Select Your Courses

Understanding Courses at York


  • AP/ANTH 1110 6.0
  • AP – indicates the name of the Faculty; i.e., Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies
  • ANTH – indicates the name of the department: (Anthropology department)
  • 1110 – indicates the course number; 1000 indicates a first year undergraduate course; 2000 a second year undergraduate; 3000 a third year undergraduate; 4000 a fourth year undergraduate, 5000 and 6000 are graduate level courses
  • 6.0 – indicates credit value of the course (6.0 credits are usually two term courses, 3.0 credits are either fall only or winter only courses, 9.0 are usually two term courses)
  • York University classes are either 60, 90 or 180 minutes in duration. 3.0 credit courses are 36 hours in total and 6.0 credit courses are 72 hours in total.

You will receive an email from York International when course enrollment is open.

Note that enrollment in any of the courses is NOT guaranteed. We strongly encourage you to be flexible in your choices and not to rely on your exchange to complete core requirements set by your University.

Exchange students are NOT required to pay an enrollment deposit. If you receive this message please disregard. A few courses, however, include a supplementary fee that is not covered under the exchange agreement. See the Finances section for additional information on supplemental fees.

Choosing Your Courses


  1. Speak to your University to determine how many courses/credits you must take during your exchange.
  2. Search York University's course catalogue to see a full list of courses and to see what courses are available during your exchange.
  3. Ensure that you meet the requirements. Some courses have prerequisites or co-requisites.
  4. Make note of your course codes, credit value (such as HH/PSYC 1010 6.00) and associated catalogue number. Catalogue numbers are found in the Cat # column of the Course Timetables.
  5. Make note of a few alternative courses or sections, in case your preferred choices are full or otherwise unavailable.
  6. Ensure each of your courses is offered during your exchange term. Courses will be listed as F=Fall Term (Sept-Dec), FW=Fall/Winter Term (Sept-April) or W=Winter Term (Jan-April). You cannot take one-half of a FW (full year) course.
  7. Plan your schedule to be free of time conflicts using timetable worksheets. The registration and enrolment system will not warn you of scheduling conflicts automatically.
  8. Go to Click on Add/Drop Courses
  9. Type the catalogue number into the add course field.  You will receive a message that confirms the course has been successfully added OR not.
    • For courses that are RESTRICTED, email York International at with the full course code, and credit value (such as HH/PSYC 1010 6.00). Always include your full name and your YorkU Student Number
    • For courses that are FULL, you will be unable to enroll at this time. Check periodically to see if a spot has opened. You may also go to the first day of class and speak to the Professor and ask if they believe space will open up.
  1. After you have selected your courses, confirm you are enrolled in, only the courses you wanted and that you do not have any timing conflicts. The system will not warn you of scheduling conflicts automatically.
  2. Check your course enrollment and student financial account to ensure course enrollment and fees charged are correct. Contact a Global Learning Assistant if there are any errors.
  3. Should you decide you no longer wish to pursue a course, you MUST officially drop the course through the Registration and Enrolment Module. If you do not drop the course it will appear as a "Fail" on your transcript.