International Visiting Research Trainee


Who is an International Visiting Research Trainee (IVRT)

International Visiting Research Trainees (IVRTs) are:
  1. Registered full-time students in a degree program at an institution outside of Canada.
  2. Visiting York for a limited time period, usually between one and twelve months.
  3. Spend this period of time performing research under the guidance of a York University hosting Faculty member.
  4. Not registered or registering in courses or enrolled in a program for credit at York University nor pursuing a joint or dual degree in which one of the partners is York University.
If you do not fall into the International Visiting Research Trainee (IVRT) category, please click here to see which other visitor category you may fall into. NOTE:
  • If you are being invited by a faculty member from the York University Glendon campus, please kindly click here and follow the application process for visiting scholar at Glendon.
  • If you are applying for Global Affairs Canada (GAC) Scholarship program, please contact: Ashley Laracy, Associate Director, Global Learning, York International at

What Should I do as an International Visiting Research Trainee (IVRT) at York University?ˀ

There are three major steps to follow if you meet the criteria listed above and are interested in becoming an IVRT at York:
  1. Contact a Faculty member who is willing to host and supervise you during your visit as an IVRT to York University.
  2. Obtain a signed IVRT invitation letter from the inviting Faculty member.
  3. Submit a completed IVRT application to York International via email to .
A complete IVRT application includes: Tips to avoid delay:
  • Documents issued from home institution in other language should be translated in English.
  • The IVRT application and invitation letter must be completed with ALL required signatures including that of the Associate Dean of Research, the hosting faculty member, etc . Please leave the Signature of the Vice President, Students blank at the time of the application.

If your visit at York University is less than 120 days:ˀ

You may qualify for the Work Permit Exemption under the Canada’s Global Skills Strategy Policy Please consult with your local Canadian Visa Office to find out whether you are eligible for the work permit exemption.
  • If you are exempted from applying for a work permit, please ensure that you obtain a valid Visitor Visa or eTA for your visit to Canada.
  • If you have to apply for a work permit, please review the section below for information of work permit application.

If your visit at York University is more than 120 days:

You are required to apply for a work permit whether you are paid or not.
  1. Step for the inviting faculty - Offer of Employment & Employer's Compliance Fee to IRCC Before you can apply for your work permit, your inviting faculty at York U (the employer) must submit an Offer of Employment and pay a compliance fee CAD$230 via the electronic portal via the IRCC website, and receive an employer ID number upon completion. You will have to include this number into your work permit application. For each faculty at York, there is a designated administrative support person for this task. Please click the IVRT Faculty Contacts for the designated contact person for each faculty. Your inviting faculty member can connect with the designated person directly for submission of the offer of employment and compliance fee.
  2. Step for IVRT - Work Permit Application Apply for a work permit at your local Canadian visa office/embassy or Visa Application Center (VAC).
    • Click here to find out to which visa office you could submit your work permit application.
    • Click here for more information about work permit application.
    Don’t forget to include the employer ID number in your work permit application.


  • IVRTs arriving in Canada without valid immigration documentation may NOT be allowed to enter the country. Please ensure that you comply with the work permit requirement set out by IRCC.
  • Work Permit requirement may vary depending on the IVRT's professional background and qualification. Please consult with your local Canadian Visa Office/Embassy/High Commission for details. If you are required a work permit, you should start the preparation of the work permit application at least 3 months prior to your visit to York University.
  • Submitting a work permit application does not guarantee issuance of a work permit. The Canadian Visa office/Embassy/High Commission overseas is the only authority that makes decision on the application.
You, the IVRT, should connect with York International within 1 week of your arrival to:
  • Obtain your official York admission letter (if it has not been emailed to you).
  • Register for health insurance (UHIP) for yourself and your accompanying dependents (if applicable).  To register for UHIP, you will need your invitation letter, admission letter, passport and work permit (if applicable).  Drop-in hours for the UHIP Administrator can be found here.
There are also fees associated with your IVRT status as noted below. All charges will appear on your student account. Please see payment instructions here. .
Fees to York University Fees to IRCC
University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP)**: $60/month Employer Compliance fee (paid by the hosting faculty): $230
  Work permit application fee (paid by the IVRT participant): $155 + $85 for biometrics, if required
* A returning IVRT is not required to pay this fee. **Subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions - International Visiting Research Trainee (IVRT)

