York’s Commitment to Global Engagement

York University has articulated a strong commitment to global engagement through its academic plans. The 2010-15 University Academic Plan (UAP) entitled Enhancing Academic Quality in a Globalized World recognized that internationalization ‘reflects a reality that teaching, learning and research are not spatially anchored or bounded by traditional modes (…) and represents (…) a compelling opportunity to expand our horizons and extend our mission.’

Building on the previous plan York’s current UAP highlights, as one of its seven priorities, York’s commitment to enhanced community engagement is central to how York University advances collaboration, knowledge mobilization and innovation initiatives with local and global partners and in so doing, strengthens the relationship between teaching and research, scholarly and related creative activities. Solidifying existing international strategic academic alliances, and establishing new alliances is key to expanding outreach and engagement with York’s larger communities.

York’s global engagement is aligned with Canada’s international education strategy (2014) and with Ontario’s International PSE strategy (2018). By global engagement York implies:

1- Enhancing diversity on our campuses by increasing our international enrolments from a wider range of source countries.

2- Impacting global innovation by increasing active research partnerships and collaborative research outputs with global partners.

3- Educating globally competent students who will fully engage with the world and be prepared to play a role in a globalized society.

4- Building York’s global reputation and profile.

To date international students represent 13% of York’s total student enrolment and York has established 300 + global partnerships that support the university’s academic mission. York students can gain international experience by studying or working abroad thanks to well established global learning programs. Moreover York has 300,000+ alumni in 150 countries. York’s two offshore campuses in India and Costa Rica are enhancing the university’s global reputation.



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