2019/2020 Summer Schools at YorkU Partners

In addition to our YorkU Summer Abroad Courses, students can participate in the following summer school programs through a Letter of Permission (LOP). Please note: to ensure your Letter of Permission request is processed in time for the Spring/Summer term, applications should be sent at least six weeks prior to the first day of enrolment.

All students registered and selected to go on Summer Abroad programs are eligible for York International Mobility Award (YIMA). Visit the YIMA page.

LA&PS students are also eligible for additional funding from the Faculty of LA&PS. Check the requirements for the International Study Abroad Award for LA&PS and additional funding for Summer Institutions Abroad.

Please contact yuabroad@yorku.ca if you have any questions, and check back to see other courses offered for Summer 2020.


Beihang University, China

NEW! Beihang University will hold their International Summer School from June 29 to July 26. The summer school is intended for currently enrolled undergraduate students.

Interested applicants should register and apply online from January 7 to April 7, 2019.

Please note: students will have to upload student certificates and transcripts provided by their home university confirming their full-time undergraduate student identity.

For more information about the program, visit their website and check out their brochure.

Beijing Normal University, China

Philosophy Summer School

The International Summer School held by the School of Philosophy, BNU has attracted excellent students from all over the world in recent years. During the program, students are able to interact with famous scholars, experience Chinese culture and learn a lot about Chinese philosophy. This year's program will be themed by Traditional Chinese Philosophy and its Contemporary Values.

Program Dates: July 1-15, 2019
Application deadline: 24 March 2019

Please find attached the Program Brochure. Students can also visit the official website for further details about the program:http://philsummer.bnu.edu.cn/

Chinese University of Hong Kong

CUHK International Summer School 2019

Two unique sessions will be offered at ISS 2019. The July Session, which lasts for five weeks, offers 27 courses in five academic areas taught by outstanding CUHK and visiting professors from overseas universities. It will be followed by the three week August Session, which exclusively offers intensive Chinese language courses. All courses will be taught in English apart from Chinese language courses.

The wide variety of cultural activities are always the favourite among students of the ISS. City tours, cooking classes and Chinese calligraphy class are just some of the examples of the many activities available that offer students opportunities to make friends with peers from around the world while at the same time get a glimpse of Chinese and Hong Kong culture.

July Session
23 June to 31 July 2019
27 academic courses will be offered in the following areas:

  • Business & Management
  • China Studies
  • Chinese Language (Cantonese & Putonghua / Mandarin)
  • Environment, Science & Technology
  • Humanities & Social Science

For further information, check out their Course List

August Session
4 to 24 August 2019
Four levels of intensive Putonghua / Mandarin courses are available from beginner to intermediate levels.

See their Course List for further information

Online application is now available at www.summer.cuhk.edu.hk and will close on 30 April (July Session) and 31 May (August Session) respectively.

Full programme details of the ISS 2019 is available on our website at www.summer.cuhk.edu.hk. If you have any questions or enquiries, please feel free to contact Venus Cheung at venuscheung@cuhk.edu.hk. Look forward to seeing students at CUHK this summer!

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China

NEW! Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is excited to offer their International Summer Exchange Program (ISP) from 17 June to 10 August 2019.

The HKUST International Summer Exchange Program (ISP) welcomes students from our partner institutions to study at HKUST in summer. The program aims to create a rewarding exchange experience for students from around the world. It comprises high-quality courses taught by HKUST instructors and opportunities to participate in local excursions that enable students to gain insight into the region.

For more information, visit their website or email yuabroad@yorku.ca for more information.

Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China

2019 Study Abroad Institute International Summer School

With increasing successes in previous years, we’re delighted to welcome you to participate in the 2019 Study Abroad Institute International Summer School scheduled from July 14th to July 27th, 2019 in Chengdu, China!

The Study Abroad Institute International Summer School is a two-week-long, credits-conferring, English-taught Program, during which your students will be offered the course of “Business Communication” and also a variety of curricular and cultural featuring lectures, company visits, sightseeing, cultural night and social events,  The program fee is WAIVED for our partner universities and prospective partners, including the tuition fee for the lectures, local accommodation and arranged visits or activities. We give 3 fee-waived places to each partner university of SWUFE (with signed agreements or prospective partners).

The Study Abroad Institute International Summer School is under the umbrella program of SWUFE Global Academy organized by SWUFE International Office. The SWUFE Global Academy is signature prime event in our university’s calendar, bringing together dozens of handpicked highly motivated student ambassadors from all over our global university partner network to experience an exceptional two weeks intercultural study program. Our Institute will be one of the schools and colleges of SWUFE to organize a perfect intercultural learning environment at SWUFE this Summer. During this unique endeavour your students will be offered an authentic taste of modern life in China, a chance to learn more about the gracious Chengdu culture, to stimulate a profound understanding of business innovation and entrepreneurship in China, and to give you a brief but unforgettable experience at SWUFE. Students will be evaluated and certificated based on their contributions and performance within the academic, helping recognize the importance of the academic exchange within their personal academic development.

Why to join the Study Abroad Institute International Summer School?

An opportunity to visit Chengdu, one of China’s most rapidly expanding cities and host for the Summer School;

A comprehensive 2-week program immersing students in business communication in China context;

A variety of curricular and cultural activities featuring lectures, workshop, company visits, sightseeing, cultural night and social events;

A diverse student body of the brightest young talents from the leading universities across continents;

A Certificate from SWUFE and 2 credits to serve as a permanent record for your academic achievements and active engagement during this memorable experience.

For your reference, the following documents are attached to this email.

  1. The Schedule for 2019 Study Abroad Institute International Summer School
  2. Study Abroad Institute International Summer School Online Application Guideline

We would appreciate if you could deliver the information to your undergraduate or graduate students, via email or website posting, thus attaching the texts and logo as well for your use where you see appropriate.

Please email yuaborad@yorku.ca and complete application on-line http://admission.swufe.edu.cn/member/login.do by April 30th, 2019. The nomination serves as a strong supportive application material for your university's applicants.

Zhejiang University School of International Studies, China

The Zheijang University Global Program is an English-taught academic program led by the School of International Studies Center of Zhejiang University. Courses are taught by highly qualified lecturers from the different faculties in Zhejiang University. This program aims at providing students with an opportunity to experience new cultures whilst studying abroad in one of the most prestigious universities in China. Our courses are from different disciplines and cover engineering, business, management and architecture. We welcome students from all disciplines to attend our courses and experiencing a dynamic cultural experience.

Scholarships are available for York University students if they can demonstrate a distinctive ability in learning and engaging in the activities.

Program Dates: 1 July 2019 - 19 July 2019 (Winter)
23 December 2019- 10 January 2020 (Summer)

See the Zheijiang University Global Program Brochure for more information about the program and application details.

For additional support:

Visit their website or email wlwyxy_29@zju.edu.cn

International Summer School, New Delhi, India

ISS is an intensive, six-week academic program that brings together students from all over the world as they study and interact with one another over the course of a summer in India’s national capital.

The academic venue for our 2019 session will once again be the Nehru Memorial Museum & Library which is situated inside the historic Teen Murti House, the official residence of India's first Prime Minister.

The ISS aims at promoting international goodwill and cross-cultural dialogue amongst promising young individuals, developing their potential as future leaders in government, business and civil society; with India as a study model, it offers undergraduate course modules and experiences that introduce the students to a range of issues and debates that are shaping contemporary developing societies.

The online application process for admissions into our 2019 session has now commenced. This summer’s session, which will be our seventh, is scheduled to take place between Sunday, June 23 and Friday, August 2, 2019.

For more information, and to apply online, please visit their website.

Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan

This year's AGU Summer Program runs from Monday, July 8 to Friday, July 19.
The program introduces students to both modern and traditional sides of Japanese culture, as well as Japanese language. The surrounding areas of our campus, Shibuya/Aoyama/Harajuku, have been developed to become the most vibrant and culturally ‘cool’ area of Tokyo, Japan, with easy access to everywhere in Tokyo. Our summer intensive study program at Aoyama Gakuin University is designed for students wishing to deepen their knowledge of Japanese culture in an academically rigorous and trend-setting environment in Tokyo. During the program, students will be paired up with buddies (Japanese AGU students) who volunteered to help and spend time with them.
For more information on the program and how to apply, check out their brochure.

2020: Keio University, Japan

The Keio Summer Program allows undergraduate students to take credit-bearing courses and to study alongside Keio students during the second academic quarter at Keio (June – July).

