Conférence Virtuelle sur l'Internationalisation Durable et Inclusive: Repenser les approches de l'enseignement supérieur à l'ère des incertitudes mondiales

Commitments to the 2021 Toronto Declaration

York University and strategic partners – International Association of Universities, Canadian Commission for UNESCO and Okayama University – invite scholars, students and youth, international mobility professionals and practitioners, policymakers, sustainability experts and other stakeholders to pledge their support and commitment to the 2021 Toronto Declaration on the Future of Sustainable and Inclusive Internationalization in Higher Education.

We look forward to receiving your short statements of commitment to the Declaration.

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Express your support and sign the Declaration

If you have any questions/feedback/suggestions, please email Katrin Kohl, and Helen Balderama,

Professor Hiroki Fujii

Okayama University ESD Promotion Centre, Japan

Based on the purpose of the 2021 Toronto Declaration, I look forward to further cooperation between us to promote ESD and its teacher education.

Ms. Tasheen Kara

RedBag PR, Canada

The need to be included supersedes almost every other need. We recognize that right and work to create inclusive environments where people and ideas can flourish.

Ms. Juhi Baruah

Don Bosco University, India

International virtual academic mobility is central to academic exchange and collaboration for building understanding snd commitment to sustainability.

Abia State University,


We, as faculty, in Abia State University, Abia State, Nigeria, being members of the International Teacher Education Institutions (INTEI), attended and participated, actively in the highly successful and rewarding three days 2021 Virtual Conference on Sustainable and Inclusive Internationalization. Congratulations to York University land the UNESCO Chair in Reorienting Education towards Sustainability.

We believe that as faculty we should contribute to global impact through our teachings, research, and community service, to achieve a sustainable future. We, hereby, affirm our support and declare our commitment to the 2021 Toronto Declaration on the Future of Sustainable and Inclusive Internationalization in Higher Education.

Our appreciation goes to York University and the UNESCO Chair in Reorienting Education towards Sustainability for this initiative as well as to the other conference partners whose efforts and resources contributed immensely to the success of this conference. Thank you all!

Dr. Lars Meyer

DIE-WERKSTATT - Forum Eltern und Schule, Germany

The aim is is to realize and find forms to acknowledge, that future is a creatable category. The effort for sustainable and inclusive processes: Create future in a democratic-solidary communication, – The „constructivist workshop“ (CW) as realized in Germany within a big network is a (Practitioner-)guide for sustainable democratization and an inclusive-participative process-competence for learning settings. The aim is to enable democratization and a solitary creation of the future as a method and as „a lived experience“ today within political education, social movement, participation processes, social work, youth welfare/youth education, school, lifelong learning, team and organizational development. Therefore the constructivist workshop“ includes the experience and the knowledge from science and practice of the last 6 decades generated in the context of the future workshop“ movement (Robert Jungk), the network of „future workshop“ facilitators and the international Robert Jungk Bibliothek für Zukunftsfragen in Salzburg, Austria. Within these fields the CW works with a process model, that orientates at structural transformation, democratic and solidary relationship and multiperspective and diversity in the themes. For the pedagogue and the field, there are defined a process-competence, transformation-competence and a construction-competence within higher education under sustainability, practiced in a wide range within a European network.

Craig N. Shealy

International Beliefs and Values Institute, United States of America

The 2021 Toronto Declaration on the Future of Sustainable and Inclusive Internationalization in Higher Education offers both a practical blueprint and strategic vision for how we can, and why we must address the "wicked problems" that are of deep import to us all. Exemplified by Education for All (EFA), Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), we -- as scholars, educators, and leaders in higher education around the world -- have an ineluctable role to play in translating these essential movements and paradigms into empirically supported research, curricula, and interventions that demonstrably benefit the many stakeholders we serve (e.g., students, parents, colleagues, organizations, employers, policymakers, communities, governments, the public at large). On our own, there is very little any one of us can do. But when we come together, with common accord and shared purpose -- as the 2021 Toronto Declaration provides -- there are no limits to what we can accomplish by organizing and directing our vast analytic and applied capacity toward the most pressing issues of our day.

