Permanent Residence in Canada

Upon graduation from York University, international students have many options for their future plan:

According to the Canadian Bureau of International Education’s national survey, about 50% of the international student population is interested in becoming permanent residents upon their graduation in Canada. Benefits of being permanent resident in Canada include but not limited to:

  1. Eligibility for domestic tuition fee
  2. Medical care (OHIP)
  3. Mobility to live and work in any province across Canada
  4. Employment Insurance (EI)

Among all the permanent residence categories, the two federal programs, Canadian Experience Class (CEC) and Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), are the most common pathways for international graduates. Starting January 2015, eligible international students can apply for permanent residence under either CEC or FSW through Express Entry (EE). For introduction and details of each program, please view the videos below.

Express Entry

For the most recent Express Entry round of invitation, please click here.

Canadian Experience Class

Federal Skilled Worker


To qualify for CEC and FSW, you will have to obtain a minimum one year of qualifying work experience. To determine the skill level for your work experience, please check out the website of National Occupational Class as instructed in the power point videos above.


Major difference between CEC and FSW

Below is a brief distinction of application criteria between CEC and FSW.

Express Entry Point System Education Requirement Work Experience Language Ability Job Offer Applicable To
Canadian Experience Class (CEC) No Not mandatory, but is needed to gain higher score in Express Entry Minimum 1 year of skilled work experience in Canada

Job skilled level 0/A: CLB7

Job skilled level B: CLB5

Not required. More points with LMIA approved job offer International students graduated in Canada: Undergraduate & Graduate
Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Yes, 67 out of 100 Not mandatory, but is needed to gain higher score in Express Entry Minimum 1 year of skilled work experience Minimum CLB7 Not required. More points with LMIA approved job offer Foreign nationals from outside of Canada, or Foreign Workers in Canada


Useful Tips for Express Entry Profile

  • Before you establish the Express Entry profile, please ensure that you:
    1. Have obtained one year of work experience on the qualifying skill level
    2. Have obtained language test result
    3. Have obtained ECA for foreign education credential if applicable
  • Complete a self-assessment here before setting up the profile in the Express Entry pool.
  • The higher points in CRS, the greater chance of receiving invitation.
  • Your Express Entry profile is valid for one year. Within the year, you can update your qualification in your profile unlimited times, and get a possible new ranking (Express Entry points).
  • You should prepare documents for the complete permanent residence application while waiting to receive the invitation, just in case you run out of the 90-day period.
  • Improving your language is the only way to boost your Express Entry points in a short period of time.

For more information regarded to immigration, feel free to check out our Immigration FAQ Page.