Program dates: June - July 2020

Application Period: February 2020

Students can take 4 - 8 of the following courses:

  •  Arts
    • Arts/Art Workshop: Discovering Arts and Culture in Japan
  • Culture and Cross-Cultural Understanding
    • Otaku Culture in Japan and Transnational Relation
    • Japanese Linguistics in Sociocultural Context
    • Deep Culture Difference: Understanding Japan through Cross-Cultural Comparison
    • The Roots of Japanese Cutlure as seen in Theatre and Art
  • Religion and Thought
    • Japanese Buddhism and Social Suffering
  • History
    • Historical Memory in East and Southeast Asia
    • Japan's Postwar Resurgence
  • Business and Economy
    • Entreprenurship and Small Business Development in Japan
    • Japanese Production Management Systems
    • Competing in Emerging Asia
    • Japanese Company Introduction and Factory Visits
  • Law
    • The Supreme Court of Japan:  Structure, Function, Case Law
  • Social Issues
    • Minorities in Japanese Education
  • Japanese Language
    • Survival Japanese: Introduction to the Japanese Language
    • Business Japanese: Introduction to Japanese for Business and Work

Program Fee: 270 000 JPY ($2,500 USD) [Accommodation not included]

For further information and application details, please visit their website.

Meiji University, Japan

NEW! Meiji University Japan Short Programs:

  1. Japanese Language Program
    Summer Program Period from July 16th to August 2nd, 2019.
    Applications will be open February 1st to March 26th, 2019.
  2. Cool Japan
    Summer Program Period from July 19th to July 30th, 2019.
    Applications will open February 1st, 2019 to February 28th, 2019.
  3. Law in Japan
    Summer Program Period. Session I from July 1st to July 12th, 2019. Session II from July 29th to August 9th, 2019.
    Applications will be open February 1st, 2019 to March 3rd, 2010.
  4. Science and Technology in Japan
    Summer Program Period from July 2nd to July 11th, 2019.
    Applications will open March 18th to March 31st, 2019.

For more information about each course, visit their websites or email the individual programs.

Nagoya University, Japan

The Nagoya University Short-Term Japanese Language Program (NUSTEP) Summer 2019

NUSTEP offers two weeks of intensive Japanese classes for undergraduate students with an intermediate or advance level of Japanese. Students will also join field trips to nearby places of historical interest to learn through both lectures and workshops about the traditional and contemporary culture of central Japan.

The Summer 2019 session is between July 11 to July 25, 2019. The deadline for applications for the Summer program is March 20, 2019.

For further details, please refer to their website, or email them at nustep@iee.nagoya-u.ac.jp.

Osaka University of Economics, Japan

2019 OUE Horizons Summer Program

Join Osaka University of Economics (OUE) for their short summer program for the opportunity to learn about Japanese economy, history, culture and elementary Japanese in Osaka City. The summer program is designed for students who wish to experience student life in Japan for 13 days. The program is delivered in English, and participants will take classes on Japanese culture, history and economy. Elementary Japanese Lessons are also offered in the program.

Furthermore, excursions to famous sight-seeing places such as Kyoto and USJ are included, and participants can experience intercultural communication with our welcoming Japanese students.

The class schedule is outlined here: 2019 OUE Horizons Class Schedule
Application form: 2019 OUE Horizons Application Form

Programs date: July 1st - July 13th, 2019
Program fee: 50,000 JPY
(including tuition, accommodation, transportation during the program activities and excursions)
Application Deadline: April 30th, 2019

Although this program is a non-credit program, participants can learn and experience various aspects of Japan, which surely will stimulate and enrich their global mind.

If interested, please fill out out the application form and send it to kokusai@osaka-ue.ac.jp before the application deadline. You can also contact this email for further information on the OUE Horizons Program.

Singapore Management University

SMU Global Summer Programme (GSP) 2019 - Asian Insights (1 to 26 July 2019 in SMU).

The four-week programme will be a rewarding experience for you to:

  • Gain new insights and perspectives on trends and developments in Asia from SMU faculty through taking 1 or 2 SMU courses
  • Engage Asian industry leaders through dialogues, networking sessions and company visits
  • Learn from, get to know, and build networks and friendships with students from more than 30 countries
  • Experience culturally rich and diverse Singapore through GSP field trips and socio-cultural activities

For more information, please check the website.

Application deadline: 21 April 2019

Should you have any queries about the programme, please email: smusummer@smu.edu.sg.

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

NTU Singapore is excited to offer the NTU GEM Trailblazer Summer Programme. The GEM programme is tailored to to help students reach beyond their fullest potential, while exploring Asia, home to some of the world's most enticing and exciting destinations.

The programme offers two experiences:

  1. Summer (6 week): June 24 to August 2, 2019
  2. Summer (4 week): July 1 to July 26, 2019

Applications open: 15 February 2019
Application deadline: 19 April 2019

Students must be nominated by their home university to be accepted as an Exchange student. Please contact yuabroad@yorku.ca by March 29, 2019 for further information on the nomination process.

You can find more information about the program by visit their website, or emailing them directly (summerntu@ntu.edu.sg).

National University of Singapore

National University of Singapore (NUS), Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is launching their signature FASStrack Summer Programme for 2019. This summer programme has been running for the past 4 years and each year there is a growing interest among international students who wish to learn about economics, culture, social issues of South East Asia, South Asia and North Asia from NUS academics.

Interested students should visit http://www.fas.nus.edu.sg/fasstrack.html for more information on courses, fees and other information about the FASStrack 2019. Students from partner universities will get to enjoy a S$100 discounted application fees if the completed application is received before 8 February 2019.

All enquiries about this summer programme should be sent to studyabroadfass@nus.edu.sg directly.


Ewha Womans University, South Korea

The Ewha International Summer College offers one 4-week session and another 2-week session each summer. The sessions are held right on Ewha campus and students are able to stay at our on-campus dormitory in the center of the campus.

Students have a wide variety of courses to select from and active field trips are also an option for those students who wish to make the most of their time in Seoul, Korea. The program is internationally diverse with more than 400 students from 75+ different universities and 15+ different countries. A lot of interdisciplinary courses utilize Seoul as a classroom and students will have the opportunity to explore Seoul through excursions both within their class of choice and in their own time.

Academic quality of the Ewha ISC is kept very high as classes are fully assessed and evaluated. Classes are very interactive, made up of lectures, group work and discussions and students will benefit from the course(s) in the Ewha ISC program. Also, this year we newly launched the Art & Design Track within Session 1, offering students a much wider variety of courses in the field of Korean art & design. (please refer to the attachments)

The applications open on January 3, 2019.

For more information, please visit the website.

Hanyang University, South Korea

Hanyang University offers two types of short-term study programs during the summer vacation. Each program has its own unique characteristics and differentiates itself from one another.

  1. Hanyang ERICA Summer School (HESS)
    Come join Hanyang ERICA summer School (HESS) where international students from around the world meet to attend classes, participate in exciting field trips, and make new friends. Hanyang University Erica provides opportunities for students to learn about K-pop firsthand and other related aspects to Korean culture. Enrol in classes taught by professionals including former executives involved with CJ Mnet Asian Music Awards, directors of music videos.
    Session 1 Program Period: July 13 – July 29, 2019
    Session 2 Program Period: July 29 – August 14, 2019
    Application Period: December 15, 2018 - May 30, 2019
    Early Bird Discount: KRW 100,000 (valid til April 10, 2019)
  2. Hanyang International Summer School (HIS)
    Hanyang International Summer School is one of Korea's biggest and most popular summer programs. In 2018, more than 2000 students spent 4 weeks in one of Korea's leading private universities. HISS offers world class education combined with a variety of unique cultural experiences. Every year HISS is thrilled to host an increasing number of students and faculty from around the world, this year they are looking forward to meeting you!
    Program Period: July 1 – July 26, 2019
    Online Application Period: January 14 - May 15, 2019
    Early Registration Deadline: February 15, 2019

Konkuk University, South Korea

The International Summer Program (ISP) at Konkuk University is a two-to-four-week-long summer program that provides a great opportunity for international students wishing to learn about Korea and experience its culture. The program is suitable for all students, but is particularly valuable to those having a general interest in Korea. During their summer vacation, students can now gain an understanding of this vibrant country that is considered as a global economic and cultural powerhouse and a gateway to the world.

Students at partner universities must be first nominated by their home institution to receive partner university discount.

2019 ISP Summer Session 1
1. Duration of the Program: July 8 - July 26, 2019 (3 weeks)
2. Application Deadline: May 15, 2019
3. Payment Deadline: May 31, 2019

2019 ISP Summer Session 2
1.  Duration of the Program: July 15 - July 26, 2019 (2 weeks)
2.  Application Deadline: May 15, 2019
3.  Payment Deadline: May 31, 2019

For more information, visit their website. Information on the application process can be found here.

Sogang University, South Korea

Sogang International Summer Program 2019 

Program Dates: July 1st to July 26th, 2019
Application Period: January 14th to May 10th.