Mrs. Davaasuren Dagvasumberel

Mongolian National University of Education, Mongolia

Education for Sustainable Development allows human beings to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to shape a sustainable future. It requires participatory teaching and learning methods that motivate and empower students to change their behaviour and take action for sustainable development. In order to best prepare our students to continue to live in this changing world, committed teachers are devoted to keeping up with the ever-changing educational innovations. So, I strive to learn the new competencies related to the ESD that can help students be able to live and succeed in the world. I create experiences that connect students beyond the classroom and teach them the skills that are necessary to live in this day and age. These skills include how to apply their knowledge, analyze information, use their higher-order skills to think critically, collaborate and communicate, as well as solve complex problems and make their own decisions. I am committed to making sure our students are learners who have the best competencies.


David Montemurro

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, Canada

I wholeheartedly endorse the statement. The principles and commitments conveyed align with OISE's institutional vision, including statements expressed in our recent Sustainability & Climate Action Plan and the internationalization priorities captured in the OISE Academic Plan. Furthermore, this declaration coheres with the Association of Canadian Deans of Educations Accord on Ethical Internationalization In Education. Collectively, these statements urge critical, collaborative and inclusive scholarly activity that genuinely enlivens commitments to sustainability, reciprocity, racial justice and well-being. They act as aspirational and inspirational signposts to direct the continued development of research and practice in teacher education within our program here in Toronto and expressed in a range of internationalization activities. Active engagement in the Network can leverage and amplify our efforts and impacts, and so I am grateful for York's leadership in this regard.

Dr. Francisca Ngozi Ogba Mrs

Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu Alike Ebonyi State, Nigeria

On behalf of Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu Alike (AE-FUNA), Ebonyi State, I Francisca Ngozi Ogba sign to adopt the 2021 York declaration focusing on the recognition that internationalization and mobility in higher education can and should take place within the framework of sustainable development. AE-FUNA represented by the Faculty of Education, pledges her support and commitment to the implementation of the elements of the 2021 Toronto declaration, in a sustainable manner to make overall internationalization handprints larger than the footprints.

Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu Alike (AE-FUNA), Ebonyi State


On behalf of Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu Alike(AE-FUNA), Ebonyi State, I Ntasiobi C.N.Igu sign to adopt the Toronto 2021 York declaration focusing on the recognition that internationalization and mobility in higher education can and should take place within the framework of sustainable development.
AE-FUNA represented by the faculty of Education, pledges her support and commitment to the implementation of the elements of the 2021 Toronto declaration, in a Sustainable manner to make overall internationalization handprints larger than the footprints.

Prof. Hans de Wit

Boston College, USA

This statement confirms and enhances approaches and commitments to a more inclusive and responsible internationalization as addressed in the 2015 definition of internationalization: The intentional process of integrating an international, intercultural or global dimension into the purpose, functions and delivery of post-secondary education, in order to enhance the quality of education and research for all students and staff and to make a meaningful contribution to society. (De Wit et al., 2015, p. 29) and the call for Internationalization of Higher Education for Society (Brandenburg et al, 2019).

Joharel Sunico Escobia

Colegio San Agustin-Binan, Philippines

I pledge to support the commendable and noble efforts and goals of York University in pushing for internationalization and global engagements in higher education, especially in the context of the anticipated post-pandemic world. The pandemic has been generally difficult for everybody, but it also opened opportunities for global collaboration and inclusive discussion of various issues that our world is currently facing, made possible through the various online and teleconferencing platforms. The global engagements in higher education should be expanded, even in the post-pandemic world. It is a recognition that even with diversity and plurality, we can work together to solve our common problems, which should not be a concern of one individual, or of one country only, but of the entire human family, across race and culture.

Mr. Himatullah Masoudi

Kardan University, Afghanistan

The webinar and event were very interesting and valuable I learned a lot and expand my network. Professionals, academicians and entrepreneurs came together and shared their ideas. I suggest you prepare an event on SDG and 17 Goals of the UN SDGs.

Thanks to York University, UNESCO and the International Association of Universities for such opportunities they provide.

Abia State University

Uturu, Nigeria

There is every need to support this program to improve on teaching and teachers' activities in the classroom especially in Nigeria/Africa. Again, my country has not learnt their lessons with regard to the Covid-19 pandemic. We are yet to be proactive as regards the education of the young ones during covid-19. So we needed this program most.

