the Port of Entry (POE) Introduction Letter.
  • Valid passport, with Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)/entry visa (if required).
  • Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) (if required)
  • Original or copy of your letter of acceptance from York University. Evidence of financial support.
  • List of items that you are sending separately (if applicable). Have this list stamped by an Immigration Officer.
  • Letters of reference or other documents recommended by the Canadian embassy, consulate or high commission.
  • Record of Health Immunizations (if required)
Make sure you keep all these items, as well as cash, traveller’s cheques and other valuable documents with you. Do not put them in your checked baggage. Respond to all questions the immigration officer asks you with clear, simple answers. Service is available in English and French. If you do not fully understand the questions, ask for an interpreter. They are available in many languages. CANADIAN CUSTOMS: The Canadian Border Services Agency is responsible for customs. Detailed information about Canada Customs regulations is available from the Canadian embassy or high commission in your country. The Canadian government puts no restrictions on a reasonable amount of clothing, books or other items for your personal use. Limited quantities of alcohol and tobacco are permitted. You may bring all personal effects into Canada duty-free. We recommend you make a list of all the items you are bringing, including serial numbers of cameras, radios, computers, etc. and the approximate value of each.
Public Transit: The transit operator within the city limits is called the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). You will be able to recognize TTC vehicles by their distinctive red and white colour. Visit the TTC website to learn the current prices and routes. Be sure to have the exact fare before boarding the bus. Drivers are not able to provide change. Taxi/Limousine: You can take a taxi directly from the airport to York University’s Keele or Glendon Campuses. While this option will cost much more than public transit, it is much quicker and more convenient if you are traveling with a large amount of luggage. A taxi from the airport to Keele or Glendon will cost approximately $60 and take approximately 30 minutes (for more information). App Based Transportation: Uber and similar app-based transportation services are legal in Toronto, however, they are not officially recommended. Union-Pearson Express (Downtown) Toronto also offers a fare-based transportation service called the Union-Pearson Express that provides transportation by a special train from Pearson Airport to Union Station downtown in less than 30 minutes.
To contact the various areas at the airport such as customer service, general airport inquiries, mobility assistance and much more, visit this page

D) Orientation

All the necessary information about orientations at York can be found here


YU START is a New Student Transition Program designed to support you as you make your way into and through your first year at York University. During this transitional program, you’ll enrol in courses, connect with fellow classmates, student leaders, faculty members and student services staff, and become more familiar with campus life, supports and resources available to you.