IVRT applications usually take 4-6 weeks to process. It is recommended that you submit the IVRT application 2-3 months prior to your visit to York University to avoid delay.
  1. International Visiting Research Trainee Form
  2. Letter of Invitation to be completed by inviting faculty
  3. Proof of Full Time Enrolment - letter issued by your home institution confirming your enrollment. This letter should be issued in either English or French, printed on official letterhead, and dated within the last six months.
  4. Proof of English Proficiency – letter issued by your home institution confirming that your English ability is sufficient for your visit to York University. This letter should be issued in either English or French, printed on official letterhead, and dated within the last six months. An official language test (i.e. TOEFL or IELTS) result is also acceptable.
Submit all completed documents to the Immigration Specialist at York International via
Once all required documents are submitted, it typically takes 4-6 weeks of receipt of a complete application for the application to be processed.
According to Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada regulations, foreign nationals who are performing activities in the definition of work must apply for a work permit. Please contact your local Canadian visa office or embassy to confirm the necessity for a Work Permit before applying. Please note that entering Canada without proper immigration documentation may result in immediate deportation.
IVRTs will not be enrolled in any classes during their visit at York U, and therefore a Study Permit would not be applicable.
  1. York International provides assistance and answers questions that you may have about coming to York University as an International Visiting Research Trainee.
  2. York International connects with hosting faculty members and faculty executives to facilitate the IVRT application.
  3. York International connects with hosting faculty members and faculty executives to provide assistance in IVRT’s work permit application.
  4. York International contacts IRCC for updated immigration requirements for IVRTs.
  5. York International administers enrolment in the University Health Insurance Plan.
Due to liabilities, the University is required to ensure that all non-Canadian students and visitors enroll in an approved insurance plan. The University Health Insurance Plan provides better coverage than most temporary insurance plans.
UHIP is mandatory for all IVRTs. To be exempted from UHIP, Sun Life must approve an exemption. For information regarding whether you qualify for a UHIP exemption, please visit here.
  1. For on campus housing options refer to:
  2. For off campus housing options there are a variety of websites that cater to short term housing. Refer to: (note that this is a recommendation and not the only option available).
  3. For other general information on accommodation refer to
Once you receive your York ID number, you can obtain your YU Card at 200 William Small Centre. Your YU Card allows you access to various facilities on campus. For more information on the YU Card refer to:
You primary contact during your stay at York University is the hosting faculty member who invited you to York University.

Frequently Asked Questions – Faculty Members

If you apply through York International, you can assist the student to come to York University as an International Visiting Research Trainee
York International is the central office at York University for international students, scholars, and visitors and is therefore required to keep track of all incoming international students, scholars, and visitors for possible reporting to Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
The protocols regarding who should sign the related application documents were approved by the Provost Office as part of the creation of IVRT requirements.
Using the template invitation letter helps ensure that all the details about the roles and responsibilities of both the hosting faculty and the IVRT participant are delivered consistently. The protocols regarding the Letter of Invitation were approved by the Provost Office as part of the creation of IVRT requirements.
The hosting faculty will need to submit an Offer of Employment and to pay a Compliance fee (CAD$230) to IRCC in order to support the work permit application of the IVRT. The hosting faculty member should contact the designated person in your faculty (as per the table below) who has the access to the IRCC portal for the submission of the Offer of Employment and the Compliance fee.
Faculty Contact
AMPD Loredana Infusini
Education TBD
Environmental Studies Paul Elliott
Glendon Chantal Lishingman
Graduate Studies Kim Mclntyre
Health Sarah Whitaker
Lassonde School of Engineering Paulina Karwowska-Desaulniers
LA&PS Aya Javid
LA&PS Research Support Pat Ellis
Osgoode Hall Law School Aneta Gasiorowska
Schulich School of Business Franca Giovannoni
Science Joanne Sequeira
Libraries TBD