Employment Opportunities

For legal requirements, see Working in Canada: Requirements

Working on Campus
International Student Employment Fund (ISEF)

Working on Campus

Full-time international and exchange students with a valid study permit can work at the Glendon or Keele Campus.  A work permit is not required for on campus employment.  Citizenship and Immigration Canada allows international students to work up to 20 hours per week while they are registered full-time and allows them to work full-time when they are not registered in courses during the summer term.

Students who study for 8 months full time and then take 4 months off (generally the summer term) can work full time.  International students can also work full time when there are no scheduled classes, during reading week and during the holiday season in December.

An undergraduate student Is considered full-time if they are enrolled in 9 or more credits per term (e.g. Fall term).  If a student has taken a 6 credit course (usually year long) it would be considered to be two 3.0 credit courses, one taken in each of the semesters.

A graduate student is considered full time if they are registered as Full-time/Active with the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

There are many employers on campus in the food service area and student support. Remember, most on campus employment is seasonal, this means that employers hire in August for Fall and Winter positions and hire in April for summer positions.

International Student Employment Fund (ISEF)

The International Student Employment Fund (ISEF) provides funding to York University departments and units that are able to offer employment to international students.

International students who would like an ISEF-funded position must complete two steps:

  1. Students first apply to ISEF through York International.  Eligibility for ISEF positions will be determined by reviewing a completed  ISEF application form.  Please complete and submit this form online.
  2. Approved students can then apply to departments directly for available positions.  Listings are posted on York’s Career Centre website.

Please note that if a student’s status changes from international to Permanent Resident, the student is no longer eligible for ISEF effective the date of PRC status change.