Immigration Scam Targeting International Students

December 18, 2017

In the past few months, international students across Canada have reported receiving phone calls from the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), being threatened that they would be arrested and deported if they don't obtain an immigration lawyer immediately. Such cases have been reported to the Toronto Police and they have been under investigation. Meanwhile, IRCC would like to remind international students that these phone calls are a scam. It is important not to respond to the caller, or transfer any money to these so-called lawyers.

York International expresses deep concern for our student community, and is monitoring the events. We would like to remind our students that a government agency would never contact international students by telephone to demand immediate payment. We urge our international students to pay extra attention to their personal and financial safety. Here are a few basic safety tips:

  1. Do not meet strangers without company.
  2. Report suspicious phone calls, text messages or emails, and do not reply.
  3. Do not release any personal or banking information to anyone.
  4. Be aware of your daily bank transactions.
  5. Report any crime or suspicion of a crime immediately at the numbers provided below
  6. Stay connected with friends and families.
  7. Speak out and seek help when needed.

Contact Information for Emergency and Crime Reporting:

Emergency Toronto Police Crime Stopper
911 416-808-2222 416-222-8477

York International offers support to our international students. Available services and programs include student life on campus, safety, health insurance, immigration advising, student orientations, peer programs, etc. Please feel free to contact us if needed, and find our contact information below.

Contact Information @ York University

York International York Security Critical Incident Reporting Phone Number Personal Counseling Phone Number
Telephone: 416-736-5177 416-736-5470 416-736-5231 416-736-5297