As a partner institution of Sogang, students can receive a 10% special scholarship and discount on our 4-Week Summer Program, which have more than 15 courses covering various fields of study and give out official academic credits (3 credits each).

For extra-curricular activities, we also provide Sogang buddy program and club activities from Monday to Thursday after class, to let students have more hands-on experience of Seoul and Korea with Sogang University students. On each Friday, we will take the students to various places in Korea, all of which are very popular and famous landmarks of Korea, including Royal Palace, DMZ, National Museum, Boryeong Mud Festival, and Jeonju traditional folk village.

Students can also stay in on-campus international dormitory, in double occupancy rooms for 700,000 KRW (appx. 630 USD), which includes breakfast and dinner every day (except Saturday dinner)!

This is our website: http://summer.sogang.ac.kr

SISP 2019 Course Info
SISP 2019 Brochure

For all inquiries, here is the direct e-mail: summer@sogang.ac.kr.



Vienna University of Business and Economics, Austria

The International Summer University WU is provided by a team of experienced WU and international lecturers who offer a large variety of business-related courses in English. These courses do not aim to provide basic knowledge, but to deepen the students’ understanding of business topics. Engaging teaching methods are used in all courses and are complemented by interesting company visits.

The two ISUWU sessions (July and August) offer a wide range of courses both on the undergraduate and graduate levels.

  • The undergraduate program consists of two courses which are taught consecutively over the duration of three weeks. Completion of the undergraduate program is worth 8 ECTS credits.
  • The graduate program consists of three courses which are taught consecutively over the duration of three weeks. Completion of the graduate program is worth 9 ECTS credits.

Important Dates
July Session 2019: July 8 - 26, 2019
August Session 2019: July 29 - August 16, 2019
The application period for students is: February 15 - March 31, 2019.

Charles University, Czech Republic

Spring University Prague 2019: European Identity between Unity and Diversity

The academic programme "Spring University Prague 2019: European Identity between Unity and Diversity", taking place at Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic) during September 2019 (September 7 – 21). This study programme is internationally acknowledged, successful participants will be given 4 or 8 ECTS credits (depending on the extent of their work).

The Institute of International Studies (Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University) has been organizing similar spring and summer programmes every year since 2009. More than 500 students from 46 different countries have participated in these courses so far.

The application deadline is June 27, 2019. Earlier applications have better chances of admission.

For detailed information please see our homepage https://summer-university.fsv.cuni.cz/ or Facebook page Spring and Summer Universities Prague.

Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Join ISUP, International Summer University Programme, one of Europe’s largest and oldest summer programmes, and experience exciting courses taught by brilliant faculty as well as the amazing spirit of wonderful Copenhagen.

ISUP is a high-level academic programme

  • Offers over 50 courses at undergraduate and graduate levels, both classic business courses as well as more diverse courses that draw on other academic disciplines, all approved by CBS study boards.
  • Among the themes of ISUP courses, Entrepreneurship has a special place, as a prioritized CBS subject that engages students and combines all the different business disciplines. Read more about Entrepreneurship at ISUP.
  • Courses run over a six-week period, where students can take up to two courses equalling 7.5 ECTS credits per course.
  • ISUP gives students the opportunity to study at CBS, one of Europe's largest business schools, which has "The Triple Crown" accreditation (EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB), an acknowledgement only shared by around 50 business schools worldwide. Read more about CBS and the latest facts and figures.
  • Most ISUP instructors are from good universities around the world, but professors from CBS teach at
    ISUP as well. Active involvement of international senior executives from Danish and multinational companies is an integral part in selected courses.

Course period:
25 June - 25 July 2019

Application rounds for International Students
First round: 12 February 2019 at 12:00 CET - 19 February 2019 at 23:59 CET
Second round: 26 March 2019 at 12:00 CET - 2 April 2019 at 23:59 CEST

For more information, check out their website.

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

UCPH International Summer Programme 2019

University of Copenhagen offers more than 40 international summer courses in 2019. There are courses at both bachelor and master level and they are all open for domestic and international students.

Course dates
Courses take place in July and August.

Please note that the dates provided on the list of courses are only for the on-campus part of the course. Some courses might start earlier i.e. with mandatory participation in preliminary e-learning modules as prerequisite for the on-campus part of the course. More information can be found by visiting the home pages of the individual courses.

Language of instruction
All courses are taught in English. Participants are expected to have excellent written and oral English qualifications and the ability to participate actively in the course.

Depending on the course selection, participants will earn from 2.5 to 15 ECTS credits when completing a course.

Information on the application process can be found here.

Northumbria University, England

The Northumbria International Summer School will take place in July 2019.

This exciting three-week programme has been designed especially for current university students who would like to have a taste of university life in the UK, while being able to transfer academic credit to their own institution for one module offered exclusively in the summer.

You get 15% discount for YorkU students who enrol on this programme.

Students who complete the programme successfully will benefit from a 20% alumni discount, which can be used to reduce the tuition cost of future study at Northumbria University.

General information:

  1. Newcastle Summer School (June 16th - July 6th 2019)
    Costs:  £2,540 (inclusive of the 15% discount for partners)
    The programme is delivered in our state-of-the-art facilities at our city centre campus by our faculties of Engineering and Environment and Health and Life Sciences. Students can study a module in criminology or sport management.
  2. Newcastle and Alnwick Summer School (June 16th - July 7th 2019 in Newcastle, and July 7th - July 26th in Alnwick Castle)
    Costs:  £5,515 (inclusive of the 15% discount for partners)
    For those students wanting more, this year we will be offering an extended six-week summer school with the three-week programme in Newcastle followed by three weeks staying at Alnwick Castle - Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films. Having study a module in criminology or sport at Newcastle, students will have the opportunity to study a module on British Tourism, History and Development - living and learning in a real life castle!

Application requirements:

  • To be enrolled at a university in home country; minimum GPA 2.5 (B-) or equivalent
  • English level: IELTS 6.0 (minimum 5.5 on each band) or equivalent, native speaker

Application process: All applications are online via our website.  The deadline for applications is 31 March, 2019.

For more information on the programme and details for how to apply, please visit: https://www.northumbria.ac.uk/niss

Queen Mary University of London, England

The Queen Mary Summer School programme features a broad range courses, put together by our world-class academics in a variety of disciplines. You can specialise according to your interests, knowing that each session will be thought-provoking, challenging and exciting in equal measure.

Session 1 of the Summer School takes place from 1 July to 19 July 2019, and session 2 takes place from 22 July to 9 August 2019. Students are welcome to attend both sessions, so if you’d like to combine an interest in particle physics with your love of horror films, you can!

Take a look at the  2019 Summer School brochure!

Deadline to qualify for the 'early-bird' discount fee is 31 March 2019. Applications for the Queen Mary Summer School 2019 close on 26 May 2019.

University of Leeds, England

Leeds International Summer School (LISS) 2019

Experience the vibrant, student friendly city of Leeds and explore the rich history, culture and natural beauty of the area. The summer school combines world-class tuition with academic field trips. Leeds International Summer School also includes social activities and cultural excursions.

LISS will run 6 July to 3 August 2019. 

To apply for LISS 2019, visit their website: www.leeds.ac.uk/summerapply

Students can choose to study modules in Philosophy, Natural Sciences, Chinese Language, Data Mining and Text Analytics, Physiology and Microbiology, Applied Ethics for Business and many more. Field trips, excursions and an extensive social programme are also included in the summer school. Read more about the 24 LISS modules on offer this summer: www.leeds.ac.uk/summerstudy

Any enquiries can be directed to summer@leeds.ac.uk.

2020: University of Helsinki, Finland

NEW! The Helsinki Summer School will take place from August 4 to August 20, 2020.

Students can choose from a number of courses (2019 course listings found here).

The application period opens in December. Students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible as students are accepted on a first come, first served basis. HSS can only accept a limited number of students to each course.

See detailed instructions on their website and check also the FAQ section.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Helsinki Summer School team at summer-school@helsinki.fi.

2020: Tampere University, Finland

Tampere Summer School 2020

Tampere Summer School offers inspiring courses covering various academic fields and up-to-date topics. Our course teachers are top professionals in their fields, and the courses employ multidisciplinary and experimental approaches. The courses are organized by Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences. All courses are taught in English.

In addition to studying, the students have the opportunity to enjoy the endless Finnish summer nights, make new international friends and discover Tampere, the vibrant student city located between two beautiful lakes. Their Social Programme offers a range of after-class activities, from relaxing in the sauna to canoeing across the lake and visiting the quiet forests.

Program Dates: August 3 - 14 2020

Application Dates: TBA

Program fee: fees could be potentially waived! Please contact York at yuabroad@yorku.ca for further details.

