York University Emergency Bursaries

York University has established emergencbursaries to assist current York students impacted by COVID-19 who need immediate short-term financial relief because of unexpected expenses. 

The bursaries that are now available are: 

  • The York University Emergency Bursary  
  • The York University Emergency Travel Disruption Bursary 

York University Emergency Bursary  

The York University Emergency Bursary aims to assist registered York University undergraduate students (domestic and international) with unanticipated financial need due to COVID-19 during the period March 1 to April 30, 2020.    

The Bursary will help to provide immediate short-term relief with unexpected costs related to emergency housing, rentfood and other costs due to COVID-19. 

Graduate students can apply for assistance through the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) Emergency Bursary.  

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York University Emergency Travel Disruption Bursary 

 The York University Emergency Travel Bursary aims to assist registered undergraduate and graduate students (domestic and international) who are currently on international study programs (e.g. exchanges, coops, placements) at a partner university with unanticipated financial hardship during the period March 1 to April 30, 2020. It also aims to assist international students with international travel-related expenses due to COVID-19.  

The COVID-19 Emergency Bursary will help to provide immediate short-term relief for unexpected costs related to flight changes, emergency housing, rent, food and other costs due to COVID-19.    

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 Note: Students may apply for both the Travel Disruption Bursary and Emergency Bursary if they meet the eligibility criteria for both.