York University hosted the 2nd edition of the Sustainable on the Go (SOTG 2022), co-organized by York International, the UNESCO Chair in Reorienting Education towards Sustainability, and their international partners: the International Association of Universities (IAU), Canadian Commission for UNESCO (CCUNESCO) and Okayama University (Japan) on 17th November 2022 during the International Education Week 2022.

As part of this event, the Program Committee implemented a project that focused on engaging and empowering Youth to be an important stakeholder in the discussions and conversations.

Therefore, the Youth Engagement Program was created as a strategy to mentor, guide and prepare students prior to the conference so that they could participate and engage in the conversations in a meaningful way as well as be able to moderate sessions at the conference. The mentorship and guidance were meant to support Youth in co-creating activities that intentionally address differences in knowledge and skills, intergenerational perspectives, different priorities, tasks, and passions. In this way, the Program provided a safe space for students and an opportunity for Youth to make real, creative and practical contributions to the SOTG 2022 Conference.