York International's Global Peer Program

The Global Peer Program (GPP) supports newly admitted students (mentees)  during their transition to life at York University and in Toronto by connecting them with upper-year students called Peer Mentors.

Benefits of the Global Peer Program

Heart hands iconPeer Mentors can provide guidance and information about adapting to life in the city and at York University.
Calendar and checkmark iconOpportunity to participate in events and fun activities organized by York International ( in-person and virtually) 
Lightbulb iconGain leadership skills and grow your network.
People with arms up iconMake friends from around the world and build a strong global community.

Connecting to the GPP!

Through the GPP, you have the opportunity to become a Peer (new international or exchange students) or Peer Mentor (upper year students).

GPP Newsletter “Paper Planes” 22/23

Who can become a GPP Peer?

If you are a newly admitted or first year international student who has questions about your new life as a university student or need help getting support and finding resources, then the Global Peer Program is for you! The program helps new students like you, connect to an upper-year mentor and help you navigate your transition into university. You will be able to meet a diverse community of experienced students and get some useful tips and tricks that will help you access the resources at York to the fullest! By being a ‘Peer’ in the Global Peer Program, you will meet a diverse community of experienced students who will give you a head start in organizing your academic and social life at YorkU!
Registration for the Summer 2023 is now open. Join GPP here: https://yorkinternational.apps01.yorku.ca/machform/view.php?id=668104

Who can become a GPP Peer Mentor?

We are looking for 3rd and 4th year undergraduate or graduate students who can be role models and guide new international students to transition into their university life!  GPP Peer Mentors are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and confident upper-year students who assist newly admitted and first-year international students with their transition to York University, provide support, guidance and information and encourage engagement with community peers, faculty and staff.  The program will help you connect with a diverse community and strengthen your leadership, personal and communication skills! Registration for the Summer 2023 is now closed.

GPP Peer mentor of the month (F/W 2022-2023 )

September Peer mentor of the month:


Anirudh Krishnadas 
  • Year of studies:2nd Year (PHD)
  • Major and program:Doctor of Philosophy, Physics and Astronomy
  • Country of origin:India
  • What is your best experience being part of the global peer program? GPP has helped me connect with people from different backgrounds, and when you help them out, the smile on their faces gives me a sense of The best experience I can remember was when I organized the first graduate mentor connect last year, which covered information related to funding, scholarship and events focusing on grad studies in york. After the session, I got a message on LinkedIn from one of the attendees, who thanked me for organizing this event and its importance. These words fuel me to help selflessly.
  • Why do you think your mentoring style will better facilitate your peers? My mentioning style involves an open and safe space where priority is given to the peers to discuss their problems. The personal connection established helped me understand their situation and provide them with suggestions to the best of my knowledge. The happy part is I am still in contact with my peers from previous terms, and some are my good friends.

Yoojin Kim 
    • Year of studies: 4th year
    • Major and program:Cinema and Media Studies
    • Country of origin: South Korea
    • What is your best experience being part of the global peer program? It's very rewarding and grateful to have a positive impact on someone's life. It's also good to look back on my campus life by talking with freshmen.
    • Why do you think your mentoring style will better facilitate your peers?Steady contact is one of my mentoring methods. By asking after my peers and telling them what resources they can access, I try to remind them, in addition to the lecture, that they are members of York University. It is the same reason to encourage participation in the event. I hope my help will be a guide to their campus life. Even if I can't help them with everything, I aim for a mentor who is easy to talk to
October Peer mentor of the month:

Chin Yee Lai
  • Year of studies: 4th year
  • Major and program: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • Country of origin:Malaysia
  • What is your best experience being part of the global peer program? During my time experiencing the Global peer program, I have created many fond memories and made many new relationships that I will cherish for therest of my life. If I had to choose the best experience, I would say that attending events and connecting with fellow peers was the aspect that I was always excited for. Growing up, I was shy and introverted so I have always found it hard to make friends but the Global Peer Program was filled with many wonderful people who were kind and helped me come out of my shell.
  • Why do you think your mentoring style will better facilitate your peers?Now that I feel more comfortable with communicating with others I believe that my mentoring style would help new peers feel more welcomed and relaxed because I know what it is like to be the new students feeling the overwhelming pressure of trying to make connections with people who you’ve just met. My key to success is to understand what my peers' passions and needs are and to build a foundation on that by catering to those needs. TheGlobal Peer Program has helped form a better social life and I would be grateful if I were given the chance to help others the way the program has helped me.

Parina Taneja
  • Year of studies: 1ST YEAR 
  • Country of origin: India
  • What is your best experience being part of the global peer program?The experience of being a GPP mentor has been very delightful .Being a part of the Global peer program helped me develop a sense of responsibility and has made me gain a sense of achievement and satisfaction in my role . The month of October was really hard with all the midterms preparations , job , classes and GPP duties but being a part of GPP team never felt like a duty , I love talking to my peers it gives me joy to see that I was able to help them with my knowledge and make their first year smooth . And lastly, sharing my experience is incomplete without praising my fellow volunteers and coordinators who have always acted as my backbone. 
  • Why do you think your mentoring style will better facilitate your peers?I am still a first-year student and therefore all my experiences that a first year student goes through are super fresh which I believe is even more helpful for my peers and I can moreover relate to them what they are going through . When a peer reaches me I not only try to help them but I also try to understand what they are going through and what they are actually concerned about , this helps me understand everything in depth and relate to them. 
November Peer mentor of the month:

Aradhya Singh (Ethan)
  • Year of studies: 3rd year
  • Major and program: Computer Science
  • Country of origin:India
  • What is your best experience being part of the global peer program? My best experience has been the opportunity to assist and facilitate other international students as they adjust to life at a new university. I have enjoyed getting to know students from different cultures and backgrounds and sharing my own experiences with them. It has been rewarding to see these students thrive and succeed and to know that I have played a small role in their journey. Additionally, being a part of the Global peer mentor program has allowed me to develop my own leadership and communication skills, and to learn from my fellow mentors. Overall, it has been a fulfilling and enriching experience.

Sushmit Kaur Sardar
  • Year of studies: 2nd Year
  • Major and program: BCOM ITEC (Business Systems Analysis and Information Technology)
  • Country of origin: India
  • What is your best experience being part of the global peer program?Being a Peer Mentor has truly been one of the best experiences I have had at York University. At first, I joined York International as a GPP volunteer to gain new experiences, but I ended up making new friends and fond memories with them. Every event we organized was a memorable one especially the ones where I met my Mentees. Being an international student myself, I can say this opportunity has helped me in my growth as well. Just like that, I hope I can play a small part in my peer's transition to York University and make things a little bit easier for them. 

Keep in Mind!

  1. 1.The Global Peer Program will run from September 2023 to December 2023. Therefore, we highly encourage newly admitted international students that are arriving at York University in the Winter 2024 Term to sign-up as soon as possible.
  2. Once you have signed up, you will receive an email from our team mid- May indicating the Peer Mentor you are matched to and your Peer Team.
  3. At the end of each month, a special event/meeting will be scheduled for all the Peers and Peer Mentors to meet each other and learn more about the program.
  4. Throughout the semester, Peer Mentors will regularly communicate with their Peer Team, and they will assist new students with their transition by engaging them in York's vibrant campus community.

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