Universidade Federal de Pernambuco - UFPE


We congratulate the initiative, according to the 2021 Toronto Declaration on the Future of Sustainable and Inclusive Internationalization in Higher Education, which is in agreement with the underway efforts in our University (UFPE) to improve a better understanding and the global engagement to address challenges for societies and to identify opportunities in a post-COVID-19 world through the lens of sustainable development.

Sandra Guarin Tarquino

Universidad Antoinio Nariño, Columbia

The Universidad Antonio Nariño (UAN) in Colombia reaffirms its commitment to sustainability and will continue to promote internationalization that contributes to sustainable development and takes into consideration democratization, inclusion and environmental impact.

SEAMEO Secretariat


SEAMEO Secretariat in Bangkok Thailand shares aspirations and commitments made at the 2021 Virtual Conference on Sustainable and Inclusive Internationalization striving for a sustainable future. We will continue to foster dialogue with the York University and the bigger global community for better teaching and exchange, research collaboration, community extension and services.


Ms. Munjeera Jefford

Faculty of Graduate Studies, Canada

Moving forward in terms of expanding experiential and inclusive education as part of SGD targets with collaboration should be an essential part of the university experience. Decolonizing education remains one of the most important tasks for educators in the new millennium. I strongly support York's University Academic Plan and encourage everyone to sign.

Ms. Helen Sophia Balderama

York University, Canada

I am a proud member of the York University community which committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030 as part of the University Academic Plan 2020-25 and the 2021 Toronto Declaration on Sustainable and Inclusive Internationalization. I commit to the ideals and goals embodied in the Declaration and will continue to work towards building sustainable partnerships and expanding inclusive global and intercultural learning opportunities.

Dr. Jenny Ritchie

Te Herenga Waka Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

University scholars serve as critics and conscience of society and thus have an ethical responsibility to model and lead their communities, locally and globally, on a socially, culturally and ecologically visionary path toward future wellbeing for people and the planet.


Necmettin Erbakan University A.K. Faculty of Education


I am very happy to share and support the 2021 Toronto Declaration on the Future of Sustainable and Inclusive Internationalization in Higher Education both as an individual and as an institution in the framework and models submitted above.

Ms. Ngan Pham


I pledge my support and commitment to the 2021 Toronto Declaration on the Future of Sustainable and Inclusive Internationalization in Higher Education.

Ms. Maria Ana Pauline M Cruz


I promise to support a sustainable life will all the best I can, for the future generation.

Dr. Divya Goa Singhal

Goa Institute of Management, India

I commit to supporting implementing the elements of the 2021 Toronto Declaration in a sustainable manner wherever possible.

Buryat State University


We fully support the declaration. In these times of high uncertainty, it is so important to keep the collaboration and possibility to share.

University of Zagreb Faculty of Graphic Arts


Respected, by signing the declaration University of Zagreb Faculty of Graphic Arts supports the goals and ideas of the "2021 Toronto Declaration on the Future of Sustainable and Inclusive Internationalization in Higher Education". Looking forward to future cooperation! Kind regards,

Ma Gerry Ann Conelly


I am proud to add my name and total support to this vital initiative.

Ms. Marierose Talla

York University, Canada

I value and support all the goals and principles of the 2021 Toronto Declaration. I look forward to implementing this vision in my daily and professional life.

Prof. L. Vasseur


I will continue promoting inclusive and diverse experiences of my graduate students and support the importance of global citizens for SDGs.

Madam Mardiyah Binti Rahim


I am committed to spending my time, my usage, my habit to foster, practice, encourage, teach the world nation to be sustainable citizenship

Abia State University, Abia State


We pledge their support and commitment to the 2021 Toronto Declaration on the Future of Sustainable and Inclusive Internationalization and mobility in Higher Education. This is worth pursuing vigorously in practical terms across gender, religion ethnic and tribal perspectives.

Dr. Gabriella Geron

University of Miami, United States of America

I am a proud member of the University of Miami community and committed to the Global Agenda of the United Sustainable Development Goals 2030. I commit to continue collaborating with partners around the world and within my institution for the implementation of the 2021 Toronto Declaration.

