Be a Leader at YI

Your university experience involves more than just going to class.  You have an opportunity to build a community, try new things, learn about areas that you are interested in all while having fun!  York International provides many volunteer options for you to choose from; here are some ways that you can build on your leadership abilities during your time at YorkU.

Volunteer & Leadership Opportunities

  1. Event and Workshop Volunteers: great for students who are not sure what they are interested in learning.  Being a general volunteer let's you explore your different interests.  Get started today by completing this form to be considered for multiple volunteer opportunities.
  2. Orientation Leaders: if you enjoy planning events, engaging with peers and welcoming new students, this role is for you!  Register to be a leader at upcoming orientation activities here.
  3. Global Peer Program Peer Supporters: gain leadership skills while supporting a new international or exchange student using your experiences and knowledge about YorkU and Toronto.  Sign up to be a Peer Supporter here.
  4. Global Ambassador Program: the perfect opportunity for York exchange students and global interns to share their passion for cultures, languages, and transformative international study and work experiences. Learn more on the global ambassadors page.
  5. Coffee breaks: if you don't have much time but still want to engage with other students, volunteer to lead one or more of our coffee break sessions on either Tuesdays or Thursdays.
Other volunteer options around campus:
**More information coming soon.
  • SCLD

Benefits of Volunteering

You may find it challenging to gain the experience and develop the skills that many employers are looking for.  The volunteer opportunities at YI provide many benefits some of which we have shared below.
  1. Gain valuable skills and experience that you can use to apply for future jobs.  Skills such as leadership, communication, problem solving and much more.
  2. Explore your career interests: find out what you which career path you want to take.  Volunteering allows you to explore your more than one interest at a time.
  3. Give back to your community: through participation in our programs, you can give back to the YorkU community by helping others.
  4. Build a network: what better way to meet people that may help you in your career path?  Volunteering opens doors to many networks so be sure to engage with different areas of interest.
  5. Make friends: volunteering is an easy way to make new friends, meet people with different interests and connect with people from a variety of backgrounds.