For more information, check out their 2019 brochure.

2020: Université Grenoble Alpes, France

Mountains Studies Summer Program

Dates: June 22 - July 10 2020 

Experts from a wide range of disciplines will offer a rich, interdisciplinary view of Alpine history, culture, and environment, in this short program taught in the heart of the Alps.

The program will cover topics as diverse as architecture, economic development, climate change, earth sciences, and history. The course will also take you beyond the classroom and into the mountains in a series of field trips and case studies tied to the latest in current research.

Program Fee: € 750/week (students chose program length between 1-3 weeks)

  • includes housing, cultural activities, and mountain field trips

25% discount to students from our partner schools and universities for this program. Our already low program fees will be further reduced (from €1500 to €1125 for two weeks, including housing and all program activities). Program fees do not cover airfare, most meals, mandatory insurance, or other personal expenses.

The application deadline is March 30th 2020; payment is also required at that time.

For further questions, please contact summerschool@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr.

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany

Bauhaus Summer School

Program Dates: 4 – 30 August, 2019

In the year of the great Bauhaus anniversary, the international summer programme of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar welcomes again more than 400 young students and researchers. Guests from all over the world join us to broaden their knowledge and skills, to meet new people and of course to celebrate 100 years of Bauhaus. This summer we offer more than 15 courses in the fields of:
  • Architecture & Urbanism
  • Art & Design
  • Culture & Media
  • Engineering & Environment
  • Intensive Language Courses in German & English

The course programme is accompanied by an extensive cultural programme. Not only the newly opened Bauhaus museum is waiting for our guests - excursions to Berlin or Dessau as well as movie nights or dinner evenings are also on the programme.

Please find detailed information on the courses and our wide cultural accompanying programme:
Bauhaus Summer School Courses 2019
Bauhaus Summer School Flyer 2019

The University of Bonn, Germany

Bonn Summer Schools provide insight into cutting-edge research and teaching at one of Germany’s leading universities. The University of Bonn offers a selection of short-term programs covering a broad range of disciplines, levels and course formats. Students, young scientists and professionals from all over the world are invited to enhance their competencies in an international and academically stimulating atmosphere.

International Summer Course for German Language and Cultural Studies
The International Summer Course aims to at offering the participants the opportunity to deepen existing German language skills, gain insight into the German cultural studies, participate in interesting excursions, and getting to know the internationally well-reputed University of Bonn and the city of Bonn. The program will take place from August 5 – 27, 2019. Application deadline is April 15, 2019.

A Scholarship is available for Summer 2019! To be considered for this scholarship, please contact yuabroad@yorku.ca by March 18, 2019.

2020: Hochschule Darmstadt, Germany

Hessen International Summer School 2020 (ISU) on the topic “In Transition to a Pure Green Energy Economy” at the University of Darmstadt, Germany.

Program Dates: July 12th – August 8th 2020

Taught by Professor John A. Piller, visiting professor from Purdue University, this course combines scientific knowledge taught in English with hands-on experiences during field trips to companies and public institution. This academic module uses both technical and business perspectives to focus especially on three challenges on the way towards a green energy economy:

  1. Transforming supply: Technology as a driver for real competitive renewable energies
  2. Transforming demand: Smart homes and smart cars for smart people
  3. Transforming business: Strategic impacts on business models

 The academic module will contain excursions to both Berlin and Munich including the following site visits:

  • EUREF campus: a smart city within Berlin (smart buildings, smart grid site, mobility sharing, use of renewable energies)
  • Vattenfall power station (smarter living, e-mobility options/projects, etc)
  • German Museum (energy technology exhibition)
  • etc.

In addition to the academic module, students will attend a German language class that is organized by the Language Center. Excursions to different cities in the state of Hessen, such as Frankfurt and Ruedesheim, and other leisure activities, such as hiking, canoeing and an international picnic complement the program.

For further information, please feel free to read the 2019 course outline and have a look at the website: https://isu.h-da.de/

2020: Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Hessen International Summer Universities 2020 offers a course on the topic of Cultural Diversity!  with various module options:

Program Dates: July 4th - August 1st 2020

Culture Module: Was ist Deutschland? German History, Art and Literature in a European Context (taught in German)
Social Work Module: Music Therapy
Health Module: International Health Aspects of Stress Management
Culture and Society Module: Intercultural Communication and Migration

The program also includes:

  • German language courses up to the DSH exam
  • an introduction to German culture (history, politics, economy, music, art, cinema, concerts  and company visits)
  • Field trips to Berlin, München, Nürnberg/Würzburg and Weimar
  • Workshops in dance, cooking with German recipes and sports

For more information, please feel free to explore the website.

2020: Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences of Goethe University, Germany

Hessen International Summer Universities 2020 offers summer courses on the following subjects tracks this summer:

Program dates: July 5th to August 1st 2020

International Business:
Featuring courses on: 

  • Global Sustainable Business
  • European Business Management
  • Business Practices in Germany

European Banking:
Featuring courses on

  • Banking in Europe
  • Central Banking in the Eurozone
  • Risk Management in Banks

European Studies:
Featuring courses on

  • History of European Integration
  • Integration through Law in the European Union
  • European Economic and Social Policy

The highly international learning environment at ISU Frankfurt is a mixture of lectures, interactive workshops, and group presentations, all of which provide students with important intercultural communication skills.

A fun extracurricular program may include but is not limited to:

  • Climbing Park,
  • Museum of Communication: An Experience in the Dark,
  • Financial institution visits and tours (European Central Bank, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, German Central Bank),
  • Strasbourg, France or Brussels, Belgium and the European Parliament,
  • Rüdesheim and the Eberbach Monastery,
  • Opening Reception in Frankfurt City Hall
  • Optional weekend trip to Berlin

For more information, please have a look at the website.

2020: Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Freie Universität Berlin International Summer University (FUBiS)

FUBiS offers intensive and semi-intensive German language classes on up to five different proficiency levels. In addition, FUBiS offers subject classes on various class topics. These classes are held mostly in English by distinguished German and international faculty.

The FUBiS program offers students many choices:

  • Participation in either one semi-intensive German class or in one subject class.
  • Intensive German language classes. These classes meet every weekday and allow students to focus on and thus considerably improve their German skills.
  • Combination of language and subject classes (Term II/III). This allows students to improve their language skills as well as further their knowledge of a subject matter.
  • Combination of two subject classes (Term II/III) which may count toward a major or minor at the home institution.

For information on the program structure and list of courses, click here.

FUBiS classes make use of the vast historic, cultural, and political institutions and resources Berlin offers. Study and field trips to museums, memorials as well as political and cultural institutions are integral parts of the curriculum. In some classes students have the unique opportunity to attend specially organized and exclusive round-table discussions with decision makers, diplomats, and experts in their field of study.

Scholarships are available for Term II 2019 (Program dates: May 25 – July 6, 2019). Please note that the scholarship cannot be used to participate in Term III). Students will be nominated by their home university. For further information on the scholarship application process, please contact yuabroad@yorku.ca. The deadline for scholarship applications is February 22, 2019.

2020 Program dates: July 18 - August 15


2020: Justus Liebig Universität Giessen, Germany

Summer schools are offered at the Faculty of Law every July/August.

  1. U.S.-German Law Summer School: International and Comparative Law:
    All of our courses are designed to impart knowledge in the highly popular fields of international and comparative law.
 The courses, all of them are taught in English, combine high-quality teaching with a wide range of cultural and social activities. In addition to the academic part of the program, two three-day field trips to Berlin and Hamburg will add a practical element to the content learned in class.
    Program date: July 20th - August 17th , 2019
    Application deadline: May 31st, 2019
  2. Hessen International Summer University 2020: Innovation in Medicine and Health Care:
    Our program is designed to educate participants in the highly important fields of innovation and regulation in medicine. The interdisciplinary program addresses undergraduates, postgraduates and young professionals, who have some prior experience or who are aspiring to get a job in the medical industry. The program combines high-quality teaching with a wide range of cultural and social activities to teach on issues in the following topics

    1. Medicine: Global health challenges and entrepreneurship
    2. Applied Health Economics: Innovation in Health Economics and Market Access
    3. Law: International Property Rights, Regulation of the Health Sector, Human Rights, and Ethics
      Program Dates: July 18th - August 15th , 2020
      For more information, please feel free to explore the website.

Universität Konstanz, Germany

The University of Konstanz offers the Lake Constance Summer School 2019 from August 2nd-28th, 2019. Intensive German language courses on all levels are as much part of the summer school as a weekend excursion programme and presentations and lectures on history, art, culture, and politics of Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

The programme costs 400€, housing 390€ and grants 6 ECTS Credits. 8 ECTS can be obtained when 1 of 4 choosable modules is added (Europe, European Economy, European politics, Intercultural Communication).