Dr. Paul Elliot

Trent University, Canada

I am happy to support the 2021 Toronto Declaration on the Future of Sustainable and Inclusive Internationalization in Higher Education. We are at a crucial moment in the history of the human species and our relationship with all other life forms on Earth.

Tarlac Agricultural University


The Tarlac Agricultural University, Philippines, commits to supporting the Global Goals and the Internationalization of Higher Education. It will continue to integrate SDGs and internationalization in our academic and administrative policies and processes to achieve institutional sustainability and create social impact.

Dr. Ileana Vargas

National University, Costa Rica

As a lecture and researcher is a great opportunity to be part of the 2021 Toronto Declaration on the Future of Sustainable and Inclusive Internalization in Higher Education. Thank you.

Professor Peter Higgins

University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

I fully support the declaration. Within the structures of our programmes and the University of Edinburgh's practices, I will work to support the six themes. In particular, we will continue to develop our online courses for local students and a global community of learners.

Mark Terry FRSC

York University, Canada

I commit to continue to teach the SDGs in my course EU/ENVS 1010: Introduction to Environmental Documentaries and develop new pedagogies that incorporate digital communication tools and film production methodologies related to the SDGs. One such tool is the Youth Climate Report, an SDG Action Award winner (2020).

Ms. Dolina Nugent

York University, Canada

I reaffirm my support for inclusive internationalization of education, and recognize the need to further increase participation in international education and for knowledge exchange and innovation, especially in an era of climate change, misinformation, global geopolitical unrest, economic uncertainty, and systemic racism, in the midst of a global pandemic.

Mr. Dineshwar Chaudhary

Jeunes Volontaires pour l'Environment Nepal (JVE NEPAL), Nepal

Thanking you so much for giving me a golden opportunity at the event. This workshop was a very very unique theme, where I learnt many new ideas and got valuable experiences from experts and also participants. All your questions were very very excellent. All speakers were very very excellent. I hope you will give me another golden opportunity in future workshops.

Ms. Sally Abu Sabaa

York University, Canada

Commit to supporting implementing the six elements of the 2021 Toronto Declaration in a sustainable manner, making overall internationalization handprints larger than their footprints.

Mr. Ben Wang


I support the 2021 Toronto Declaration on the Future of Sustainable and Inclusive Internationalization in Higher Education. I will honour such commitment in every way possible in my work and study.

Mr. Antenah Gebremariam Kallo

Hawassa College of Teacher Education, Ethiopia

I am committed to strengthening and further engagement of this declaration in my teacher education college. I would like to cooperate and work with any network which is relevant to it.

Laura Crane

York University, Canada

We are already working with colleagues in Germany and the UK to get mobility online accomplished! And we are working on inclusion and equity, which we will continue to work on improving. Those are some starting points. (And I am really liking online conferences... they are greener and I can attend more of them!)

Thanks for your work in bringing us together on this important agenda!

Ms. Norpisah Mat Isa

University Malaysia of Computer Science and Engineering, Malaysia

Learning is a lifetime business. Education is a necessity and intercultural understanding exposed through internationalization shall enhance the knowledge and experience gain through education. Therefore it is important for educational institutions to continue to provide access and commit to providing international education opportunities to their students and staff.

Dr. Patrick Howard


I commit to the Toronto Declaration in creating teacher education programming that promotes the values and practices of education for sustainability. Educating teachers to be sustainability leaders is a powerful and scalable means to achieve the SDGs. Post-secondary teacher education institutions are challenged by the Declaration to commit to equity, diversity, social development for all, sustainably.

Mrs. Julie L. Hard

York University, Canada

I look forward to continuing to support international education activities as outlined in the declaration with a purpose to build global citizenship and advance SDGs as pillars to my work.

James Papple


I pledge to support the 2021 Toronto declaration primarily through building and maintaining inclusive student exchanges and experiences and developing open-source materials to support the dissemination of sustainable living.

Professor Soul Shava

University of South Africa

We are committed to the development of inclusive pedagogies, including indigenous pedagogies and decolonial research approaches and Africanisation of our modules and educational processes, towards addressing education for sustainable development and global citizenship in line with SDG 4.7 and the other SDGs.

