Applying for OSAP

          1. Apply for OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Plan) for the full academic year if you plan on taking courses for both fall and winter term, abroad or here at YorkU.
          2. On your OSAP Application, ensure you select "YORK UNIVERSITY" as the institution you will be attending.
          3. On your OSAP Application, ensure you select "EXCHANGE" as your program of study
            if you are going on exchange for the Fall term or Fall and Winter terms (academic year).
            If you are only going abroad in the Winter term, please select your program and not exchange.
          4. On your OSAP Application, ensure you select "100% FULL COURSE LOAD". Undergraduate students on a York University-Wide Academic Exchange are required to take a full course load = 100%. Graduate: course load is 100% if registered as a full-time student.
          5. Complete the OSAP Supplemental Information form at the bottom of OSAP’s webpage under the heading “Exchange Programs”. Choose OSAP Supplemental Information (all other undergraduate students) once the 2022-2023 academic year form is available (it is currently last year’s form). NOTE: Please keep checking the website for the updated form.
          6. You can submit your OSAP Application form without having the OSAP Supplemental Information Form
          7. The form is currently being updated and may change, therefore if the form requires York International signature, please send it to us by email. However, if it does not require a signature, please fill it out to the best of your ability.
          8. Upload the form to OSAP.
          9. York International will separately send a list to the OSAP office later confirming the term dates at the Host University for all students.

Please Note:

  • If you know the dates of the Winter 2023 program abroad already (orientation, classes start & end, exam period, holidays etc.), then you can apply for OSAP now for your Winter exchange. However, if you do not know the dates as they aren’t yet available from the host, simply wait, and apply later (separately) for Winter 2023 OSAP.
  • It is highly recommended that you apply as soon as the application becomes available so that your OSAP application is complete and funding is available by the time you begin classes in the fall. If you apply after June, you are not allowing sufficient time for your funds to be ready for September.