Workshop: The 'How To's of the GNL Approach

August 7, 2020 all-day

Interested in innovative pedagogies that combine internationalization and experiential education? Interested in co-teaching a course with an international partner?

GNL pedagogy supports student-centered learning and teaching for the 21st century university. It supports the development of global competencies – among students and instructors – required to adapt, thrive, and succeed in becoming global citizens engaged in complex, intercultural problem solving. As a form of experiential education that transcends borders, the promise of GNL can be reinforced through open pedagogy, development of digital literacy and production, and other forms of innovative knowledge-making practices across cultures.

At this workshop, the GNL team and York International will provide in-depth and hands-on guidance to help York University faculty members and Partners bring Global Perspectives and Cross-Cultural Discussion into existing courses.

Some of these how-to’s include:

  • How to Choose and Build Partnerships to Integrate the GNL Approach
  • How to Identify and Integrate GNL-Enhanced Course Activities

Missed the Workshop?

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