Tamkang University


We will work to achieve the goal of a sustainable and inclusive international education.

Assoc. Prof. Kornelija Mrnjaus

University of Rijeka, Croatia

I commit to promote and implement values of sustainability and inclusivity through my work, research and teaching.

Karleen Pendleton Jiménez

Trent University, Canada

Coming together across the world with our collective work and imagination is the only chance we've got to heal the land and our place within it.

Dr. Jestoni Pueblos Babia

University of San Jose-Recoletos, Philippines

I support the 2021 Toronto Declaration on the Future of Sustainable and Inclusive Internationalization in Higher Education!.

Professor Huei-Min Tsai

Graduate Institute of Environmental Education, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

I support the Declaration.

University of Education, Lahore

Lahore, Pakistan

We are committed to fully support this effort and would play our active role in achieving all targets.

Shi Gen Dong

Executive Director of Asia-Pacific Education for Sustainable Development Institute, China

We will support and implement this declaration.

Dr. Ivana Žganjar

University of Zagreb Faculty of Graphic Arts, Croatia

I would like to support ideas and themes presented in the 2021 Toronto Declaration on the Future of Sustainable and Inclusive Internationalization in Higher Education and I'm looking forward to a future conference.

Prof. John Chi Kin Lee


In my personal capacity and as an academic, I personally support the 2021 Toronto Declaration and will try to advocate personally its importance among our peers. My views are personal only and do not represent the views of any institution.

Dr. Mary Akinyi Otieno

Kenytta University, Kenya

This is a befitting title and theme to manage the challenges brought about by Covid 19 and beyond particularly to ensure the implementation of sustainable solutions.

Dr. Gyula Lakatos

University of Debrecen, Hungary

In Hungary nowadays the teacher education mainly in Biology and Geography has a lot of questions that tried to reveal the best ways to support the interpretation of ESD in the formal and developed (MSc, Ph.D.) education system ( mainly in teacher education and higher education).
The main areas:

  • environmental studies (concept of energy awareness),
  • nature protection (Biodiversity conservation, Nature 2000),
  • integrated water management (wastewater treatment),

and this time there is the COVID, coronavirus Disease 2019 etc.

Global Citizenship Alliance

United States of America

Dr. Susan Hillock

Trent University, Canada

I support the 2021 Toronto declaration.

Ritesh Shah

Scotiabank, Canada

I will pledge as committed and mentioned by the team of York University.

Feb Alexis Pechon Marquez


Mr. Emmanuel Douglas


Dr. Aurélie Brayet


Dr. Abhijeet Ramkrishna Dhere


Qi (Friday) Zheng (Billy)


Ms. Noorin Nurali Pattni

York University, Canada

State University of Mato Grosso do Sul


Dr. Lianne Guerra

International Association of Universities, France

Dr. Adel El Zaim

University of Ottawa, Canada

Professor Aaron Benavot

United States of America

Ina Agastra


Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra

Dominican Republic

Prof. Fr. Vassilios Makrakis

University of Crete, Greece

I fully support the initiative!

Hugo Chen

Faculty of Science York University, Canada

Meeting the challenges for tomorrow.

Prof. Dr. Marco Rieckmann

University of Vechta, Germany

It is very important to make processes of internationalization sustainable and inclusive. Therefore, the University of Vechta supports the declaration.

Mr. Parshuram Sharma Niraula

Centre for Environment Education Nepal, Nepal

Dr. Tyrone Christopher Hall


Mr. Tomonori Ichinose

National University Corporation Miyagi University of Education, Japan

Mr. Femi Daniel Ayibiowu

United States

Mrs. Davaasuren Dagvasumberel

Mongolian National University of Education, Mongolia

Miss. Alvarado Del Roio


Institute for Sustainable Development and Learning


Stefan Baumann

Zurich University of Teacher Education, Switzerland

Ms. Kimberly Pallozzi


Bich-Ngoc Nguyen Nguyen


Dr. Hilary Inwood

OISE, University of Toronto, Canada

Ms. Kaitlyn McLay