The online applications are open between February 1st til May 31st, 2019.

Find all information and the registration here: https://www.uni-konstanz.de/en/international-office/study-in-konstanz/learning-opportunities-for-incoming-students/ibh-summer-school/

Attached please find the Study Abroad in Konstanz brochure with detailed information.

2020: Ludwig-Maxilians-Universität München, Munich, Germany

Every year, more than 950 students from no less than 80 countries make the Munich International Summer University (MISU) a truly international experience. Benefit from access to renowned professors who will inspire you to broaden your thinking and your goals.

MISU Summer Academies:

German Language Courses:

  • Summer German Language Courses (in August)
    Each course is designed to teach German (all levels – basic, intermediate, advanced) within its academic, cultural, and social context, so that students improve their language skills while simultaneously deepening their knowledge of Germany. Interactive teaching is stressed throughout. The courses are managed by the International University Club of Munich (IUCM).
  • Specialized Language Courses for Advanced Learners (in August)
    Advanced learners who want to deepen their German language skills for professional or academic purposes have the opportunitiy to attend one of the specialized language courses.

2020: Maynooth University, Ireland

1. International Summer School 

Maynooth University is pleased to launch the 2020 International Summer School Program, which offers widest selection of course options for a short-term summer program in Ireland. With 17 different classes from a wide variety of discipline, York University students from all backgrounds and courses are invited to attend.

Program Dates: July 3 - July 31
Deadline to Apply: March 31st 2020

As a student, you will be able to choose 2 course from one of the streams offered:
Stream A:

Climate Change Economics of the EU Ireland & the Great Famine
Public Speaking International Marketing Anthropology of Ireland
Creative Writing Medieval Society Irish Cultural Heritage

Stream B:

Social Media Structured Programming for Beginners International Business
Irish Art and Architecture Women, Gender & Society Global Development Issues and Responses
Understanding Conflict Modern Irish Literature

Credit: Upon completion of the programme students will receive their ECTS credits from Maynooth University and will be issued with an official transcript

Program Fee: €3,245
Which covers:

  • Airport transfers
  • Single room on-campus accommodation
  • Breakfast AND lunch - Mon-Fri
  • Field-trips
  • Social activities
  • Tuition
  • Support staff

Scholarships: **As well as having scholarships available for all students to apply for in addition if your university is in a position to send us more than 8 students we will offer two of your students a €500 scholarship discount to their tuition fee

See the MUISS Brochure 2020 for more details. For detailed information about courses, program and application details, visit the website. 

2. International Engineering and Computer Science Summer School Program

Maynooth University is also offering a bespoke Engineering and Computer Science Summer School program which combines accredited classes with a packed co-curricular program with opportunities for day and weekend trips.

Program dates: June 20 - July 31 2020
Deadline to Apply: March 31 2020
Courses Offered:

  1. Computer Science: Algorithims and Data Structures
  2. Computer Science: Software Design
  3. Electronic Engineering: Electrical Circuits
  4. Gen Eds (Must choose one): Introduction to the Anthropology of Ireland, Creative Writing, International Marketing, Economics of the EU, Climate Change, Public Speaking and Communications, Ireland the Great Famine, the Cultural Heritage of Medieval Society

Program Fee: €4,100*
Which covers:

  • Airport transfers
  • Single room on-campus accommodation
  • Breakfast AND lunch - Mon-Fri
  • Field-trips
  • Social activities
  • Tuition
  • Support staff

Scholarships: **As well as having scholarships available for all students to apply for in addition if your university is in a position to send us more than 8 students we will offer two of your students a €500 scholarship discount to their tuition fee.

See the MU International Engineering Summer School Brochure for more details.

National University of Ireland Galway

NUI Galway is proud to present their International Summer School for 2019.

Located in the west of Ireland, on the Wild Atlantic Way, Galway City is the cultural and festival capital of Ireland. Galway Film Fleadh, Galway International Arts Festival and Galway Fringe Festival form the perfect backdrop to our summer school programme, allowing you to experience the best of Irish culture while studying in Galway.

Online applications to the Irish Studies, Irish Language, Education in Ireland and Ecology summer schools will be accepted online until 19 April 2019.  Students will be able to choose their course, modules and accommodation when they apply online at APPLY HERE

Further information can be found on our website along with videos illustrating student experiences. You can also contact them directly at summerschool@nuigalway.ie

Italia Innovation, Italy

Italia Innovation is an organization that offers fully-immersive learning experiences for international students to explore Italy's manufacturing heritage.

Each program is an opportunity for students to participate in a future-facing study abroad opportunity in Italy where they can develop a creative mindset to face the challenges of tomorrow.

During our programs students visit renowned Italian companies where they witness high-end production and hold conversations with company managers to understand Italy’s cultural approach to value creation. Then, with the mentorship from leading international thought and business leaders, the students embark on projects to develop opportunity spaces to bring Italian heritage into the future.

1st session (3 - 21 June 2019) on Excellence at Scale 
2nd session (24 June - 12 July 2019) on Meaningful Companies

Join us in Verona next summer for a fully-immersive learning experience led by Riccardo Illy, revolutionary food entrepreneur, and Debra Dunn, from Stanford University.
Designed as a journey where international thought and business leaders mentor multidisciplinary teams of selected international talents to inspire the innovation of Italian industries, the 2019 program is articulated in two sessions.

In Excellence at Scale (3 - 21 June) you will cross the places and stories of manufacturing entrepreneurs that every day strive to offer the world the best products in their industries, led by Riccardo Illy.

In Meaningful Companies (24 June - 12 July) you will investigate the social role of companies and interact with those that designed their production, organizational structures and corporate strategies around a higher purpose, led by Debra Dunn.

Early Application Deadline: February 1st, 2019
Regular Application Deadline: March 1st, 2019

Scholarships are available for early applicants.

Apply Now!

Radboud University, Netherlands

Radboud Summer School is organized by Radboud University, one of the leading academic centres of excellence in the Netherlands. Our short summer courses are intensive, inspiring and our personal style of teaching offers you plenty of opportunity to work closely with leading researchers and excellent teachers. 

Our summer school presents an excellent opportunity for you to expand your knowledge and international network. In addition to studying, you can participate in an exciting social programme.

All of our courses are taught in English by renowned academics from our university and international partners.

You are entitled to a 15% discount on the course fee or even a 25% discount if you apply before 1 March 2019.

New this year: we have extended our 2019 edition to 4 weeks: participants can join us in in the first two weeks of July and/or of August. Check out their flyer for more details.

Utrecht University, Netherlands

Broaden your horizon with a summer course in an inspiring international environment. The Utrecht Summer School offers a broad selection of over 200 summer courses in various disciplines. The Summer School is a cooperation of the Utrecht UniversityHU University of Applied Sciences and HKU University of the Arts. These institutions of higher education offer high quality, fully accredited summer courses in English on bachelor, master, PhD and Post-Academic level.

The registration deadline varies from course to course. Deadlines are mentioned on each course page.

If you apply after the given deadline and application is still open, you will be put on a waiting list. If you want to be sure, please contact the contact person of the course. The e-mail address and or phone number of the contact person of a course can be found on each course page under "more information".

For more information on courses, accommodations and application process, check out their website.

European Summer School, Prague

EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy is organizing the 17th annual European Summer School. EUROPEUM is a Prague-based think-tank that undertakes programs, projects, publishing and training activities related to the European integration process. This year’s European Summer School will take place from 13th to 20th July, 2019.

The programme will be focused on current issues that the European Union faces, including the reform processes and the position of Central European countries. European Summer School is organized under auspices of the European Commission Representation in the Czech Republic, in cooperation with Prague College and Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University in Prague. European Summer School in Prague is a great experience in one of Europe’s most beautiful capitals.

The 17th annual European Summer School is titled "Restarting Europe: Central European Perspective" and will take place in Prague from 13th to 20th July 2019. The lectures and workshops will cover the topics of EU reform, foreign policy, migration, competitiveness and many more.

You can find further information on their homepage, find the promotion leaflet here, or see the video from previous programme here.

University of Glasgow, Scotland

The International Summer School is an excellent introduction for your students to study at an international university and is an opportunity for them to stay at one of the oldest universities in the English-speaking world. Over the summer we offer a varied and flexible choice of credit and non-credit bearing courses ranging from one to eight weeks.

For students looking to pursue a credit-bearing creative arts course, enrolling in either our 3-week Theatre and Performance course, or the 1-week Writing the City course, may be the first step towards them fulfilling their ambitions.

  1. Theatre and Performance
    Starts 18 July 2019; Ends 9 August 2019
    Course Costs (including tuition and accommodation)  £3,000

    ‌This course offers the opportunity to explore Scotland’s vibrant theatre scene allowing participants to make connections between the practice of performance and theory and history.

