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What We Heard from Students:

"I enjoyed the experience and opportunity to work with students and professors internationally. During these unprecedented times, students (myself included) started feeling fatigue over the redundancy of online schooling. Having a new experience and seeing/meeting new people was a nice change."

“I think making connections with other Indigenous people across the globe is important. It really allowed me to explore my own experiences as an Indigenous person and my Indigeneity and to see the similarities and differences in our experiences. As a Mi'kmaw/Inuk student I found this experience incredibly valuable.”

“This program is furthering my learning in a very unique way...Everyone’s context is so vastly different, but we share experiences as well. It grounds my theoretical learning in reality.”

"An amazing upside to corona as we may not have had this virtual opportunity.”

"Given that we wouldn't be able to meet physically with our international peers, I think the online experience helped with providing a "real-life" simulation of what it may feel like to collaborate with international colleagues."


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Globally networked learning (GNL) provides you with the opportunity to reflect on your educational experience by discussing it with peers in cross-cultural settings. It gives you a platform to share learning experiences with global partners and to contribute to a better understanding of transnational issues at stake in the twenty-first century. As a form of experiential learning, GNL pedagogy allows you to explore and assess different conceptual and analytical frameworks, design projects, share research findings, and give and receive feedback in conversation with other students and faculty from multiple social, political and economic contexts.

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