Student Life on Campus

student life

York International is dedicated to ensuring students make the most of their time at York University. Please refer to the information below for all the services, organizations and opportunities that are now available to you as a York Student.

International Student Peer Mentor Program

York International's Peer Mentor Program is designed to partner students who are new to York and Canada with students who have international experience. The through fun, social activities and one-on-one visits, the new students (mentees) can learn tips and insights from the experiences students (mentors).

Visit the Peer Mentor Program's website for more information or to get involved!

Information Booths: Red Zone

The Red Zone is an orientation and transition program designed specifically to help students who are in their first year get the most out of their time at York. Once you arrive at York, you will see The Red Zone’s information booths around campus. Feel free to ask any questions you might have about student life at York to the Red Zone representative in the booth.

In addition to information that will be useful to all new students, on the Red Zone’s website you will find lots of the special school spirit that brings York’s students and staff together as one community.

International Opportunities

York International is here to help you gain valuable  international experience and enrich your education. There are many types of global learning available to York students. During your time at York University you can participate in an:

Exchange: An opportunity for York students to study at a partner institution in another country for a term or year while earning credits towards their degree at York. Why not spend your second or third year studying in Germany, China, Australia or one of other many locations!

Global Internships: Why not spend your summer doing something meaningful and gain valuable work experience? Global Internships are an opportunity for York students to intern at an exciting international location for up to three months in the summer!

Summer Abroad Courses: Are regular York summer courses… except classes happen in diverse and exciting places throughout the world!

Student Clubs and Organizations

YU Connect is the starting point for getting involved in any of York’s student clubs or organizations. From the YU Connect website, you can browse all of York’s co-curricular options and join whichever ones interest you.  With more than 350 student organizations at York, you are certain to find a way to get involved in the university community outside of class.

YU Connect is a great resource for international students because it makes it easy to meet new people and to get active outside of class!

Note: Co-curricular activities are the activities that are outside of the regular curriculum (or coursework) of the university. Co-curricular activities include: sports, clubs, groups and any other organized activity that happens outside of class.

Sports and Athletics

While studying at York, you will have access to great athletic facilities and widely-respected sports teams.

York Lions is the official website for sport and recreation at York. Here you can find information about how to try out for competitive varsity teams, play intramural sports just for fun, or use the facilities to get fit and stay active by yourself. Here you can also stay up to date about York's varsity sports teams' home schedule so that you can cheer on the mighty Red and White Lions!

Student Community and Leadership Development (SC&LD)

Student Community and Leadership Development can get you involved in organizing the extracurricular events that make York’s community so special. It is a great way to meet new people, add to your résumé, and develop leadership skills.

Improving your Study Skills

If you are having difficulty keeping up with your school work, York’s Learning Skills Services can help you improve your study habits. Workshops include such valuable topics as time-management, note-taking and exam preparation. They offer individual and groups sessions to students at any point in their academic career.

Career Centre

York’s Career Centre can help you along your path to finding employment. Regardless if you are trying to begin a career in your field of study, or are just looking for a way to earn some extra spending money, the Career Centre can help. They offer resume and cover letter writing advice, networking opportunities, interview preparation advice, and opportunities to speak with York alumni about their transition from university to the workforce.

Lesbian, Gay, Transgendered and Bi-Sexual

York University is a welcoming community that values diversity and freedom.

The Trans Bisexual Lesbian Gay Allies at York (TBLGAY) provides services to York University’s trans, bisexual, lesbian, and gay communities and their friends.

The Safe Space is a room in the TBLGAY office where queer students can hang out, make friends or connections in the community and is also available for those that are preparing to come out. TBLGAY addresses diverse issues of homophobia and Transphobia, and works to improve the understanding of queer issues among other groups and campus officials.

Location: Room 449A Student Centre

Telephone: 416-736-2100 ext 20494


Religious Resources

Interfaith Council and Scott Religious Centre

York University is a diverse and inclusive community that accommodates students of all faiths.

For students studying on York’s Keele campus, the Interfaith Council (IFC) is composed of representatives from all of York’s religious groups and is responsible for the operation of the Scott Religious Centre.

The Scott Religious Centre is a non-denominational chapel available to the entire York community for religious services, and a peaceful meditation room for individual introspection and quiet prayer. The offices of many of York’s faith-based student clubs are located here as well.

This is a place where community members from diverse religious and spiritual backgrounds can practice their own faith and actively participate in interfaith dialogue and education. If religion has an important place in your life, be sure to visit the Scott Religious Centre and connect with like-minded people.

The Scott Religious Centre operates according to the following principles:

  • The Centre is a shared space and community members are expected to use the venue in the spirit of tolerance and cooperation.
  • The Centre is open for all students, professors and staff of any faith or religious background.
  • The Centre is to be used for worship, prayer, meditation and events relating to and sponsored by the Interfaith Council and authorized University offices.
  • Users of the space must adhere to University policies and procedures and applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws and regulations.

Location: 144 Central Square (on York’s Keele Campus)

There are two additional entrances on the Ross Podium (vestibule 201 & 202). Wheelchair access is available by taking the South Ross elevators to the second floor and going west to Ross Podium and entering at vestibule 202.

Hours of Operation

Open daily from 7am to 11pm

For more information about York’s Interfaith Council, religious student groups, or the Scott Religious Centre, visit the Interfaith Council’s website.

For Glendon students, there is an Interfaith Centre that is always available for private prayer and meditation located in D123 Hilliard. The Centre can also be booked for faith services or meetings. 

Religious Observance

York University is committed to respecting the religious beliefs and practices of all members of the community and making accommodations for observances of special significance

Every effort will be made to avoid scheduling in-class or formal examinations on days of special religious significance throughout the year. A schedule of dates for such days for various faiths will be compiled annually and distributed widely. Students will be informed of procedures for requesting and arranging accommodations.

Please see here for more information.

Legal Services

York Federation of Students Legal Advice

All full-time undergraduate students at York have access to a lawyer who can advise and assist them with virtually any legal problem, at no cost. The lawyer is on campus once a week and sees students during half-hour appointments in the YFS office.

The legal services can help you with family and criminal law, debt issues, landlord and tenant conflicts, corporate law, real estate, intellectual property issues, immigration and problems with government agencies.

All appointments are scheduled through emailing

Osgoode Legal Aid Clinic (CLASP)

Under the supervision of fully-qualified lawyers, Osgoode Hall Law School students are able to provide legal services to all members of the community. Visit CLASP see which types of clinics are being offered and to book an appointment.

Grad Studies Professional Skills Development

Graduate Professional Skills (GPS) can help all graduate-level students develop their professional skills. GPS will help to develop a plan and a path through grad studies and into the workforce.