    The course looks at concepts of drama, theatre and performance and explores these concepts both theoretically and practically. Participants will be able to familiarise themselves with some fundamentals in theatre historiography with a particular focus on British and Scottish theatre history.

    Included are trips to performance venues in Glasgow, the Edinburgh International Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe.

    For more details go to Theatre and Performance on their website

  2. Writing the City
    Starts 18 June 2019; Ends 28 June 2019
    Course Costs (including tuition and accommodation)  £800The aim of this practical writing course is to bring writers together in a supportive environment in which they can learn about the wider context of urban and experimental writing and challenge themselves to produce accomplished pieces of literary non-fiction, fiction, poetry or hybrid work.The course will include:

    •    1:1 tutorials
    •    Dedicated writing time
    •    Physical exploration of the built environment to explore its narratives
    •    Readings from visiting authors

    Further details are available at Writing The City


Contact the International Summer School Team at rio-internationalsummerschools@glasgow.ac.uk or check out their website.

IE Business School, Spain

The IE Summer School is an intense three-week program that offers undergraduate students and recent graduates the opportunity to follow courses across a wide range of disciplines taught by top quality faculty (the same that teach in our internationally ranked master degrees) while they enjoy the vibrant city of Madrid through different extracurricular activities and team-building events.

Program Dates: July 1st - 19th, 2019
Application deadline: June 11th, 2019

Cost of program: 3,200 euros
Includes: Summer School Tuition, Extracurricular activities, Company visits. Early Bird Application Discount: 500€ discount will apply if full payment of the program is done before March 20th 2019.

Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain

UAB Barcelona Summer School

The best way to enjoy the experience of an international, green and dynamic campus while having the opportunity to discover Barcelona. Our Summer School offers subjects worth transferable ECTS from all fields in two 3-weeks periods from late June to early August. Most of the courses are taught in English, with an option to learn and improve your Spanish as a Foreign Language.

FIRST PERIOD: 25 June to 12 July 2019
Fee: € 840 Course Fee (6 ECTS)

SECOND PERIOD: 15 July to 2 August 2019
Fee: € 840 Course Fee (6 ECTS)

Registration will be open shortly for international students.
Enrolment before 1 April will get 10% discount

If you have any queries about enrolment, please write to summer@uab.cat.

2020: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid , Spain

Summer School of Economics and Business 

The SSEB is a Summer Term, offering four high-quality courses, taught in English, in an intensive 4-week format (one or two courses to be chosen from the following, 6 or 12 ECTS credits, advanced Bachelor or Master level):

  • Environmental Economics and Policy Analysis
  • International Finance
  • Global Marketing
  • Doing Business in Spain

The SSEB brings together students from all over the world in a truly international environment. The academic excellence of our summer term is complimented by social and cultural events, as well as field trips, which are not offered during the regular Fall and Spring semesters.

Program dates: June 29 - July 24 2020
Early Bird Application deadline: Febuary 28, 2020
Regular application deadline is May 31, 2019.

Fees (not including accommodations):

1 Course - 6 ECTS 2 Courses - 12 ECTS
Early Bird Fees: € 974.25 € 1,499.25
After Early Bird Deadline € 1,136.63 € 1,749.13

Further detailed information about the program can be found here.

Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Spain

The Universidad Pontificia Comillas, founded in 1890, is one of Spain's most prestigious private Jesuit universities. Located in the centre of Madrid, the University offers easy access to shops, museums and parks.

There are over 10.000 students enrolled in the University's degree programs throughout the year.

  1. Spanish Language and Culture Course
    During the summer, in conjunction with the Institute of Modern Languages, "Comillas International" organizes Spanish Language and Culture modules for foreign university students.The course dates  for this summer are the following:
    From May 20 to June 14, 2019
    Application Deadline: Before April 5, 2019
  1. Specialized Summer Courses in Madrid
    Comillas Pontifical University offers Specialized International Courses in the areas of Business Administration and Management, Law, Human and Social Sciences and International Relations.The courses have a duration of 90 hours: 80 class hours + 10 hours of technical and cultural visits and are taught in Spanish. Students who are not native Spanish-speakers should certify that they have an intermediate level of Spanish. The theoretical classes are complemented by technical visits to companies, public and private institutions and entities, and with cultural visits to the Prado Museum and the "Madrid de los Austrias y de los Borbones".From May 27 to June 21 2019 the following courses will be offered:

    Application Deadline: Before April 12, 2019

Umeå University, Sweden

Live and study at the Scientific Research Centre in the wild Arctic Mountains

The Department of Ecology and Environmental Science at Umea University in Sweden offers unbelievable opportunities to live, study and work in the Arctic Circle. The Climate Impacts Research Centre (CIRC) provides a scientific platform for excellent research, teaching and public outreach in Abisko, serving a key role in Umeå University researchers’ and students’ activities in the Arctic.

You have the opportunity get involved with this exciting Arctic research, as CIRC offers a variety of timely and exciting studentships and internships based at the Research Station, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. You can study at in the Arctic for your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis work.

The department offers a 15-credit course in Alpine Ecology Bachelor.

Starts: 10 June 2019
Ends: 1 September 2019
Application deadline: 15 March 2019
Study Location: Abisko
Language: English

For more information on the application process and any further questions you may have, please contact the course coordinator, Keith Larson at keith.larson@umu.se.



Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences

Each summer, Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) offers a suite of courses for both undergraduate and graduate students that capitalizes upon the expertise of our faculty and visiting scientists. These courses, listed below, provide many students the opportunity to study topics in marine science that might not be offered within the curricula of their home institutions. Each course comprises lectures, laboratory exercises, and complementary field components that build upon what is learned in the classroom. Partial scholarships may be available to all students.

  1. Coral Reef Ecology: Reef Response to Environmental Changes
    Program Dates: June 30-July 20, 2019
    The aim of this course is to study the biology and ecology of tropical corals and explore their response to environmental changes including those from projected global climate scenarios. This course covers the biological, physical, biogeochemical and evolutionary processes that determine reef growth, function and resilience, ranging from the organism to whole reef tracts.
    This course is geared to upper level undergraduates, graduate students and professionals. Prerequisites include satisfactory standing in university-level biology and ecology, and SCUBA certification. Course fee: $4,900 (tuition, room and board). Students can apply to BIOS for scholarships to assist with the course fee.

  2. Modern Observational Oceanography
    Program Dates: June 30-July 20, 2019
    The aim of this course is to provide students with a broad introduction to and practical experience in the field of observational oceanography utilizing a variety of state-of-the-art technologies and methods. Themes will include carbon and nutrient cycling and the processes that affect biological production in the ocean, carbonate chemistry and ocean acidification, ocean-atmosphere interactions, and the spatial/temporal scales of physical ocean processes.
    This course is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled in oceanography programs. Adequate standing in university-level physics and chemistry courses is required. SCUBA certification is not required. Course fee: $4,900 (tuition, room and board). Students can apply to BIOS for scholarships to assist with the course fee.

The Canadian Associates of BIOS (CABIOS) also provides scholarships to assist Canadian students in attending BIOS Summer Courses.

The Summer Course Application deadline is April 15, 2019.

For more information on the Summer Courses and application process, click here.

Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico

iSummerMX encompasses a set of innovative Summer programs that have been carefully designed for international students.

iSummerMX provides students the wonderful opportunity to learn in a unique and innovative way, through high-class and dynamic sessions, hands-on activities and vivid cultural experiences throughout the country. It also offers the chance to explore Mexico, allowing students to travel, live and study in different parts of the country.

iSummerMX programs run from July 1st to July 26th, 2019, and include two courses taught in English. Here are the program’s brochures for next year:

Aeronautics: https://studyinmexico.tec.mx/academic-offer/aeronautics
Culture and Identity: https://studyinmexico.tec.mx/academic-offer/culture-identity
Global Business: https://studyinmexico.tec.mx/academic-offer/business
Marketing: https://studyinmexico.tec.mx/academic-offer/marketing

Please visit our website for further details on any of the programs. Needless to say, the staff members at Tecnológico de Monterrey ensure a vibrant and safe learning environment; during the program journey students will also be guided by professors and professionals with a lot of expertise.

The application deadline is May 24th 2019

2020: University of Costa Rica

University of Costa Rica is offering two (2) summer programs

Program Dates: July 6 - August 7 2020.

  1. Latin American Studies and Spanish as a Second Language
    The course provides an approach to Latin American culture, from a journey through its history, economic, political and social processes, literature, linguistic diversity, myths, values, prejudices, problems and challenges to better understand its cultural manifestations, based on its diversity.

