Mitacs Internships & Awards

Research Internship

The Mitacs Globalink Research Internship is a competitive initiative for international undergraduates from Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia. From May to September of each year, top-ranked applicants participate in a 12-week research internship under the supervision of Canadian university faculty members in a variety of academic disciplines, from science, engineering and mathematics to the humanities and social sciences.


Mitacs is the primary administrator of the Globalink Research Internship Program.

  • Applications:
    Mitacs posts call for submissions in the summer e.g. call for submissions for Summer 2017 is posted in Summer 2016.  All application processing is handled by Mitacs.
  • Immigration:
    Global Research Interns (GRIs) will need a work permit to do an internship in Canada unless they are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.  Click here for details on how to apply for a Work Permit as a Global Research Intern.Please be aware that Mitacs CANNOT advise GRIs on how to complete the work permit application. Only lawyers, licensed Immigration Consultants, or notaries of Quebec can provide immigration advice to non-Canadian citizens who are seeking to enter Canada.
  • Mentors:
    Mitacs will hire and train mentors who are responsible for providing health, safety and social support to GRIs during their time in Canada.
  • Communication:
    Mitacs communicates directly with Global Research Interns and university faculties and departments regarding any changes or updates to the program.
  • Global Research Intern Resources:
    Pre-arrival resources and information for selected interns can be found here.

As Global Research Interns (GRIs) are officially employed by Mitacs, primary assistance is provided through their coordination. GRIs, professors and departments should contact Mitacs directly regarding any questions concerning the details of the internship.


York International

York International is delighted to welcome the Mitacs Global Research Interns!

As the central international office at York University, York International in collaboration with Mitacs ensures that GRIs are welcomed, supported and engaged during their time in Canada.

Please see below for information on services that are pertinent to GRIs during their time at York University:

  • Student Numbers:
    York International collaborates with the Admissions Office for issue of a York University student number for each GRI.  Once the student numbers have been processed, they will be passed on to the mentors.
  • Health Insurance:
    York International administers the health insurance program (UHIP).  GRIs will be required to visit York International to enroll in UHIP as soon as possible after arrival.
  • Activities and Events:
    York International hosts various activities and events year round.  Please click here to see the York International calendar for upcoming events.


Global Research Interns (GRIs)

Once you arrive at York University, you will:

  • Receive an orientation to the York University campus and Toronto provided by your assigned mentor.
  • Contact your faculty advisor with assistance from your mentor.
  • Visit the York International office at 200 York Lanes accompanied by your mentor to enroll in health insurance (UHIP).

It is important to remember that your assigned mentor is your first point of contact should you encounter any issues.  The mentor is responsible for assisting you with general transition and will also be your emergency contact during your stay.

GRIs should also review the Global Research Intern Handbook for GRI checklists, timelines and other general questions.

Globalink Research Award

Mitacs is accepting applications for competitive international research opportunities for student travel from Canada. We recommend that students apply by May 2018 for travel planned in Fall 2018.

The Globalink Research Award provides $6,000 for senior undergraduate and graduate students to undertake research projects abroad. Projects last 12–24 weeks and all disciplines are eligible.

New destinations include:
European Union member countries
Saudi Arabia
United Kingdom
United States

The full list of destinations is available on our website, along with resources for finding a professor abroad, suggested application timelines, and other program information.

If you have any questions, contact Mitacs International at