How do I apply?

You must first attend a mandatory information session – Click here to register for a session.

What is the difference between an information session and an advising session?

  • Information sessions are mandatory group session to introduce you to the exchange process and give you the application code.
  • Advising sessions are 15 minute one-to-one meetings with a Global Learning Assistant. You should attend an information session first, and come prepared with questions about your exchange options.

Is there a language requirement?

Some Universities require you to be academically proficient in one of the languages of instruction. Over 70% of our partner universities teach at least some of their courses in English. We suggest you do a bit of research to determine if your choice is the correct fit.

Do I need to have a certain GPA?

We require a 6.0 overall GPA. Some of our partners have a higher requirement so please refer to our list of partners.

We understand that your GPA might be a bit lower owing to extenuating circumstances We advise you to speak with us during one of advising sessions if that is the case.

I am in my first year, can I apply to go on exchange?

Going on exchange in your second year is not uncommon. We are however keen on ensuring that you are set up for success. Attend an information session and speak to a Global Learning Assistant during an advising appointment.

Can I go on exchange during my final year?

Yes, but please keep in mind that if you would like to graduate in the year that you go on exchange, you will only be able to go on exchange in the fall semester. If you decide to go for two semesters, the earliest you’ll be able to graduate is October. Please note that October convocation ceremonies are only held at the Keele Campus.

Where can I go?

Remember, this is an academic exchange, so your choice of university matters!

We understand that you will be pulled by a particular destination, but having your heart set on Italy when you aren’t academically proficient in Italian will not make a great academic choice and will not set you up for success.

The list of universities can be found here and we urge you to speak to one of our Global Learning Assistants about your options. The world is your oyster!

How long can I go for?

You can go for one semester or one academic year (two semesters). When deciding, it is important to take into account your academic requirements as well as your financial situation.

How much does it cost?

The cost varies depending on where you go but these are some fixed costs:

  • The academic exchange and global internship application fee will be waived effective September 1, 2019, to allow for our process review
  • Tuition: What you pay to York. While on exchange you will be enrolled in 15 credits per semester. The fees will be payable to York University on your student account. Information regarding fees can be found here.
  • Living costs: Consider that living costs vary based on location and length of exchange. It includes accommodation, meals, local transportation, and entertainment. You can find more about living costs here.

Can I go if I am on OSAP?

Over 70% of students who go on exchange are on OSAP.
Some host Universities and countries require proof of funds. We go over that material in our information sessions and during advising.

Will the courses count towards my degree?

All courses taken on exchange will automatically count as electives. You can have the credits count towards your electives OR major/minor/language/general education requirements. Details will be discussed with you during the course of the process.

Will my grades count?

Your exchange does not impact your YorkU GPA. Your YorkU transcript will show your exchange grades as Pass/Fail. If you are considering graduate or further studies, you will need to submit your YorkU transcript and your transcript from your host (exchange) university.

When does my exchange start?

When our application portal opens, you would be applying one year in advance. This means that if selected you would go on exchange the next academic year. However, due to the academic calendars of specific countries, some exchanges start only in the Winter term (e.g. Australia, South Africa or Uruguay).

Can I speak to someone?

Absolutely! You can get in touch with the Global Learning Assistants at