Global Ambassador Program

The Global Ambassador Program (GAP) is a York International initiative that aims to increase student participation in global learning programs by engaging student volunteers in promotional and outreach activities. Former York exchange students and global interns have the opportunity to share their passion for cultures, languages, and transformative international study and work experiences. They also speak about the positive effects of global learning and its contributions to students' academic and career success and development.

Global Ambassadors’ activities include participating in information sessions, campus fairs and events, Red Zone tabling, Global Chats, poster-ing, social media and special projects.

Interested in becoming a Global Ambassador?

The commitment is approximately three hours a week starting in September. Global Ambassadors will receive a stipend of $250 per semester and a certificate of recognition. Fill out this application form by Monday September 14, 2020 at 9:00am ET to be considered!

For more information, send an email to

Alexandra Versia
  • Program at York: Faculty of Health – Psychology & Cognitive Science
  • Program & Destination: Summer Internship, Costa Rica - Canadian Organization for Tropical Education and Rainforest Conservation (COTERC), Caño Palma Biological Station

  • This experience taught me so much. I was able to adapt from initially working with an organization in St Kitts to working remotely. It also allowed me to use a lot of the skills I learned in my psychology degree and apply them to students in another part of the world.
Erika Schestak
  • Program at York: Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies - Communication Studies & Japanese Studies
  • Program & Destination: Exchange, Hitotsubashi University, Japan

  • All these experiences enabled me to have a stronger sense of self and truly understand myself. I got a better idea of where I would like to work, what I would like to do, what type of person I want to be and so many other things.
Kitty Yin
    • Program at York/Glendon: Glendon - iBA Linguistics and Language studies
    • Program & Destination: Exchange, Université Bordeaux Montaigne, France.

    • There will never be another experience like this, no matter where you go you are always learning new things and meeting new people. You end up becoming a different person when you come back.
Jasmine Joy
  • Program at York: Faculty of Science - Biomedical Science & Psychology
  • Program & Destination: Summer Internship, Costa Rica - Canadian Organization for Tropical Education and Rainforest Conservation (COTERC), Caño Palma Biological Station (2019)

  • Global experiences are so important, it can show students that their future careers can be international. This hands-on learning experience reinforces knowledge and can spark new interests. I firmly believe that every student should have an international experience.
Noorin Pattni
  • Program at York: Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies - International Development Studies and Psychology
  • Program & Destination: Exchange, National University of Singapore, Singapore

  • You learn so many different skills, you learn how to be adaptable, be open to new cultures, new people, and learn how to be so flexible. These are great skills that are going to help you throughout your life. It is so much fun, when you go on exchange you get to meet so many different people, explore and travel. Even if you go on a “virtual exchange” you are still going to meet so many people, it will be a different yet new experience.
Ranjeeta Mahato
  • Program at York: Faculty of Health - Psychology
  • Program & Destination: Summer Internship, Costa Rica - Canadian Organization for Tropical Education and Rainforest Conservation (COTERC), Caño Palma Biological Station

  • I think everyone should take the opportunity of learning abroad be it through studying or interning because it helps you gain so many things like professionalism, cultural awareness, language awareness and it also helps you boost your confidence. You get to travel a lot, build your network which comes in handy when you are in the job field. If gives you an experience of the real world and it is fun.
Ossinia Browne
  • Program at York/Glendon: Glendon - Concurrent Education, French studies and music
  • Program & Destination: Exchange, Université of Bordeaux, France

  • It is the perfect chance to explore a new culture and its environment. Somewhere you can learn a new language and immerse yourself in that culture. If you are already familiar with the language it is a nice way to practice or cultivate those language skills with locals.There are so many ways in which you can make this experience affordable right now. There are tons of different scholarships and job opportunities you could get to be able to afford this now in your twenties during school rather than afterwards.
Faisal Mohamed
    • Program at York: Faculty of Health – Health Studies
    • Program & Destination: Exchange, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kon SAR (2014-15)

    • The exchange program gave me a unique opportunity, a chance to live abroad and continue my studies, while at the same time continuing to learn even more about Hong Kong, China, and even surrounding countries such as Japan and Indonesia. Perhaps the most humbling experiences was being asked about my hometown of Toronto. This was different. For better or for worse, their perceptions of me would be reflective not only of my university, but of Canada as a whole. It was during these experiences that I finally realized what it meant to be an ambassador of sorts, for Canada.