A message to international students affected by Hurricane Irma

As we see Hurricane Irma sweeping through the Northern Caribbean and causing massive damage in the Caribbean and the USA. York International is expressing deep empathy and compassion to people who are impacted by this natural disaster. We are concerned for our students, alumni, staff and colleagues who are in the path of Hurricane Irma. We also urge that international students from the affected areas stay calm, connect with your families back home, and contact the Embassy or High Commission of your country in Toronto. During this incredibly challenging time, York International is working with the campus community to ensure that immediate assistance and support are available to the students impacted by the current situation.

We encourage international students to seek help from various University units and program:

Personal Counselling Services

Counselling services are available in individual, couple or group counselling. Students who need to meet with a counselor can contact the Personal Counselling Services at http://pcs.info.yorku.ca/

Critical Student Case Management and Support

The Office of Student Community Relations (OSCR) supports students impacted by critical incidents, facing personal crises or multiple complex issues. Please visit their website at http://oscr.students.yorku.ca/home

York International

York International assists all international students as well as domestic and international students who wish to study or work abroad. Available services and programs include student life on campus, safety, health insurance, immigration advising, student orientations, peer programs, exchange, work and study abroad, etc. Please visit http://yorkinternational.yorku.ca/
If you have any other questions or concern, please feel free contact York International via email at iadvisor@yorku.ca or phone at 416-736- 5177 or visit York International office at 200 York Lanes.


More Resources for International Students

Contact Information

Name Website Phone
US Consulate General Office in Toronto: https://ca.usembassy.gov/embassy-consulates/toronto/ 416-595- 1700
Consulate General of Cuba: http://www.cubadiplomatica.cu/en/Home.aspx/ 416-234- 8181
Consulate of Haiti in Toronto:  Not Available 416-538- 3282
Dominican Republic Embassy Canada:  Not Available 613-569- 9893
Puerto Rico Embassy: Not Available  416-368- 2680
Global Affairs Canada: https://www.canada.ca/en/global-
York International: http://yorkinternational.yorku.ca/contact-us/ 416-736- 5177
Office of Student Community Relations: http://oscr.students.yorku.ca/contact/ 416-736- 5231
Personal Counselling Services: http://oscr.students.yorku.ca/contact/ 416-736- 5297
Health Education & Promotion: http://oscr.students.yorku.ca/contact