Faculty and Staff

York International is the central international education office of York University. Under the mandate of Dr. Marilyn Lambert-Drache, the Associate Vice-President International (AVPI), York International works towards internationalization of all university activities.

York International:

  • Supports the transition and retention of international undergraduate and graduate students and visiting scholars.
  • Promotes student mobility by offering global learning opportunities, on campus and abroad.
  • Facilitates international partnerships by liaising with external (global and local) partners.

Please click on the  links below for information for York Staff and Faculty and partner institutions:

  1. About the Office of the Associate Vice President International (AVPI)
  2. What is Internationalization?
  3. Information for Exchange Partner Institutions
  4. Resources for York Staff and Faculty
  5. York International Announcements and News Coverage
  6. York International Portals and Database