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How big is Canada? Canada is the second-biggest country in the world. Only Russia is larger. Ontario, the province where York University is located, is larger than France and Spain combined (or about one-third the size of India). Exploring Canada involves planning and plenty of time for travelling. That said, there is much to do right here Ontario - both in and around Toronto (Canada's largest city) but also in the nearby communities. You are free to explore on your own or with a friend, of course, but tours and other event trips are available, too, via tour operators such as ISX Travel. Recent trips include Niagara Falls, Montreal, and New York City (U.S. visa required).


Canada is a climate of extremes. Summers are sometimes quite hot and winters are often quite cold. Spring and fall are typically pleasant. For more information on Toronto climate, click here. For current weather in Toronto, click here.


Canada is a very diverse country and Toronto is often called the world's most multi-cultural city. Over 140 languages and dialects are spoken in Toronto and half of its population was born outside of Canada. Toronto is known for many festivals and events celebrating many of its peoples cultures, music, and food. Toronto is also a centre for Canadian arts and culture and is home to many world-class museums, galleries, theatres, recital halls, and sports venues. For more facts about Toronto's diversity, click here.

Other cities and regions in Canada also have fun activities. One favourite, for example, is the Québec Winter Carnival. Do explore Canada while you are here. You'll love it.


Toronto Skyline Photo Credit: Rob Sinclair via Wikimedia Commons
Northern Lights at Yellowknife, NWT, Canada Photo Credit: Xander via Wikimedia Commons