Course Assessment

***Students on exchange during the 2017-18 academic year should use this form***

Students going on exchange for the 2018-19 academic year should follow these instructions:

As a student participating in a York International Exchange you must complete and submit an International Exchange Course Assessment Form before you depart for your exchange. Send by email to

Completing a Course Assessment Form

          1. Download the International Exchange Course Assessment Form 2018-19
          2. Decide which exchange courses you would like to count as electives or as a degree requirement.
          3. Complete the form for both electives and requirements.
          4. For courses you want to count as a degree requirement, list the course on the form under "Course Title."
          5. On the form indicate the York University course you would like your exchange course to be deemed equivalent to.
          6. Visit the appropriate department with the course assessment form and course outline.
          7. The department will decide if your exchange course is equivalent to the YorkU course you have listed or to an alternate course.
          8. List each course you want to take as an elective and write 'elective' in the next column. These do not need to be approved.
          9. You can list multiple courses from different departments on one course assessment form BUT ensure each department has signed for the appropriate course.
          10. Once the Course Assessment form is complete email it to

Please Note:


        • If while on exchange you take course(s) not listed on your original course assessment form and would the course(s) to count as degree requirements you will need to fill out a new course assessment form and correspond with the department through email for approval. Then submit to as soon as possible.
        • Upon completion of your York International Exchange your completed course assessment form and official transcript from the host University will be sent to the Register's office to process your transfer credit.
        • Your transfer credit assessment will come in the form of a letter. The letter will indicate the number of credits you received as well as any specified course equivalencies.
        • Please ensure you keep copies of all course assessment forms.