External Funding Opportunities

The following scholarships and funding opportunities are independent of and not administered by York International or York University. Please ensure that you read the eligibility criteria of the opportunities you are interested in and apply accordingly.



Association of Commonwealth Universities
Australian Government, Department of Education and Training
Beihang University
Beijing Institute of Technology
  • For degree-seeking programs, they provide the CSC (China Scholarship Council) Scholarship for 3 master and PhD candidates from York University. This is a full scholarship for international students, covering tuition fee, the accommodation, comprehensive medical insurance and monthly living allowance (CNY 3,000 for masters and CNY 3,500 for PhDs). About application eligibility and major list, please refer to BIT 2019 Admission Book online via http://isc.bit.edu.cn/docs/2018-11/20181107021304408306.pdf
  • For exchange programs, they offer the BIT Exchange Scholarship to 5 exchange students at all levels from York University in BIT for one or two semesters for the academic year 2019-2020. The BIT Exchange Scholarship covers the tuition fee and accommodation on campus. Please refer to below website for more program details. http://isc.bit.edu.cn/docs/2018-11/20181107014214282071.pdf
  • For the 4-Week Short-term Program, they are designed for international students at all levels who are interested in intensive Chinese language studies, science and engineering, and culture exchanges. Please click the link for more information.
Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship
Consulate-General of Japan-Toronto
Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia
DAAD German Academic Exchange Service
Global Affairs Canada
Embassy of France in Canada
Open Society Foundations
Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute (SICI)
University of Bonn
University of Pisa
  • One scholarship available to be awarded to the best applicant. Student must be participating in an exchange program in 2019-20, contact York International at goglobl@yorku.ca for more information.
University of Sao Paulo
  • The USP International Cooperation Office announces the opening of up to 10 positions in the Scholarship Programme for theoretical and practical training in languages, presented to graduate students of foreign institutions with a current agreement with Universidade de São Paulo, as a part of their educational background and teaching experience in tutoring English as a foreign language (TEFL), within the Language Education Programme at USP, in 2020. 
  • The Language Education Programme consists in the offering of a classroom course in English, free of charge, focusing on preparing undergraduate students at USP for proficiency exams in English and academic communication.
  • For further information, please contact aucani.idiomas@usp.br.