YorkU Summer Abroad


Why YorkU Summer Abroad

  • Learn about a new culture, country, develop and enhance language skills or try and discover something entirely new – the world is your classroom!
  • Take courses for 4-6 weeks during York University’s Summer Term (May-August) and earn between 3.0 – 6.0 credits that will count toward your degree at York.
  • Relatively small classes (between 12-20 students on average) are taught by York professors.
  • Comprehensive supports: information sessions, accommodations, mandatory study and cultural field trips are arranged and coordinated by YorkU staff. Pre-departure training and risk management supports are available to help you prepare for and stay safe during your trip. Funding supports are available to all participating students once safety abroad procedures are completed
  • Expand your world view, appreciate diversity and learn from perspectives of peoples from different cultures.
  • Develop future ready skills as adaptability, flexibility, intercultural communication and working in teams.
  • Make friends and build your global network!

Information Sessions

These information sessions are co-hosted by a York course instructor (faculty) and the York International team and are specific to countries/destinations.

Upcoming information sessions (click link to register):

Pre-Departure Supports

All students accepted to participate in YorkU Summer Abroad courses or programs are required to complete our Safety Abroad procedures, including pre-departure training co-delivered by faculty course instructor and York International. Once this is completed, students are eligible to receive York International Mobility Award (YIMA).

York International will organize the pre-departure sessions per summer abroad course or program. 

Funding Supports

Overview of summer abroad costs:

  • Tuition paid to York University through Registrar's Office. 6.0 Credit YorkU Courses Abroad are eligible for OSAP funding. Click here for more information.
  • Program Fees paid to York International – include accommodation, study and cultural trips, local transport, and other hosted activities
  • Students are responsible for flight, insurance, meals, and other personal and miscellaneous costs​

York University has financial support available to help offset the costs of your program abroad. Please visit our funding page to learn more about the York International Mobility Award (YIMA), our prestigious endowed scholarships, and external awards available to students

ENGAGE: with Funding for Outgoing Global Learning




Please contact yuabroad@yorku.ca if you have any questions, and continue to check back to see our other courses offered.

Shirley Lam, International Programs Coordinator, swhlam@yorku.ca