English Language Programs

York University English Language Institute: YUELI

If your English language skills are not yet at the level needed to study at an English-speaking university, YUELI’s courses can help you improve. YUELI offers many programs that are designed to meet the different needs of non-English speaking students.

One of the YUELI programs created specifically for students who wish to complete their undergraduate degree at York University is Destination York. For 2 months you will have the opportunity to improve your English and academic skills in preparation for undergraduate studies at York. The Destination York program runs from July to August (for September admission to York University), or from October to December (for January admission), or from March to April (for May admission), and is designed to provide an intensive learning experience for university-bound students.

YUELI’s Destination York students are guaranteed to be accepted into most of York University’s regular degree programs upon completion of the English language program.

Visit YUELI’s webpage to learn more about all of their programs, including YU Bridge .