Message on the earthquake in Morocco and floods in Libya

Events in all parts of the world, no matter how far away, are intertwined with York. With students from over 178 countries, the world isn’t a place outside of the University. The world is right here, on both campuses, in all Faculties, in every department, office, program, and class. Any world event, big or small, has an impact on our incredibly diverse and inclusive community.

Over the last few days, we have heard of the continuing impact and loss of human life due to the devastating earthquake in Morocco and floods in Libya. We know efforts continue in both countries to rescue and provide aid to those who are missing and in need. We also know that York community members from and with ties to Morocco, Libya, or to North Africa are deeply impacted by the loss of human life, damage to property, land, infrastructure, and economies due to these natural disasters. The human impact has been significant, both in terms of the loss of thousands of lives and the major impact on those who have survived.

On behalf of the York community, I would like to extend our heartfelt support for all those in Morocco and Libya, including all our students, faculty, and staff from or with ties to these countries. Our thoughts are with you all, and to those in both countries.

There will be continued impact beyond the first days and weeks. York has reached out to international students from Libya and Morocco to offer supports they can access now or over the next few weeks and months. We know individuals from these diaspora communities have deep ties that may not be through a passport but through personal relationships, family, loved ones, and deep cultural connections. Those with ties to these countries or any York community member in need of support are encouraged to access and reach out to the supports available at York.

York also has ties to this region through our alumni and for research, exchange programs, and other academic collaborations. Our thoughts are with all alumni and our partners in Libya and Morocco and we are committed to our continued collaborations and partnerships.

The University continues to monitor the situations in both Morocco and Libya and will provide additional updates as needed.

Thank you for continuing to show the strength, compassion, care, and support that is the hallmark of the York community.