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Motivational Quote About Mental Health

This page is dedicated for international students who wish to share their personal experinces. If you would like to share your experience too, you can send it to our facebook page.



"Alone I am, Alone I feel Alone I came from unknown lands,Searching for answers, for truths Bringing with me stories from another nation, another life Alone on new territories... " ~G. Fliane


"Hi! I’m Simran. I’m currently a third-year Media Arts major and I don’t know what I want to do. Life is unpredictable. Funny enough, I’ve met people that have an engineering degree... " ~Simran Dharamsey Media Arts, Third Year


"As an international student, we are sometimes faced with extenuating circumstances that can disrupt our norm in a second. The way we regain stability can be amazing at times. On... " ~Nadine Norman Geomatics Science, Second Year


"I admit that in the first hour I spent right after my parents dropped me off to my dorm, I felt happy to finally be alone. Having shared a room with my sisters all my life, the idea of living in... " ~ Anonymous


"Love is so powerful. I truly believe we can accomplish great things through it. When I feel loved by my family and friends, I feel that I am capable of anything. Love strengthens me, it motivates me... " ~ Camila Tinajero ~ Psychology, Third Year


"Overwhelmed with both the university transition, and having to adapt to a new country and culture, missing home and struggling to find a place in the community, international students... " ~ Dasha Satovska ~ Psychology, Second Year


"This is an ode to any international student that stumbles upon this blogpost. This is a celebration of the effort that you’ve given during your time here; of those heart-wrenching goodbyes... " ~ Camila Tablas ~ Business, Third Year


"Growing up Asian, most specifically Filipino - we have always perceived the West as the dashing silver of destination. I’m not kidding, being able to study or live in the West is highly looked... " ~ Ira Franchesxca ~ Cultural Studies, Third Year



"When I first came to Toronto, I had no one to talk with. To be honest, I have never been a socially active person - I can even consider myself a little bit antisocial - but back in my hometown... " ~ Jack Oztosun ~ Computer Science, Second Year


"In my first week of classes, I found myself sitting in the middle of a crowded room and a sudden wave of loneliness passed through me. I looked around the room, desperately trying to find... " ~ Aparna Mehta ~ English, Second Year


"Mental health has significant number of definitions and meanings. Each person views mental health from their individual perspectives and experiences. For me, mental health... " ~ Arshdeep Kaur Sandhu ~ Psychology, Fourth Year


"I feel disoriented. I'm trying to focus my gaze on some of these faces, but I can't. They are all blurry, the whole world is blurry and everything I look at simply slips away. I can see the... " ~ Daria Scavo ~ Unknown Major


"Doesn’t really hit you until it’s late night and you’re racking your brain and trying to find a logical explanation for what you’re feeling. It’s a nasty type of depression that a lot of us have and yet... " ~ Z. H. ~ Economics, Fourth Year


"Ever since I’ve come to university, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about identity. I have spent a lot of time questioning my identity and what it means to call a place home. Home is... " ~ Aparna Mehta ~ English, Second Year


"Please do not feel obligated to help, do not worry about me. I’m alright spending some time alone. It’s not a big deal, I’ll be okay. I feel good today. I am positive that I will stop at nothing. I feel... " ~ Anonymous


"It makes me feel so dizzy just the thought of standing near the yellow line… Today was such a mess, I have no energies. Well that’s not the way you started. I mean it’s not my problem, right... " ~ Anonymous


"What does it feel like? They ask Now that you are away from home. Now that you’re a man on your own. Is the winter bad, son? Do bundle up. Are you living healthy? Eat some fruit. Do you... " ~ Molade Molara