After Being Selected

Go Global Pre-departure Training

York International provides pre-departure training and supports to York students who are scheduled to participate in global learning programs (exchange, internships and other short-term programs).

A. 2 types of Pre-departure sessions

1. York International Exchange pre-departure Session

- Apr 24, 2018, for 2018-19 York International academic exchanges

2. All other programs based on requests to York International

For  spring or summer short-term programs:

- 14 March from 3:00pm to 4:00pm in Room 242 York Lanes
- 15 March from 11:00am to 12:00pm in Room 242 York Lanes

- 16 March from 2:30pm to 3:30pm online - link TBA


  • Students will be required to register in the appropriate pre departure session. Information to come.
  • Students who have participated in either 1 or 2 will be included in the York International Emergency Contact Program.
  • For participants in both types of pre departures, the York International Mobility Award cannot be processed until all necessary forms are completed.

B. Content covered at Pre-departure Sessions

1. Travel preparations (research about destination, flight, accommodation arrangements)

2. Risk Management (waiver, emergency contact card, Registration of Canadians abroad)

3. Travel and health insurance

York students participating in Global Learning Programs are recommended to purchase a comprehensive insurance package from®. View a brochure on the coverage here.

Students going through York International programs are required to purchase the comprehensive insurance package from®. Click here for information on the coverage and here for a brochure.

4. Funding and Finances

5. Inter-cultural awareness

6. Academic Exchange (York International Exchange only)

C. Travel Safe

Review York International's Travel Safe webpage.

All students accepted to go on a York Exchange/Summer Abroad/York-facilitated global internship are required to come to a Pre-Departure Training Session.

D. Emergency Contact System

As a student going abroad, you will receive an Emergency Contact Card once you have registered for the program. This card includes information on how to contact York in case of an emergency while overseas. Details will be given at your Pre-Departure session.