Activities and excursions include:

      • City tour of San José
      • Visit to national monuments, parks and museums
      • Latin American Dancing Lessons

 More details about the Programme

Program fee: USD $2,500 which includes

      • Tuition fees
      • Homestays with Costa Rican Families
        • Breakfast and dinner on Week days
        • Two meals on weekends
        • Laundry service
      • 4 guided tours
      • 2 optional activities

2. Biodiversity and Conservation in the Tropics

The course provides an approach to learn about Biodiversity and Conservation, by not only using Costa Rica as an example but also comparing this little country with other areas of the World. The course will have lectures made by the professor or invited lecturers. Readings will be assigned for discussion during the last week and two main field trips will be organized to evaluate different biodiversity and conservation projects.

Activities and excursions include:

      • City tour of San José and other towns
      • Visit to national monuments, parks and museums
      • Latin American Dancing Lessons

Program fee: USD $3,500 which includes

      • Tuition fees
      • Homestays with Costa Rican Families
        • Breakfast and dinner on Week days
        • Two meals on weekends
        • Laundry service
      • 4 guided tours
      • 2 optional activities
      • 2 weekend field trips

Click here for more details about the program

For information about either of the programs: 

Email: summerprogram@ucr.ac.cr

Call: (506) 2511- 1098

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

  1. Rothberg International School (RIS)
    The Rothberg International School (RIS) at Hebrew University offers a wide array of short-term courses and programs throughout the year. You can choose courses from our July and August sessions, as well as elect to take language courses or participate in archaeological field schools. We also work directly with faculty and study abroad offices in developing faculty-led and other customized programs.With decades of experience hosting enthusiastic learners from around the world, RIS can help you make the most of your short time in Israel and dive into your area of study in a whole new way.A list of the variety of offered courses this summer in July and August can be found below.
    Hebrew University's Rothberg International School Course ListMore information can be found on their website. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Sheli Amir, sheliamir@savion.huji.ac.il
  2. Trans-disciplinary Innovation Program (TIP)

    The Trans-disciplinary Innovation Program (TIP) is an intensive 6 week international entrepreneurship program. The program highlights today’s breakthrough technologies and hottest business trends, while giving the participants hands-on experience developing entrepreneurial endeavours. The program will tap into a wide network of industry leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, and top executives
    TIP Brochure

    • Experience practical hands-on learning with leading experts about cutting-edge technologies, the hottest business trends and the entrepreneurial process.
    • Meet with Israel’s top innovators, entrepreneurs and investors, along with a group of international, like-minded peers.
    • Integrate all you have learned to develop a new venture idea, build a business model and pitch to real investors.

    Program Dates: June 30-August 8, 2019
    Application deadline: May 15th, 2019
    Program Fee - $4,000

    For more information have a look at their website and get to know more about the program.

Tel Aviv University, Israel

Join us in Tel Aviv for the summer of your life! Learn about hot topics in Israel today – Cyber Security, Entrepreneurship, Middle East and Conflict Studies, Jewish Peoplehood and more - from TAU’s world-renowned faculty. Perfect your Hebrew, Arabic, or Yiddish. Explore the country alongside our enthusiastic Student Life Team on our academic programs.

Summer Programs: (This information is also available on the  Summer Programs Brochure).

  • Business & Entrepreneurship in the Start-Up Nation 4 Credits - June 30 - July 19
    There is no better place to study business and entrepreneurship than in one of the most innovative cities to ever exist. In this dynamic summer program, students will gain valuable insight into the many dimensions of innovative venture creation, entrepreneurial development, and financing through both intensive coursework and field visits.
  • Cyber Security – We offer two programs:
    • Fundamental Technologies in Cyber Security (4 Credits, June 30 - July 19)
      Examine the world of Block Chain; Cryptology; Hash Function; Crypto-Techniques; Asymmetric Encryption; and much more. as well as the fundamental technologies of cybersecurity systems. Students enrolled in the Cyber Security program also have the unique opportunity to participate in Cyber Week, an annual leading international conference in cybersecurity held at Tel Aviv University - June 23-27
    • Advanced Cyber Security Policy and Strategy (2 Credits; June 20 - July 19)
      This advanced and elite program track will be taught by one of Israel’s leading experts in this field. This competitive program is only open for application to students who are majoring in this (or a related) field and/or have an established and extensive background in this particular area of Cyber Security. Students in this track are required to participate in TAU’s Cyber Week - June 23-27.
  • Middle East & Conflict Studies 6 Credits - June 10- July 19
    Students enrolling in this summer program will have the chance to examine the Middle East from an insider’s perspective and gain a nuanced understanding of the key transformations taking place in the region by taking two of three courses:Tel Aviv-Jaffa: Urbanization and Urban Culture; Arab and Israelis: Conflict and Conflict Resolution in the Middle East; or/and Islam Politics & Terror in the Middle East.
  • Summer Research Program in the Sciences June 10- August 11
    The Summer Research Session is an incredibly unique 8-week program whereby participants are assigned to a research group and lab in a variety of scientific focuses under the supervision of an experienced scientist at Tel Aviv University. The experience will culminate with a Final Symposium where each student presents her/his research findings to the rest of the group as well as to relevant faculty and team members.

Graduate and Professional Programs:

  • Advanced Epidemiology & Preventive Medicine 2-6 Credits - July 7-19
    This program offers a variety of intensive courses. The courses are one-week (26 academic hours) and are each worth 2 academic credits (unless indicated otherwise) or can be taken as a non-credit course. The courses are taught by world-renowned faculty and focus on observational epidemiology, biostatistics and epidemiology, vaccinology, nutrition, and public health.
  • Food Safety & Security 2-6 Credits - June 27-July 26
    The purpose of this program is to explore the many dimensions of food security. Together, students and lecturers from different countries and disciplines develop a new “language” of food security – in a manner of true interdisciplinary education. Three tracks are offered to give students the ability to delve deeper into specific fields: Agriculture, Policy and Nutrition and Water.
  • Israel’s National Security Challenges in the Changing Middle East 6 Credits - July 26- August 16
    This program is tailored to give students a comprehensive understanding of the ever-changing Middle East through exploring the political, societal, religious and economic shifts that have occurred in the region in the last 7 years. The program is comprised of three separate intensive courses, stimulation activities, and weekly academic field trips.
  • Smart Cities 4 Credits - July 21-August 9
    This program is geared toward advanced undergraduates or graduate students. It introduces students to rapidly developing ICT (Information Communication Technologies) being used to both solve and prevent issues stemming from urbanization and growth such as traffic congestion, urban sustainability, resilience, governance, and urban planning. Together with TAU faculty and the Tel Aviv Municipality, students will explore the dynamics of Smart Cities both in and out of the classroom through lectures, visits, and case studies involving a pilot Smart City neighborhood in Tel Aviv.

Summer Language Programs:

  • EnglishHebrewYiddish, and Arabic (both Spoken Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic are offered this summer!)  4-8 Credits - Offered Throughout the Summer
    Our intensive language programs are offered to any student, professional, or community member interested in the joy of learning a new language or looking to improve existing language skills.

Please note that most programs have an application deadline of May 1, 2019 – check the individual program page for more information!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions at study@tauex.tau.ac.il or visit our web site at https://international.tau.ac.il.

Tel Aviv University, Israel

iSummerMX encompasses a set of innovative Summer programs that have been carefully designed for international students. This distinctive approach aims to improve students’ competitiveness by developing the competencies required to face the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

iSummerMX provides students the wonderful opportunity to learn in a unique and innovative way, through high-class and dynamic sessions, hands-on activities and vivid cultural experiences throughout the country. It also offers the chance to explore Mexico, allowing students to travel, live and study in different parts of the country.

iSummerMX programs run from July 1st to July 26th, 2019, and include two courses taught in English. Please find in the following links the program’s brochures

Please visit our website https://studyinmexico.tec.mx/  for further details on any of the programs. Needless to say, the staff members at Tecnológico de Monterrey ensure a vibrant and safe learning environment; during the program journey students will also be guided by professors and professionals with a lot of expertise.

Fees and Tuition

$3600 USD for Independent students
$1600 USD for Exchange* students
*Nominated by partner institutions

Each program includes:

  • 2 courses (10 ECTS, 6 US Credits in total)
  • Accommodation (hotel and campus residence)
  • Transportation for all activities during the program and between cities
  • Breakfast (6 days per week)
  • Tickets for all the program’s events
  • Student kit

The application deadline is May 24th 2019, but we strongly encourage partner universities to nominate “exchange” students in advance. In case of questions related to the programs, please feel free to contact us at studyinmexico@itesm.mx

University of Cape Town, South Africa

The University of Cape Town will be offering two short programmes in 2019:

  1. Global Academy
    • The UCT's Global Academy is an exciting 4-week global programme offered from 17 June to 12 July 2019.
    • The 4-week Global Academy covers:
      • Afropolitanism: South African History, Politics & Contemporary Culture
      • Social Justice and Social Entrepreneurship
    • Courses & credits: 6 USA credits; 12 ECTS Credits (Credits to be awarded by the home institution
    • The programme fee of US $3600 includes
      • Registration
      • Tuition for 2 courses
      • Accommodation (Breakfast included)
      • Academic Programme
      • Academic Excursions
      • Welcome Lunch
      • Farewell Dinner
      • Selected Meals
      • Programme Transport in Cape Town
    • Closing Date for Applications: 19 April 2019
  2. Sustainable Water Management in Africa
    • UCT also offers a 2-week short programme in Sustainable Water Management in Africa from 22 July to 02 August 2019. This programme adopts an interdisciplinary post-graduate course that will benefit from a cohort of students in diverse educational backgrounds
    • The programme fee of US $3000 includes:
      • Tuition fee
      • Accomodatoin
      • Field Trips outside Cape Town
      • Daily Lunch
      • Excursions to Robben Island and Cape Peninsula Tour
    • Closing Date for Applications: 31 May 2019

PLEASE NOTE: All the fees above do not include travel to and from programme country, visas, insurance and personal spending money and certain meals.

Those interested in the programme may apply by completing and emailing the Application Form before the closing dates to  gsap@uct.ac.za.

Boğaziçi University, Turkey

Boğaziçi University Summer Term is an intensive seven-week program offering a rich variety of courses in the social and natural sciences, humanities, engineering and technology. All lectures are in English, unless otherwise specified. Summer Term begins in the last week of June and end by mid-August. Summer term courses are available to all university students in Turkey or abroad and to graduates of high school who are already accepted to a higher education institution abroad. All applicants must fulfill the English proficiency requirements of Boğaziçi University except for students coming from universities where the official language of instruction is English.

2019 Summer Term Brochure

A list of courses offered can be found here. More information on applications and courses can be found in the FAQ. You can also contact them at summer@boun.edu.tr.

Koç University, Turkey

International Migration and the Crisis
The Basic Instinct: Survival Summer Course

A top-notch undergrad summer course at Koç University offers you a unique experience in the field of studies on international migration! This course is structured with lectures, guest lecturers and student presentations, participatory observations via field trips, visits to NGOs working with refugees, and writing an academic article on global migration and crisis!

Program Dates: July 1-19, 2019
Application Deadline: May 3, 2019

Click here to apply

Tuition Fee: 1250 USD
Dorm accommodation in single rooms (21 nights): 525 USD

Scholarships are available. 
Students from Partner Universities will receive 15% off on tuition fee.

To learn more about the details and application requirements, contact Ms. Nilüfer Akpınar Şahin at nakpinar@ku.edu.tr.

Towson University, United States

Intercultural Skills Program Summer 2019

Program Dates: June 8- July 6

Towson University's Summer Intercultural Skills Program provide the opportunity for students from overseas to come to the United States to improve their academic English proficiency in preparation for future university enrollment in the United States.

  • Learn English from professional, native English speaking instructors
  • Participate in community service projects
  • Practice English with American students
  • Live on campus in Towson University housing

Cost for 4-week program: $3500 includes tuition, most meals, and housing. Airfare and off campus meals not included.

Contact sip@towson.edu for any questions you may have.


Summer School 2018

Maynooth University, Ireland

    1. EU Law and Human Rights in a Time of Crisis summer programme.
      In the aftermath of Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, the EU faces challenges to its role as a powerful global economy and a promoter of human rights.This unique, credit-bearing summer programme invites participants to engage with and learn from European academics and professionals as we consider how the interplay between corporate practice, economic freedoms and human rights shapes the EU and its relationship with other countries and regions.Key Facts:

      • When: June 23-30 2018
      • Who: If you're currently a: law, pre-law, social studies, international relations, economics and business major - this course is for you! However, it is open to all undergraduates students.
      • Included in your fee: airport transfers/Dublin orientation/all tuition and transcripts/networking events/guest lectures/on-campus single-room accommodation/lunch Monday-Saturday
      • Cost: just €850 The deadline to apply is May 13th 2018.For more information: see the brochure, visit their website, or find them on Facebook and Twitter (@mujeanmonnet)
    2. Dead Man Do Tell Tales: Forensic Anthropology 

      This one-week programme in either March or June, learning in a hands-on site environment.

      Students will gain practical burial excavation experience (in a controlled staged environment) and have the opportunity to analyse archaeological skeletal remains during laboratory sessions.

      When: June 10-16 2018
      Where: Wexford and the Irish National Heritage Park.
      Who: students interested in forensics, osteoarchaeology, physical and forensic anthropology, archaeology, forensic science and community heritage. This is an ideal complement to our field anthropology school that runs the following weeks. 
      Included: airport transfers/home-stay accommodation with all meals provided/all site excavation materials and associated costs/tuition and transcript/day trip to local historical sites
      Cost: €1250
      Deadline: January 12th 2018 for March
      More Information and Application click here

Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg, Germany

NEW! PH Frieburg is happy to announce their International Summer Studies Program.

Key Facts:

  • When: June 4 - 29, 2018
  • Located in both Freiburg, Germany and Basel, Switzerland
  • Courses are conducted in English, and there are 4 courses to choose from
  • open to Education/teacher candidates

For more information: see their brochures (1 and 2), visit their website, or yuabroad@yorku.ca for more information.

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

NEW! Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is organizing a Summer School from June 20 – 27, 2018 at the Summer Camp of AUTh in Halkidiki, as a satellite event of the BSUN 2018 Congress and 13th Conference of Rectors from the Black Sea Region.

The topic of the Summer School is: “Innovative Concepts for the Sustainable Development of the Black Sea Region
The event will be a unique opportunity to:
  •  Participate in a life-changing experience with students from many different countries
  • Enrich your communication skills and knowledge taking advantage of professors from the  international academic community
  • Enjoy the beach and the summer time in the breath-taking area of Halkidiki!
Click here for more details about the Summer Program.

Students have to fill up the relevant Application form and to submit it by March 31, 2018 to bsun-summerschool2018@auth.gr.

Applicants will be notified by April 15, 2018 for the acceptance of their application.

Contact information:
Please feel free to address all your questions concerning the event to bsun-summerschool2018@auth.gr  or by calling +30/2310 991163, 996483.

Northumbria University, England

NEW! The Northumbria International Summer School will take place in July 2018.

This exciting three-week programme has been designed especially for current university students who would like to have a taste of university life in the UK, while being able to transfer academic credit to their own institution for one module offered exclusively in the summer.

You get 15% discount for YorkU students who enrol on this programme.

Students who complete the programme successfully will benefit from a 20% alumni discount, which can be used to reduce the tuition cost of future study at Northumbria University.

General information:

Programme dates: 8-28 July, 2018

Cost: £2,750 all-inclusive! (includes course, field trips, materials, accommodation, social programme, Sport Central membership, and our 20% alumni discount)

5 modules available:

  • The Management, Science and Coaching of Sport
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: from Chocolate to Power Generation
  • Culture and Heritage in Britain
  • Environmental Hazards and Sustainable Development
  • Research Methods for Business

Application requirements:

  • To be enrolled at a university in home country; minimum GPA 2.75 (B-) or equivalent
  • English level: IELTS 6.0 (minimum 5.5 on each band) or equivalent, native speaker

Application process: All applications are online via our website.  The deadline for applications is 31 May, 2018. Full balance to be paid by 30 June, 2018

*Deposit is non-refundable and deducted from programme fee

For more information on the programme and details for how to apply, please visit: https://www.northumbria.ac.uk/international/international-summer-school/

Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), Switzerland

ZHAW School of Management and Law Summer School 2018, which will take place in Zurich-Winterthur from Monday, 25th  of June to Friday 6th of July 2018.

It's an exciting opportunity to study, connect and socialize with other students from around the world, enjoy luxury company visits, field trips and extracurricular activities.

This year’s Summer Academy is about Luxury Management 4-6 ECTS

 Swiss Summer School 2018 – Details:

Dates: June 25 -July 6, 2018

ECTS Credits: The successful completion of each program will be rewarded with 4 ECTS credits and a certificate of attendance from the ZHAW School of Management and Law.  Another 2 ECTS can be earned with an additional paper (at an additional cost).

To register please visit: www.zhaw.ch/sml/summerschool

Deadline to register is May 14, 2018.

Registration is open to Bachelor’s and Master’s students.

Please address all questions at summeracademy.sml@zhaw.ch and applications directly via the Swiss Summer School website:  www.zhaw.ch/sml/summerschool